Update 10.28.15: Chanel reached out with a statement from a company spokesperson that we added at the end of the article to clarify the policy change.

Last year we had quite a few major Chanel rumors swirling around the PurseForum, and the biggest were about a price increase (which happened) and the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote’s possible discontinuation (more on this soon). Now the change that has Chanel fans at tPF up in arms is the brand’s new refurbishing policy.

It started as a rumor, but we’ve been able to confirm it: as of October 1st, 2015 Chanel will no longer refurbish or refinish bags more than five years old, and the brand will not refurbish or refinish of any bag without proof of purchase. A poster on tPF brought this news forward in September, saying she heard it from a friend who had heard it from Chanel directly. Since then, customers and owners of Chanel bags have become incredibly upset about this change in policy, and the thread has now reached 24 pages and nearly 360 comments.

At first, posters were extremely skeptical; it seemed counterintuitive that a brand with a history of standing behind its products and taking care of its customers would take a step like this. After all, bags typically need repairs and refurbishing as they grow older instead of in the first five years after they’re purchased. But soon after the first tPFer mentioned it, customers started calling their own stores and repair departments to find out more.

Another poster said she spoke directly to the Chanel repair department at the New York City 57th Street location. This poster was told the new rule is that the repair department will no longer re-dye, clean, refurbish or condition any bag more than five years old. They will, however, continue to do other repairs due to normal wear and tear on handbags regardless of the bag’s age.

The five-year rule still seems stringent, especially when so many shoppers collect vintage Chanel bags as well. On top of it all, this ensures that the majority of people who buy their bags pre-owned on the resale market will not be able to take their bags in for refurbishment or repairs as they most likely do not have the original proof of purchase.

Update: Only for refurbishment or refinishing does CHANEL require that a bag be verified as purchased from a CHANEL boutique or authorized CHANEL Multi-Brand Retailer. Proof of location of purchase is not required for other repairs.

As brands continue to raise the prices of their goods, customers who are willing to pay are going to expect more for their money, including quality and service. Many tPFers are particularly irritated that a brand like Chanel would adopt this kind of policy because of the timelessness of its bags; they’re meant to be used and enjoyed for many years, not just a season or two, which makes the five-year timeframe for repairs and refurbishing more puzzling.

And one final blow in the entire debacle is that the repairs department told a different poster who inquired that the brand will not treat your bag for refinishing or refurbishing if you have ever had it worked on by an outside refurbisher. This isn’t entirely shocking–brands like to work on their products and know who worked on them previously–but it is one more letdown for many Chanel owners.

Update: Again, this is only for refinishing or refurbishing, as we cannot guarantee the final outcome if the bag has been previously treated with unknown products or treatments, which could risk damaging the bag.

I called Chanel to check on all of this, and they did confirm the change in policy. If you are worried about finding your receipt, Chanel will be able to look you up in their system and find your purchase, which should take away some fears when it comes to proving original ownership. The person I spoke with explained Chanel prides itself on being able to take care of a bag properly and bring it back to its original state, and that Chanel would not want to cause additional damage to a bag that is older than 5 years and shows more age and wear during the refurbishing process. Chanel must be fielding many calls about its new policy; each rep seems ready to answer if you have any questions.

Overall, this is a major letdown for Chanel collectors and lovers, especially those who knew the previous policy and used it often. The luxury market continues to change, and with one of the most coveted brands choosing this direction, it will be interesting to see if and how it affects the market.

UPDATE: We’ve received a clarification from a Chanel spokesperson on the new policy, which you can read in full below.

Official Statement from Chanel spokesperson

Chanel is absolutely still repairing bags over 5 years old.

Repairs are still performed by our Fashion After Sales department, regardless of the bag’s age.

The change to our policy is on two paid services only.

  • Refinishing: The process of re-applying pigment to the exterior of a handbag or small leather good.
  • Refurbishing: A complete overhaul service including refinishing, hardware changes, stitching and/or piping servicing.

These 2 services are still offered with the following updated policy:

  • Must be verified as purchased from an authorized CHANEL Retailer location, either a CHANEL Boutique or authorized Multi-Brand Retailer
  • Must be five years of age or under from date of purchase

Like all brands, our service offering is evolving to remain consistent with our customers’ expectations and needs as this service was rarely used by our clients.

This policy does not impact any other repair services currently offered for which there is no change.

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  • Sherre Ann Wallace

    I’m just starting to give Chanel the evil eye

  • Amazona

    Chanel, drunken with their success, getting a bit too cocky..? Certainly sounds like it. You can’t command such prices without premium customer care and life long commitment to your creations.

    • Sparky

      “drunken with their success”. Brilliant.

    • Imgoingbroke

      Lest they forget…the customer is always #1 when it comes to running a successful business NO MATTER how big or small. When customer service decreases, so will sales. Bad move, Chanel. I think you just shot yourself in the foot.

    • L.O.

      Blah blah blah blah

      • JustaGurlinseattle

        are you NOT capable of making your point without mocking

      • Sarah N.

        Illiterate I think. Too afraid of misspellings to type anything but blah blah blah. No great loss.

      • Sarah N.

        Oh wait! She said something about a gaurentee though!!

      • L.O.

        Ha. Little do you know, I’m a guy! Look at you assuming gender. And excuse me for voicing an opinion and being open about it. Thanks for the calling me illiterate, I appreciate that. I thinks it’s hilarious to read all these comments that people seem to have about a company that thought it was best to adjust a policy in order to enhance some metrics somewhere within that company. You think they don’t know how to run a business, a successful business. You think this changes everything that they ever stood for. THAT SIMPLY MEANS THAT YOU AS A SIMPLE MINDED CONSUMER, DONT KNOW JACK SQUAT ABOUT THAT COMPANY AND WILL NEVER EVER TRULY APPRECIATE IT’S RICH AND LONG HISTORY TO THE FULLEST, BECAUSE THEY WON’T FIX YOUR BAG. A TRUE LOYAL CUSTOMER BETTER YET CLIENT, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, CAN APPRECIATE THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO BETTER THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTICED AN AREA OF BUSINESS THAT NEEDED TO BE ADDRESSED. Love these post by the way.

    • Sherre Ann Wallace

      Hit it dead on the head!

  • anon

    Chanel is starting to get on my nerves.

    • Sherre Ann Wallace

      Exactly the appeal of a luxury brand is that you will have your merchandise serviced for the lifetime of the product. Even if it is at cost.

      • Edia

        is it really?

      • Mary Smith

        Yes. It is.

      • Jessica


      • Sherre Ann Wallace


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      • Alli

        Absolutely. I’ve always thought of Chanel bags as investments, but this new policy definitely changes that.

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  • Yazi

    It’s not strange or puzzling. The brand simply wants you to buy more bags, more often. It’s clever marketing, even if reprehensible.

    • Many new customers will not care or even be aware that this policy existed. But if you push aside your long time customers, it will be a problem. There’s only so much consumers are willing to take and many seem to be hitting that limit with Chanel.

      • Sherre Ann Wallace


      • Mia Thomas

        Well said Megs

      • Steph

        I have never purchased Chanel before, but after finding out about this new policy, now I never will. I’ve just started exploring premium brands like Hermes and Chanel (just made my first purchase at H recently). I agree with other posters that if I’m spending that much money, I do expect premium service and maintenance (even at a cost) by the brand. Also I am not impressed with Chanel’s leather and craftsmanship. I’ve looked at bags from many luxury brands and Chanel quality does not come close to Hermes or even other less pricy brands.

      • Yazi

        I think this affects all customers, old and new. The aim is to have people “consume” more bags and stop repairing/maintaining/holding on to their early purchases.

        This is damaging for Chanel’s reputation if its bags are perceived as “fast fashion” but perhaps the profits are more important than any other consideration.

  • Cheetah405

    Chanel does not seem like a luxury brand anymore.
    Mass marketed with lots of “bling”
    Classicism gone

    • Kylee

      it’s ghetto fabulous now

      • Michele

        At $4000 and up?

  • Pradameinhofgang

    Hermes polished my 1970 Trim – purchased off ebay with no receipt – a year or two ago and even returned It back to me in a new H dust bag. Such a shame Chanel now thinks this sort of customer service is beneath them!

    • L.O.

      Blah blah blah

  • JustaGurlinseattle

    Well, that is not too cool.
    Oh well, Hermes is MORE than willing to work on Vintage Bags,.
    If I am spending that kind of money on a bag, I want
    the repairs done by that brand.
    I bet Hermes won’t mind getting the business that Chanel sadly seems to
    not care too much for.

  • Ghi

    This policy change is enough to make me never buy another Chanel bag again

  • Bridget212323

    I thought the whole point of paying 5k plus for a luxury bag is that its taken care of by the brand. What’s the point of buying new if they’re not going to take care of it past the 5 year mark? Chanel bags are lifelong investments – its a shame the brand doesn’t feel that way anymore (it may be time for Karl to go too)

    • MfuckinPopat

      Don’t think Karl makes customer service policies..

      • Bridget212323

        Apparently he does. He shut down all the Chanel outlets b/c he didn’t want the brand to be ‘watered down’

  • Melissa Wheeler

    Yeah goodbye Chanel i’ll put my hard earned dollars towards a brand who actually seems to care about their product and customer.

  • Melissa Wheeler

    What impact is this going to take on the historical part too, who’s going to pay $$ for a bag they can’t refurbish ‘properly’ and keep as an heirloom to pass down

  • kathyjazz

    Wonderful Kirna Zabete sold me a Celine Box bag a few years back and they were SO GRACIOUS about sending my bag back to France for a hardware repair. Sent me a shipping label and everything. I’ve never forgotten that feeling of VIP treatment and it has made me a loyal customer. I bummed that Chanel has made that policy change–but hey at least the hardware can always be repaired. This change, price hikes…NOTHING will stop me from buying from Chanel. Talented, entrepreneurial types can now step in and create a Chanel Clinic for older bags. Viva Free Enterprise!

    • BabyDietrich

      This is how I feel. I prob won’t stop buying Chanel bags either… save for couple vintage pieces (they have gold plating on hw anyway so Chanel wouldn’t have touched hw before Oct 1st either) I buy all my bags from boutique. I can always get my bags refurbished by professional refurbishing companies (prob cost less than Chanel too) what they can’t do is get Chanel hw and as long as Chanel is repairing hw on bags w/ proof of purchase… it doesn’t bother me too, too much.

      Disappointed, yes, very… just because of what this policy means to the brand… but I don’t know if I could really stop.

      I feel bad for people who bought from eBay, etc and don’t have a reciept though…

      • Debbie

        If you refurbish it somewhere else but then have damaged hardware, could they refuse to repair the hardware since you have had the bag serviced elsewhere?

      • BabyDietrich

        According to the policy, yes they could. However since I would be using Leather Surgeon (he has treated my other bags) and Chanel uses LS themselves… I don’t think they would be able to tell! When I discussed this policy with my SA basically I was told not to worry about it…

      • Leather Surgeon is highly recommended on the forum, I haven’t used it myself though.

      • Jessica


      • Loli100

        Also feel bad for the many people who received gifts in the form of Chanel purchases and don’t have an original receipt. They have the authenticity card but what good does that do them now.. Or people such as myself who did not buy handbags as an investment but simply for pure joy. Those receipts are long gone.

    • Loli100

      It already exists. The Chanel SA referred me to Leather Surgeons.

  • Madges Hatbox

    At the prices of their handbags, refurbishment should be always available. Chanel needs to respect heritage not just pay lip service to it.

  • By refusing to take care of older bags, Chanel is pretty much spitting on its on legacy. Money talks, so anyone that is unhappy with this change should do a full boycott of Chanel. Share this article on your FB feed. If you have any friends or family members that have expressed interest in purchasing Chanel, let them know of this change.

  • Jack Neill

    Chanel has been getting greedier and greedier. They used to gold plate their hardware and have much higher standards in terms of quality control. It’s sad to see them declining in product value and service. They used to be so good.

  • Rashida

    I won’t invest 6,000.00 on a bag if the seller will not stand by it’s product. Chanel quality has decreased significantly!

  • Mary Smith

    I was already not keen on Chanel. Hermes and LV will at least let you bring in and old bag for repair. As long as the bag is genuine I see no problem with paying for repairs. But being told no repairs at any price means this is a throw away brand and not something serious.

  • s3rndpt

    Well, that does it for me. No more Chanel. I simply don’t have the patience for this complete disregard for their customers any more. The brand has now officially, in my opinion, gotten too big for its britches. This is by no means the only reason for me, but the final straw in one long string of ridiculousness from Chanel.


    It’s not very nice of Chanel to say this . It will damage the brand big time . All they want you to buy more bags . 5 years old bag for what it cost any Chanel item is crazy . Give your coustmers at least 10 years service . Anyway it’s not free . They charge you big time .

  • bir

    well thats that ….. in all honesty i only needed one more reason to stop shopping at Chanel and this is more than i needed.they might not care if i leave but… in my eyes one client gone is one client gone ! so… .

  • Lisa

    I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I have about 10 Chanel bags. They’re all in wonderful condition but guess what — I’m not buying another one. As other people have said, I’m sure the company doesn’t care one whit, but I’m no longer interested in supporting this brand.

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    • L.O.

      Blah blah blah.

      • JustaGurlinseattle

        again with the mocking… Lovely.
        Do you have a point? or are you juts here
        to be rude to people and mock them?

  • They’ve singlehandedly stripped the brand of the Classiness it used to have. I’m not sure why they would do this when they have such a HUGE pull in the vintage market. I can definitely see this being a huge blow to the market of their handbags. Just crazy. 6 grand on a bag that I can only have repaired for 5 years. Preposterous!

    • mochalatte

      They don’t make money from the vintage market. New is where the money is. Maybe that’s the whole point. To kill the vintage market and get people to buy new. Makes perfect $en$e.

      • but why dont they just charge extra if the bag is over 5 years . just like a fee system , the higher in age your bag is ,then the more you spend. now, that better $sen$e. I mean there is always a way to make a buck.

      • Loli100

        Ericca they were not taking a loss. The cost for refurbishing a handbag regardless the size or age had already reached $500 minimum.

  • Sara

    Basically Chanel is saying: Step aside old loyal customers, we got your money so we no longer care about you. Now give way to new customers, show us your money!

    • BabyDietrich

      No, what they are saying is we don’t care about you if you haven’t/don’t spend enough, as VIPs are exception to this policy!

  • Y Ajayi

    I have been looking for what was going to put me off Chanel (mainly for the sake of my bank balance) and this might just be it. Not sure if this policy is world wide as I live in Europe. If the plan is to alienate customers it’s working very well thus far.

  • Kylee

    their purses are ugly, gaudy, tacky (free advertisement/status symbols)

  • Debbie

    Repairing the bags through Chanel, even within 5 years is not free, correct? If it was a free service, this is more understandable…

  • kevin

    The repair is not free right? So I don’t think it’s acceptable to not provide the repair service. I think the bags are so mass produced to a point it’s impossible to keep up with the repair demand.

  • Jenny Flowers

    Really ??? The reality is that Chanel wants your bag to wear out so you and I buy a new one at the much inflated prices. I own five and find this very upsetting and also very disrespectful to buyers. Officially done with Chanel. Hopefully everyone else walks from this brand also to teach them a lesson for good on this greedy practice.

  • flergum

    I like it. This will filter out all those ebay posers from the true list price owners. I like it. as for refurb. those with money dont use it that much, so they dont wear down – 5 years is nothing. mine still look great – as i rotate through many. i see no issue with this.

    • Kelley

      I don’t understand what an eBay poser is. I bought a brand new authenticated Chanel from a lucky lady who received a second one as a gift. She didn’t need it. So we both got a good deal. I still paid over $ 5000. And I live in Manhattan with huge sales tax which I didn’t have to pay on this bag. I pay huge amounts of city and state taxes every paycheck. Am I a poser? Your philosophy is puzzling and nonsensical

    • JustaGurlinseattle

      Regardless, of the fact that the Nouveau riche may not care. People
      who care about TRUE Luxury will care, it is spitting in the face
      of their clients.

    • Rumbabird

      And what about people who may have inherited some cherished Chanels, where the receipts are long gone? Or those who love the beauty and quality of vintage Chanel? Are they “posers” as well? I’m with Kelley. What’s a “poser,” by the way?

    • twoturntables

      Wow, really? I hope this is a joke. I’ve paid list price for bags and I’m not silly enough to think I’m in some fictitious special group or somehow better that those who have bought second hand.

      Frankly, I was about to buy another Chanel and stopped because I can’t buy a luxury product if the company doesn’t stand behind it.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I purchased a cerf tote three years ago at Nordstroms and within a year of careful use, the dye on numerous corners was wearing off. Took it to Nordstrom and they honored the fix since it was within a year of purchase. The receipt that arrived with the bag was from a repair company in Pennsylvania. They did a fine job so I wouldn’t be super concerned about finding a proper refurbishing option. Capitalism will present us with options.

    Having said that, the purchases that would have been made at Chanel over the last three years have been made at Hermes instead. Over Chanel.

    • Loli100

      I too have several Chanel bags. I’m also very conscious of rotating them so that they get even wear. Most of my bags are from the early 1990’s to 1 bag in the early 2000 that, to my surprise, fell apart. When this happened I stopped buying Chanel. It is now that my 1990 bags are in need of refinishing. I took it to the Chanel boutique today and the boutique director informed me they no longer refinish bags over 5 years old. When I asked why her response was that once the leather ages it cannot hold up to refinishes. It all sounded like BS to me. Chanel’s quality must have diminished so much that it can’t handle not even one refinish job. But my handbag is vintage so how is it that that excuse applies to my bags??? There is something more to this story then meets the eye and I have a feeling it has to do with the secondary market cutting into their profits. And as far as repairs the 2000 bag that fell apart she downright refused to take it in for repair even though she admitted that Chanel did have issues with some linings in the past but oh well too bad for you because Chanel no longer repairs them. She really knew how to irritate me.

      Like you I have officially written Chanel off. They should be ashamed. Even LV, with all the quality issues they have been having, still stands by their products and will not refuse a repair job so long as the canvas is not cracked.

      Hermes is my top handbag choice but for a more economical purchase it was convenient for me to turn to Chanel. Even though I did not purchase for myself ( I had begun questioning Chanel’s quality) I did occasionally for gift giving reasons. Well no more. Dior has now taken their spot. Good riddance Chanel. Hello DIOR.

  • ECooper

    Well, I for one did not actually know about the refurbishment option. But it makes me mad that Chanel is cutting their costs and still raising prices. If the bags are well made, there really shouldn’t be that much repairing and redyeing. I own quite a few Chanel bags and now I am going to be a little more hesitant to carry them.

  • Rumbabird

    This 5- year policy will inevitably result in 5-year thread, 5-year finishes, etc. That’s just the way economics works. Downmarket bags are made to last longer than that. Chanel is shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Kelley

    I bought a brand new authenticated Chanel caviar flap with SHW and all the bells and whistles included from a very nice lady who received one from her (generous) spouse as a gift. She didn’t want to tell him she already has one. So I now am asking her to try to track down a receipt from him. If it needs repairs and if I’m lucky enough to get the receipt, I guess I will have to lie and tell Chanel it was “a gift from my best friend.” I can imagine the scenarios people will have to go through. I really hope Chanel revokes this greedy policy. Otherwise my money will next go to Celine and Dior!!

  • Dorothy

    Does anyone know if this is just for handbags or are SLGs & costume jewelry included?!

  • Divnanata

    Ironically, my sister and I ( longtime TPF members) recently each purchased yet another Chanel bag. This time we bought new from Saks and qualified for triple points. Our Saks Chanel department does an incredible amount of business and they’ve even ranked third in North American sales before. We had questioned our wonderful SA about a policy change and she stated that Chanel doesn’t want to deal with dodgy beat up oldies any more. I mean bags, of course. She declared that slightly damaged bags of any age would qualify for repairs.
    There is also a business angle to consider regarding the proliferation of vintage Chanel bags. Chanel makes no money from resales. Key point. And there is a superabundance of product out there from all those years ago. Earlier bags were not as pricey. Naturally most customers would gravitate towards cheaper Chanel bags and the brand suffers from so many wonky bags sullying up the fashion arena. This new policy helps discourage the selling of raggedy, dilapidated bags which would bring nothing positive to the house.
    I’m as disappointed as most. Our SA also mentioned that Chanel’s tracking of customers through sales receipts has become extremely sophisticated. All this stems from their fight against fakes. I think there is a method to their madness but it is difficult to swallow at these prices. BTW – what is LV’s policy? They have more bags out there than anyone else??

    • Vicky

      In that case, Ivan understand. But 5-year limit is just too short. I have many bags in the closet, not only Chanel and some of them I only wear for a handful of time. What if something accidentally happen on the 6th year?

      In that case, if they really fed up with a ragged bag, they should go by stating condition of them. Not by putting a limit on something else that’s totally unreliable regarding the condition, like time. Or just simply tell that customer that her bag is so used beyond repair.

      If the bag is so beat up, I think the owner will likely to understand more.

  • Tee

    I understand the reaction of the general public but I can’t help but think this move is strongly in part of a reaction towards a new generation of luxury consumers. With social media being such a strong force in the fashion market, everyone thinks they’re a luxury brand “expert” because they read reviews and watch YouTube videos. What was once an exclusive brand has become one for the Everyman (not saying that’s good or bad). Chanel’s decision to require proof of purchase for a bag could flat out be a response to the resell market. Are you truly a Chanel client if you’ve never bought something directly from them, and only from resale site? if you bought from a third party, why are you entitled to the brands services and shouldn’t you then have a third party perform repairs? Not saying one way or another, but wanted to put the thought out there..

    • Sparky

      I see your point. I can reason with having the receipt, proof you’re the original owner and bought it at a boutique. But the time limit is totally unreasonable. Five years is when you need it treated, not before.

  • Amy

    Wow, I guess I was extremely lucky. Brought in my grandma’s 10-year-old Chanel for a refurbishment last month and just got it back a week or two ago… Just in time before this shocking news

  • novinaa

    WELL I was originally going to purchase a Chanel flap – 2.55 or Reissue but after this, I don’t think I’ll bother. Not to mention I’m not digging the new designs as of late. Possibly becoming a very gauche brand, much like how Louis Vuitton is now. I’ll move onto Hermes thanks.

    I’m sure Hermes must be getting a flood of new customers as a result of this haha.

  • realitytvjunkie

    That is ridiculous. I just hope this doesn’t become a trend for other luxury brands

  • Alex575

    Sorry to hear that for all you Chanel fans out there. You’d think that Chanel would be more than happy to continue to refurbish an original because it speaks to not only the timelessness of the bag (the older it gets), but also to the quality.

    Five years is NOTHING as far as showing wear & tear with normal use on a bag, I carried a Legacy Coach Duffle bag (my first $$ bag that I bought more than a decade ago before I moved onto BAL, Givenchy, Gucci) every single day for close to five years and the bag looked pretty much like it did when I bought it. Last year I donated it to the Goodwill to make space, but Chanel should really rethink this position. Why would anyone want to spend $$$$$ on bag that’s basically dead after five years?

  • Maya

    Chanel is making a real stupid move there… While their intent is most likely for people to consume more bags, here is some psychology 101, what people “understand”. Chanel is basically saying “our products are disposable”….something disposable is often assimilated to something “cheap”, of a lower quality and something “cheap” is much less desirable…Later Chanel!!

  • Finem Lauda

    Is it wrong to laugh at the misfortune of those who bought into Chanhells snobbery? Because rn, I’m on some lucifer shit with how hard I’m giggling.

  • purse nality (purs3nality)

    Thank goodness I am not a fan of Chanel. It’s such a turn off when one pays so much for a bag but get no service after the bag is more than 5 years old. Furthermore, with the declining quality of these big brands, many customers might not want to invest thousands of dollars on a bag or anything that may have issues (Only God knows what …) when the 5-year span is passed. Chanel is probably getting too big-headed with their sales figure. I am so over buying designer brands … Just my 2 cents.

  • ellavanw

    I think I’m out too. I’ve bought all of my chanel bags from either the boutique or from Saks or Bergdorf’s, but I don’t have a single receipt for them. The notion that they wouldn’t repair an evening bag that I bought in 2010 and have worn fewer than 10 times is ridiculous.

  • domiee B

    this is new policy sucks, it’s still chanel may it be bought in vintage or pre-owned it’s still chanel it won’t change, gosh maybe karl lagerfeld think’s he can out do Coco chanel.

  • LTT Leathercare Ltd

    If anyone is needing repairs The Handbag Spa can take care of them for you

  • Anon

    The Balenciaga store in Singapore has a similar policy too! I brought a limited edition 3 year old city bag in for repair and was told that they only serviced bags purchased in Singapore (not anywhere else), and with proof of purchase! The rationale behind this was to apparently determine the authenticity of the bag in question before servicing it. I’m sure any bag lover would know that each designer bag comes with an authenticity code or marker inside the bag, so really a proof of purchase is unnecessary!
    I haven’t had much experience with Chanel or Hermes customer service as I usually send my C and H bags and shoes to an external cleaning company for maintenance. However, I completely understand the frustration of paying thousands for a ‘quality’ bag only to have horrible after-care service. Safe to say I will not be buying Balenciaga products again.
    I do have to mention that Dior still has excellent after-care service, not to mention extremely good quality products…buy Chanel :)

  • KloeF

    I’m curious to see how it will affect the resell market price point.

  • Jimmy Lin

    chanel should have offer free life time repair since they using low cost zipper ( YKK ) they charging 4figures for a bag … at least Lambo or riri ( or even better zipper ) shall be used in their handbags . just my personal opinion … no offense to chanel fans !

    • Giselle

      Ykk is the industry leader in zippers, it’s not really cheap.

  • Sparky

    Maybe one doesn’t need Chanel to refurbish.

    A friend’s small LV Epi bag got a gash on one side. She took it to LV and they wanted over $800 for the leather PLUS labor. Believe it or not she took it to a shoe repair place and the guy fixed it for $65. Repair absolutely invisible. Just sayin’…

  • Kelli Tinker

    I guess we should all start buying ONLY 1 bag every 5 years then & see how Chanel likes that! It is bad enough that w/the bad economy & creeping Inflation the quality has gotten worse not better & the bags smaller & higher priced too so that the big houses can still make the same $$$$$ return. I love handbags but the last few years have me really reevaluating my need to own more than a few I really use versus collecting each “Limited Edition” bag the Top Designers release! I think when a customer spends 5K & up on a bag a designer should have a repair service as most consider these high priced bags a Once in a Lifetime purchase!

  • Jen

    I will now no longer purchase any Chanel.
    Looks like Louis Vuitton will be getting more of my business

  • Jen

    It should be the opposite! Refurb only needed when its getting old not when new!!!

  • disqus_QE0OC3sNYF

    So long Chanel and hello Hermés <3

  • Lisa

    If you need bag or shoe repairs, I enthusiastically recommend Leather Spa (leatherspa.com) in NY. You can mail your stuff in from anywhere (I’m in Austin) and they do a wonderful job. I’ve sent in a Saint Laurent duffel (black and white leather; some black dye had migrated onto the white after I’d left it in a hot closet for too long) and a Pierre Hardy bag that was filthy after a long trip. They aren’t cheap or super-fast but well worth it, and you’ll get an upfront estimate so you can decide whether or not to proceed. They were recommended to me by Prada, btw.

    • Leather Spa is highly recommended by many on the forum. I have a bag that might need a little TLC, I might send it to them!

  • kate

    I don’t consider Chanel luxury anymore. I think many of their bags are tacky especially seasonal bags. I dropped them a long time ago and have sold all my Chanel bags except one (classic flap). I consider luxury Hermes and Bottega Veneta.

  • L.O.

    Blah blah blah. That’s all I’m reading from these comments. Does anyone stop and think that they can do what ever they want. By the way all these Chanel shoppers are the reason why they have this control, you built them up to this Mega Luxury Empire, that runs like every other company, supply and demand determines prices. I wonder why they introduced this new rule, perhaps because of all the pre owned shoppers taking away from their business. If these second rate handbag websites didn’t pop up on every corner they wouldn’t need to take back control of there goods in the first place. Oh no they won’t fix the bag I didn’t buy from them, oh no they won’t fix the bag I did buy from them 6 years ago. Guess what, it’s a handbag. Why would they wanna play doctor on your items for life. That’s like your car dealer always fixing your car for free, sorry ain’t gonna happen but I bet you still buy from them. Business is business and I bet they will survive without you. Hate if you want but I gaurentee they profit from it.

    • JustaGurlinseattle

      NOT ONE person said they wanted this service for free,
      in fact people pay for this service, and Chanel made money
      from that service as well.

    • Sarah N.

      “Blah blah blah” and “gaurentee.”

    • Lori

      Your points make sense if the service was FREE, but it’s not. They are saying we can’t even pay them to fix our bags…

  • Sarah N.

    Just another reason why I don’t buy new Chanel. That’s two, three or more LV, or a nice Hermès, and they stand behind their product.

  • W S M

    I agree with the requirement for proof of purchase (might help against counterfeits) but that time limit is strange. I still want a Reissue or a GST (fingers crossed) but I have to think twice with Chanel now.

  • Lee

    I am more by startled by how many people can actually afford buying so many Chanel (or other high luxury brands) on this thread.

  • Victor Rhodes

    Hello,i just wanted to say that you can still repair your Chanel bags in Paris,without any proof of purchase,even if the leather need redying.I was worried because i just had bought a vintage 1985 2.55 in white and the leather is damaged and the clasp is broken.So i just emailed yesterday Chanel France,and they say that you can bring any Chanel bag,the only things obviously that matters is that is an authentic one.I just dropped today my chanel bag at the store with no problem.I wanted to share the good news with you that if you live or come to France,they repair it.If you want the email (It is in French but i can translate) i can transfer it to you

    • Repairs and refurbishment are different – but we are hoping to clarify that with any misconceptions with the updated statement from Chanel and a post to follow!

      Happy to hear you were able to have your bag helped!

      • Victor Rhodes

        Thank you Megs ! My bag is away for 6 weeks,they say they are gonna restitch the bag and re-apply the pigment,as well they are changing the clasp,locks and also the strap and try to repair the holes at the bottom at the bag.Hope Chanel will issue a statement to explain that for international buyers but i can assure you that Chanel France is not changing anything

      • QuelleFromage

        The Chanel US statement is totally different and expressly says they will not re-color or do a full refurbishment on bags over five years old. Why just the US, I wonder?

  • QuelleFromage

    That Chanel clarification doesn’t really help, does it? Maybe you can get a broken strap repaired (they are not clear on what they WILL do), but you can’t have color loss corrected or get a full overhaul on a bag more than five years old OR one without verified purchase. So none of the resale market at all – this lowers resale value quite a bit.

    • From how I understand it, hardware issues can be repaired as typically those are under warranty. They will do other repairs on normal wear and tear (I did not get a definition of that) but that is a paid service.

  • Firtst thought: Now I have to go laminate all my Chanel receipts! :/

    Second thought: What do they mean when they say “only these two services” ? Aren’t these two all what a bag may need? I don’t get it! Are there more things to do to a bag than repairing leather and stiches and replaceing broken hardware?

    • You don’t need to laminate receipts (unless you want to). They will be able to look up your purchases systematically is what they told me.

  • Dwightinha

    Ridiculous. I have twp pre-loved bags and do not have original receipts. Was actually planning on sending one of them to the Chanel “spa”. One would think that the authenticity stickers in the bags, that can be easily verified by Chanel, would be enough proof regarding the bag’s authenticity. A 5 year frame is no-sense offer as most Chanel bag owners treet their bags as any other valuable investment.

  • Aisha

    Hmmm….so the idea of passing a bag down to your daughters and nieces is out the window.

  • sara

    The so-called luxury brands are all starting to be a real pain in the bum! And there are of course different rules for different people and most of us will not be in that group! And you have to add to the fact that so many of the new hire sales people and even managers fit a certain Chanel (or Hermes or Goyard) stereotype and know nothing about the brand history. Last year my wonderful black quilted Chanel zip top tote received a broken zipper someplace between Singapore airport and San Francisco, so I went into the San Francisco boutique with an expectation of at least good service in a country where the consumer has some protection. Instead I was put through the wringer first by a 20 something salesperson who didn’t know if the zipper could be replaced and then by a jr manager who challenged me because she did NOT recognize the specific style and I had not bought it in San Francisco so it was not recorded in my name. Then they sent it to NYC for inspection without telling me it would take over 6 weeks for any repairs—this is a basic zipper closing nothing design over the top. So I called my regular salesperson in Paris and she had it sent back to my hotel next delivery. By the time I got back to Paris I was furious! Made worse by the fact that this tote was a gift from a married gentleman whose name I was not about to give to anyone for anything—especially not for a damn zipper. The new manager at rue Cambon made the grievous error of also stating that she did not recognize the style. To give you the brief version of this saga, my tote was sent to the atelier which confirmed this was a special design made only for the Hong Kong boutiques when Karl made a visit there and they replaced the zipper free of charge.

    I have not bought any Chanel products, not even a lipstick, since this happened!! Luxury is luxury and the house has a responsibility to us, the consumers. This new policy means that my vintage bags cannot be treated by Chanel at all. No need to beg ladies or wring your hands, I have found 2 places in London, 1 in Manhattan, and 1 in Hong Kong which does a wonderful job and for 1/3 price of Chanel!!! I think the appropriate term is insipid! The Kardashians and the Woos can only by a certain number of handbags no matter how much they over consume. These brands need to remember they depend on the rest of us for their real steady profits!

    • Lori

      My wedding ring is from Harry Winston and though it was expensive to my husband and I, it’s not in the $100K range. I asked the salesperson how they felt about selling items that were under $20K and they said “if it wasn’t for all the people who buy rings like yours, we wouldn’t survive. Not that many people can drop a couple hundred k’s on jewelry. And you all come back throughout the years.” Maybe Chanel should take a lesson from HW and appreciate those of us who do spend $5K or so a couple times a year on bags. We ARE their bread and butter! And don’t get me started on the Chanel stores in Paris! I visited three a couple weeks ago and could not get anyone to help me. I knew exactly what I wanted and was going to buy it right then and there. They were so understaffed I simply walked out. Ended up buying a wallet at Moynat which had amazing customer service.

  • Rashmi

    Another really annoying aspect of Chanel boutiques I just encountered:

    As per their company policy they are not allowed to sell over the phone if a person has never bought from that boutique in person! Isn’t this the most weird and absurd policy? I know some Celine boutiques actually make first time customer to fill out a document with the signature but a big company like Chanel does not DO that!!

    It is naive and stubborn of Chanel to think that every customer who visit their store will buy the bag immediately or instantaneously!

    It IS time to boycott Chanel! I’d put my money to Celine and Fendi!!

  • Ivy

    Chanel just wants you to buy more bags… They come off as greedy by cutting a service which is not even free! If I am spending that kind of money, I would expect the brand to stand behind their products. And yes,I do have a choice and I will not be buying any more of their bags.

  • miva

    Im just wondering what Madam Chanel would say. I don’t think she would be impress with the policy change, she would have stood by her product… I’m so sad to see her legacy being sold for profit

  • Giselle

    The only thing I’m worried about is Chanel losing its value. It might happen if they keep playing those games.

  • Babe

    I’m sure there are expert Chanel refinishers if you just google it

  • Babe

    I take my Chanel bags to leather pros and they do an amazing job.