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Is Chanel Discontinuing the Grand Shopping Tote?


It’s somewhat rare that brands discontinue popular bags from their popular collections, but we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about the potential end of the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote–it might be a thing of the past in the near future. Or maybe it’s just getting a huge price increase. Or perhaps it’s simply being yanked from the American market because of its relatively low price point and market over-saturation? No one seems to know.

I first read of the GST’s looming demise yesterday on Mizhattan, which posits the story as fact rather than a rumor and reports on low stock level at several NYC-area stores. We then looked to our Chanel subforum over at PurseForum, which has a discussion on the GST’s theoretical disconinuation that dates back to December. In it, members from all over the world report on what they’ve been told by Chanel sales associates; many in the US have heard that the bag will soon be gone, while European readers are more likely to report that their SAs were baffled when they asked about the GST’s pending disappearance. One tPFer even contacted a Chanel boutique in Paris, where the associate told her that the GST is in the permanent collection and isn’t going anywhere.

Among the European Chanel lovers, the talk is instead of a future price increase; the GST is among the brand’s most attainably price bags for its size, and Chanel may be concerned that it’s diverting customers away from its other, more expensive bags of a similar size and type. Rumors about the GST also went around last year around this time, so who knows if this might just be another game of telephone gone awry.

We’ve reached out to our sources at Chanel; if we hear anything definitive back from them, we’ll update this post. In the meantime, have any of you heard any news from your regular SAs?


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  1. Liza Avatar

    My SA in Montreal Canada told me that it’s not going anywhere. On the other hand, a few resellers I follow on Instagram are advertising it as if it was being discontinued. Who knows at this point. I hope they don’t axe it. Would be a shame.

    1. Amanda Mull Avatar

      Hopefully we’ll be getting a definitive answer from Chanel soon–my instinct is that it’s not going anywhere and this rumor resulted from a very long, convoluted game of telephone, but we’ll see.

  2. E Cooper Avatar
    E Cooper

    What is the current price of a GST (in the US) ?

    1. Liza Avatar

      2900$ I believe, and 3200$ in Canada.

    2. Slim Avatar

      Purchase mine about two years it was $2900 plus tax = $3100. My daughter just returned from Canne a couple of weeks ago. She bought one in black final price with VAT included was $2,084! Great price, love the bag.

      1. nehneh Avatar

        slim, how much in Euros? did your daughter mention they have the classic flap in Canne?

    3. Kaycee Campbell Avatar
      Kaycee Campbell

      2900 for the regular $3500 for the XL

  3. laura Avatar

    I hope this isn’t true 🙁

  4. ellavanw Avatar

    I love the GST and have three of them in various color/hardware combinations. It is so functional for work, because it can fit an 8.5×11 folder and is basically indestructible (my first one is from 2008 and has logged hundreds of miles around the globe and still looks great) — but is still ladylike enough to go from the office out to dinner. Will be bummed if it is really discontinued!

  5. Mya Wilkes Avatar
    Mya Wilkes

    Not a fan of the GST, so wont miss it anyway.

  6. Iram Avatar

    I really wanted the GST to be my first Chanel bag… I really hope it isn’t getting discontinued!

    1. Marni Avatar

      Same here !! 🙁

    2. Mya Wilkes Avatar
      Mya Wilkes

      Let a classic flap be your first Chanel, you wont regret it!

  7. kate Avatar

    Won’t miss it at all. I sold mine. It was a clunky large bag that I banged into everything.

  8. Slim Avatar

    My daughter just returned from Canne on Jan. 2, 2015. She purchased the GST in black. It’s gorgeous, final price with VAT was $2,084! What a terrific saving. I bought mine about two years ago and paid $2,900 plus tax = $3100!

    1. Pam Avatar

      Going to buy Chanel in la France then non?

  9. Kaycee Campbell Avatar
    Kaycee Campbell

    I have spoke with several SA’s as well as a friend who is a store manager of a Chanel and they all seem to be unsure. They often say they are the last to know.

  10. Kaycee Campbell Avatar
    Kaycee Campbell

    I would rather see a price increase as oppose to the discontinuance of the bag.. I agree with the over saturation.

  11. Realist Avatar

    Sorry but to use the words “relatively low price point” when talking
    about Chanel is laughable. I get they were talking about in comparison
    to other bags but, there is no way I can justify spending 6K on a small
    stiff lil’ dinner flap (that will basically only fit my wallet &
    phone & that’s it.) esp. since the gold hardware is no longer
    gold-plated. That being said, I am glad to say I did save a few months
    to buy the GST so in case it is discontinued (or if not, but the price
    increases) I will be happy to have mine even though I think it’s still
    overpriced & am terrified to ruin it to even really enjoy it. I
    don’t even look at Hermes or even go into the boutique because it’s way
    too ostentatious a brand to the point of being gruesome. Real everyday
    women are the biggest fashion consumers & make the bulk of luxury
    brand customers so it is time to come down to earth & cater to the
    fabulous, real world, working women instead of the extra-privileged who are photographed on the red carpets sporting BORROWED designer duds.

    1. Slim Avatar

      Well said!!!

    2. Winn Avatar

      key word is “relative”

    3. Agreed! Avatar

      Chanel is nowhere close to having even a “relatively low price point” lol .

    4. Imgoingbroke Avatar

      “there is no way I can justify spending 6K on a small
      stiff lil’ dinner flap (that will basically only fit my wallet &
      phone & that’s it.)”

      Which bag are you griping about, Realist? This discussion is about the Chanel XL GST which is being discontinued, and is anything but lil’.
      I feel you’re generalizing about the clientele whom purchase Hermes and other high end designer bags. How do you know that the women who purchase those bags aren’t everyday fabulous hard working women too? Like you said, you saved up for a few months to buy your GST, maybe an everyday women saved up her hard earned money to purchase the bag she loves too. “Ostentatious and gruesome”

      Hyperbole much?

    5. Realist Avatar

      I am obviously griping about the (let’s face they are ostentatious & gruesome) prices which is why before I got to the dinner flap, I opened with how laughable it was to say “relatively low price point” when it comes to talking about a brand like Chanel. I bought a Chanel bag so I can gripe about how much it pained me to spend that much if I want to. Don’t get it confused, I was NOT talking about the women (such as myself) who save & work hard to buy them. Please take your argumentative I want to call individuals out based on their own personal opinions type comments elsewhere. How that for ya? 😉

      1. Imgoingbroke Avatar

        Complainers gonna complain I guess. Thumbs Up…You win.

      2. Realist Avatar

        LMAO true!!!

      3. Realist Avatar

        But you make it sound like I’m “a compaliner” in general, as if you are judging my character when you don’t know me from Adam, so you don’t know that I’m “a complainer” (as you (namecalled me) in real life.You are judging someone wholly based on 1 internet comment, an OPINION they expressed about the companies they are customers with & have experience with, therefore they have everyright to express to said opinion such. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      4. Realist Avatar

        …Figured I better address my typos before I get singled out for that too. 😛

  12. Harvardmom Avatar

    Chanel still has Grand Shopping Tote this season. It’s $2900 plus tax.

  13. KT Avatar

    I remember when I got my PST for $1250!

    1. Liza Avatar

      Wow, a dream when it comes to Chanel these days! lol

  14. SIlvana Avatar

    Was in Bergdorf’s last week and SA said they are discontinuing GST and the Executive/Cerf tote.

  15. michelewang Avatar

    According to my SA at Neimen Marcus, the GST is not going anywhere and is still selling for $2900. She’s not sure where the rumor came from. I’m on the wait list for it. 🙂

    1. pammie Avatar

      Go to south coast plaza, they just got 5 bags in today!!!

  16. Galaxy Avatar

    South Coast Plaza, Rodeo Drive, and Wynn Las Vegas Chanel boutiques all told me that the GST is being discontinued and won’t be restocked once their inventory is sold. Price is $2,900.

    1. pammie Avatar

      I have heard the same thing, but just bought once in black today at South Coast Plaza, $2900 + 8% Tax

      1. nehneh Avatar

        Same here and i just bought mine beige not even a week ago 4/03/15 and the SA said the same how weird and they keep having them.
        Thinking of returning it. What do you ladies think? return or keep? Am afraid it won’t hold its shape as it gets older.

  17. Ashley Avatar

    Was notified by the SA in Nashville and Dallas that they are being discontinued. What in the world? Thery were avaliable in December and now they are in super high demand even before the word of them being discontinued.

  18. Kristin Avatar

    I have them cheap go to my website
    Free shipping
    Great quality

  19. Patricia Avatar

    I was told by Neiman Marcus, Palo Alto, CA that the GST is being discontinued. The SA wasn’t sure if it was just they retail stores or the boutiques, so I called the Chanel boutique in San Francisco and was told the GST is being discontinued. Boo Hoo!

    1. lauralea123 Avatar

      So saks in bevery hills said it was being discontinued ans it is sold out. Then I went to chanel in Bev hills the next day and they literally just received a shipment of gold and silver hardware black GST. The Chanel SA has not been told it was discontinued. This was yesterday 3-6-16

      1. nehneh Avatar

        I just bought mine in beige caviar w/ghw few days ago 04/03/15 at chanel boutique in down south cali, they have 2 and i got one. price is $2900. Thinking of returning it. Eventhough i love how it looks and looks good over my arm but it feels so weird if i try to carry over my shoulder. If any1 can help me to decide what i need to do with it? keep or return??

  20. Gia Avatar

    My SA at Neimans confirmed discontinue GST in USA, but Chanel will sell the GST in Europe. the price increase will happen and entry price point for handbags in US is going to be $3500. SA says.

  21. Chanel Lover Avatar
    Chanel Lover

    I went to two Chanel stores today (one in NM, the other was the actual store) to purchase this bag and was told at both places that this bag is going to be discontinued. The actual store said they recently got their last shipment and would not be getting anymore!

  22. T Tara Bagnista Avatar
    T Tara Bagnista

    My SA at Chanel in Chicago told me the GST is being discontinued in the US. Luckily, I got the last black and silver today (3/9/15). They were sold out of the beige. Since this is my first Chanel bag, I wanted to stick with black. She had no information about an imminent price increase. It was $2,900.

  23. Ang Avatar

    So I called Chanel soho nyc about 2 weeks ago looking for this baby they basically told me it’s over no more in the U.S. but what ever I kept looking Chanel short hills nj told their discontinued but there’s waiting list that required a credit on file which made no sense… That same weekend few days later I happen to be in the city and popped in Chanel 57th st and when I asked for the bag the associated smiled and said “your in luck we just got a whole shipment in today” of course I bought my bag and asked about the rumor the sales associated just looked at each other like they weren’t allowed to speak on it and said idk we just received this shipment

  24. madame Kim Avatar
    madame Kim

    I went to Chanel Amsterdam yesterday and they confirmed the news.. no more GST ya’all.. glad I had mine already…

  25. diamondclaire Avatar

    Yesterday I went to the Chanel store in Monaco to buy the GST in black. The SA only had the cream one in stock. She checked the system and told me that no further delivery of the bag to the store was expected. She did not know if the bag was discontinued or not but found it strange not to see any re-supply information on the system.

  26. Jaz_min Avatar

    I bought the GST last year and ended up selling it last month. It was so bulky, it fell off my petite shoulders and it just wasn’t practical. For some reason, I always visualize the classic flap bag when I think of Chanel. Since selling the GST (I got all my money back!) I have purchased the Prada double zip tote in black and my next purchase will be the classic flap medium ghw. Hopefully for xmas! The GST taught me to only buy purses my heart really desires…..

  27. Hollyy3 Avatar

    They’re not discontinuing it, it will still be available in other countries. I spoke with someone at Chanel yesterday in my search for one. She said that it will most likely come back to US in the future, but for now will just be sold in other countries until then.

  28. Priss Avatar

    No, they are not discontinuing the GST. They will just stop shipping to the US. I just went into a Chanel store and I asked one of the SA’s about it and that’s what she said so good news and bag news I guess for Americans.

  29. Ana Avatar

    how much this bags in spain?

  30. Amy Tiernan Ulness Avatar
    Amy Tiernan Ulness

    Hi, I actually was able to find a new GST, black, Gold hw, at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas. was beyond excited. It just came and I opened and while I adore it, I wore it around a bit and realized it wasn’t great to carry on my shoulders as my shoulders are narrow and it felt like it kept slipping off. I haven’t put anything in her, taken her out, or taken the protective tape off the hardware. Anyone have “carrying” problems?

    1. Parul Avatar

      I’ve heard that’s only a problem until the leather softens. After that its super comfy. 🙂

  31. Dwightinha Avatar

    It is we the customers, due to the immense hype on Instagram and from bloggers, that have ruined the market for luxury goods. Young girls from 16 and up carry these bags, which is almost obscene and ridiculous, and e.g. Chanel, LV and their likes don’t want to be associated with that. The ridiculous price increases is their way of trying to slow down the pressure on their high end brands to keep their spot in the luxury world. Sadly one now has to pay almost twice the price for bags that are not worth it as opposed to only a few years back.

  32. Princessweetah Avatar

    i spoke to Chanel here in London a month ago & yes they are discontinuing it. They are just finishing stocks. A new design came out to replace it but has no name yet but I have pictures of it. They sell them already too. It was due to issues of safety with GST because it is an open bag. The new bag has a zipper.

  33. Sheree Daye Avatar
    Sheree Daye

    My Chanel in Charlotte NC confirmed the GST is being discontinued. Glad I have the black patent and black caviar. 🙂