As we all know, Coach is in the middle of a rebranding effort to make itself palatable to a more discerning, higher-spending clientele, and it looks like that transition has now begun in earnest. Although Stuart Vevers’ first Coach collection has yet to start arriving in stores, the brand’s extremely slick ad campaign has already made the rounds, and now we have our first glimpse at the brand’s first in-store installation under its new creative director. It involves giant animal heads.

There’s a lot to love in this campaign–which was shot in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn and includes the images on the site, in-store displays and a short film directed by James Lima–especially if you went through a Donnie Darko phase. When I showed it to the rest of the PurseBlog team and a few friends in the industry to get their initial reactions, they were almost overwhelmingly positive; sure, it’s weird, but it’s weird in a way that you’d never expect of Coach, all while keeping with some of the stylized New York-ness that has characterized much of the company’s branding in recent years. It’s Coach on mescaline.

Perhaps my favorite part of this, which is termed a “window campaign” by the brand, is how matter-of-fact it is. It’s not self-conscious of its giant animal heads, which include a horse, a rabbit and a bird in bright colors. Instead, the models wearing them are filmed and photographed doing the mundanely high-end tasks that contemporary-luxury campaigns often depict, like going to coffee shops and perusing record stores. It’s like Coach is daring you to ask what’s going on with the rabbit and her buddies.

Check out a few screen shots from the film below, and to check out the full thing (plus Coach’s new arrivals), head over to now.

Coach Wild Things 2

Coach Wild Things 3

Coach Wild Things 4

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  • Michelle

    I love it! I was in my average suburban mall and I saw their new window display. Nice pop of colors and something weird and cool next to the Starbucks and Macys.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Bags remind me of Proenza Schouler. Does anyone remember ten or so years ago when Coach had a store and a site that I believe was named after a street in NYC? I loved that site!

    • WhosThatBag

      Bleeker Street?

      • Scottsdale Kim

        Thank you!

  • renyoj

    I want one of those animal heads for Halloween. They really upstage the bags.

  • SandiG

    I like the horse head. Watching the clip was fun although my attention was on the animal heads and not the bags. It’s different for sure!

    • AshleyG

      I agree… There’s really nothing “wild” or eye-catching about the bags they featured- which is why I totally didn’t get the point of the ad. And I honestly like Coach…

  • Ana

    Loving the bags but that bird head is super creepy.

  • FashionableLena

    I saw the whole window display at our local mall, and I found it to be weird and creepy. I didn’t really get it so maybe I’m not “fashion” enough. I didn’t find the correlation between the installation and handbags. 99% of the time, I just take things at face value. I guess that I am reading too much into this.
    Or not enough.

  • Sophia

    Omg. GO HOME Coach you’re drunk.

    • s

      Trying way too hard

  • Bo

    boring, could the try and ride on the coat tails and buzz of FENDI bag bugs and harder and be any more annoying?

  • enu

    How about prada guys? Its always been weird, yet ugly instead. But its classic!

  • Kathy Dowdle

    The bags in the video look like Proenza Schouler knock-offs, and most of the bags in the photo shoot you posted on July 15, 2014 looked like Balenciaga knock-offs! I think these giant parade float heads are simply a distraction to keep us from noticing that Coach is now selling knock-offs. Too late Coach! We have already noticed! It makes me want to cry!

  • Yes, There are Giant Animal Heads in Coach’s New In-Store Campaign – PurseBlog