I’ve been staring at the Kate Spade Wicker Armadillo Shoulder Bag for over two days now, trying to figure out what to say about it. Words are my thing, always have been, and usually the problem is that I have too many. In this case, though, I’m having trouble coming up with anything that seems even vaguely appropriate. Except that whoever designed this bag has some, err, cojones.

…And I think I like it? I don’t know. I think this bag bent my brain. It’s so weird, not to mention so entirely unexpected from a brand like Kate Spade. Spade gets a little literal every now and then, most notably an owl and typewriter bags from a few years back, but the combination of subject matter and materials on this bag really sets it apart. It’s a spot-on rendering of everyone’s favorite road kill, finished in wicker. If you don’t find that at least mildly amusing, we can’t be friends anymore.

During my days of contemplation about this bag, I tried to think of where one might be inspired to carry it. As a fan of Travel Channel shows about weird Americana, it occurred to me that an Armadillo Festival might, in fact, be a thing. And it is! I know that it is because I just watched a video of Armadillo Festival Tractor Racing on YouTube. Not only that, but the 42nd Annual Armadillo Festival, held in Hamburg, Arkansas, is going on this weekend. It features a “meat eating contest,” which is how you know it’s fun for the whole family. Without a doubt, “armadillo festival” is the weirdest thing I’ve ever Googled for work, but it would indeed be the ultimate place to carry this bag.

Anyway, the bag, which is what the post is supposed to be about (although truly, I’d have just as much fun talking to you guys about the weird stuff I find on Google). It’s so odd that it loops right on back around to fascinating, and because of the wide-open picnic basket closure, it might even be fairy functional. I’m not sure why one might be motivated to buy or carry it, other than the desire to appear aggressively quirky, but I may just have answered my own question. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $328.

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