I’ve been staring at the Kate Spade Wicker Armadillo Shoulder Bag for over two days now, trying to figure out what to say about it. Words are my thing, always have been, and usually the problem is that I have too many. In this case, though, I’m having trouble coming up with anything that seems even vaguely appropriate. Except that whoever designed this bag has some, err, cojones.

…And I think I like it? I don’t know. I think this bag bent my brain. It’s so weird, not to mention so entirely unexpected from a brand like Kate Spade. Spade gets a little literal every now and then, most notably an owl and typewriter bags from a few years back, but the combination of subject matter and materials on this bag really sets it apart. It’s a spot-on rendering of everyone’s favorite road kill, finished in wicker. If you don’t find that at least mildly amusing, we can’t be friends anymore.

During my days of contemplation about this bag, I tried to think of where one might be inspired to carry it. As a fan of Travel Channel shows about weird Americana, it occurred to me that an Armadillo Festival might, in fact, be a thing. And it is! I know that it is because I just watched a video of Armadillo Festival Tractor Racing on YouTube. Not only that, but the 42nd Annual Armadillo Festival, held in Hamburg, Arkansas, is going on this weekend. It features a “meat eating contest,” which is how you know it’s fun for the whole family. Without a doubt, “armadillo festival” is the weirdest thing I’ve ever Googled for work, but it would indeed be the ultimate place to carry this bag.

Anyway, the bag, which is what the post is supposed to be about (although truly, I’d have just as much fun talking to you guys about the weird stuff I find on Google). It’s so odd that it loops right on back around to fascinating, and because of the wide-open picnic basket closure, it might even be fairy functional. I’m not sure why one might be motivated to buy or carry it, other than the desire to appear aggressively quirky, but I may just have answered my own question. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $328.

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  • Laura

    it reminds me of Sex and the City, the first movie when they go to Carries honeymoon and they try to hide the rose petals. Was that a bag they had or was is part of the hotel room decor? Anyway, I don’t like the bag at all, I don’t think I would buy it. or maybe I’ll buy it but I won’t wear it, I’ll use it for decoration…

  • I could imagine Lady Gaga wearing this if she was going for a picnic

  • FashionableLena

    I’m a born and raised Texan, and I find this a bit weird.  I seriously doubt if I would ever carry it.

  • klynneann

    I think it’s hilarious!  Looking at it makes me happy for some reason.  Not saying I would ever carry it, though if it were big enough to carry picnic staples….  But it is fun to look at.  :)

  • Mar

    A bag in the shape of an animal made from wicker is not a new concept. I have several in the shape of fish, a pig, a horse, etc. dating back to the 1940s. Almost every bag you see today is nothing more than copy of another with a (move often than not) higher price tag.

    I do not, however, have one in the shape of an armadillo. Purchase made.

    • Jennifer

      You are ????% CORRECT Mar! If anybody remembers the episode from HBO’s “Sex and the City”- Where BIG buys Carrie a purse in the shape of a swan. A Judith Leiber clutch. That was only in the 1990’s but EVERYTHING old becomes NEW again in another decade or 2.

      I would get this purse just so I could say I brought my armadillo to a restaurant and sat it in the seat next to me. LOL.. ????

  • Rashida

    It looks like a picnic basket

  • 19yearslater

    Fantastic. I love Kate Spade these days. I would never ever carry it, but I’m glad it exists. 

  • Tara

    I think I’ve seen Dita von Teese tweet a pic of a wicker bag in the shape of an elephant. So, yeah, it’s not that original. But it’s still funny.

    • Vee

      The elephant wicker bag was a Kate Spade bag from last year.
      Here’s a girl wearing it.  I think it’s cute.

  • Christina

    I think it is hilarious. I remember in SATC Carrie carried once a handbag that was a horse head. :-D  I remember Patricia Field talking about it, that she was quite surprised that it sold actually quite well despite it being…well… kind of weird.
    So, no, I would not buy it, because I do not have the budget to spend 300 bucks on a fun bag, but I still like it. It is a picnic bag for the quirky among us.

  • Bigfathippo123

    OMG I LOVE this purse.  Too cute!!!

  • Encore Hermes

    I walked into kate spade today for a cell phone cover and walked out with an armadillo. really cute, not too big.

  • Texan in Nashville

    Armadillos are everywhere in Texas.  I am sure they have sold out there.   I am getting one for sure!

  • I just received this bag as a gift and I can’t help but smile and giggle just a little bit.  I love it!  It came with a little mini armadillo change purse on the inside, adorable! It definitely deserves the right outfit though. 

  • Hourei

    I bought this. Random people gave me unwanted advice, saying it wasn’t pretty… and that’s why I bought it. I love it. You can’t find something like this… well, not many. love love love it lots <3

  • scozy

    I totally have this purse and LOVE it!! I live in Texas and it’s a very appropriate purse to have down here. It’s almost everyday I have someone ask me where I got it because they either think it’s hilarious, quirky or want one for themselves or a friend!


    I have this bag and it ROCKS! If I had a dime for every time someone gushed over it, my 3 kids would have their college paid. I only wish I had bought my 3 daughters one each. They all ask if they can have it when I die. Seriously!!