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If you’ve been waiting for the day you can buy a brand new Chanel bag online, your wait is almost up–sort of. Late last week, Women’s Wear Daily spoke to Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president of fashion, during the brand’s re-showing of the Metiers d’Art 2015 collection in New York City. During the conversation, he confirmed some of what has been long rumored about the brand’s planned expansion into online sales.

Pavlovsky was cagey about the details, many of which have likely not been finalized at this early date, but he did tell WWD that the brand is testing approaches to the launch. He did specify, though, that “everything that we are doing has to be linked with some brick-and-mortar boutiques.” That’s in line with Chanel’s previous statements about the company’s views on e-commerce, particularly around the recent “harmonization” of the brand’s worldwide prices.

We don’t know exactly what that will mean yet or how it will affect the availability of products to individual customers. In addition, the Fall 2016 launch is not set in stone, and brands as big as Chanel tend to be careful and deliberate with changes like these. Chanel already sells its full lines of cosmetics, skincare and fragrance on its website, though, so the wheels have already slowly started to creak into motion.

Are you looking forward to one day being able to shop Chanel online?

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  • pixiegirlie

    I wonder what took them so long to come around. I also wonder what they mean by it will be linked to thier b&m stores. Would they be the ones fulfilling the orders? Or would it mean you buy online and have to pick up in store. If they go that route i think it would hurt them because not everyone has a channel near them.

    • Jacquie Storch

      Most likely ship from stores.

  • Kathyjazz

    Wonder if it’ll be more like what Roger Vivier or even Hermes does–a strictly limited sampling available for online purchase, but the vast array strictly sold in store? I really like the exclusivity of these brands and am not excited about widespread availability.

    • I think those are likely strong comparisons–Chanel is at a similar place in the market, and striking a balance between convenience and over-availability sounds like it’s at the forefront of the brand’s digital efforts, based on the WWD interview.

    • Guest

      Why not? Everyone does not live near a Chanel boutique. Why shouldn’t they have access to purchase the handbags they like as well?

  • sev2108

    Heck no! If i ever DO buy a chanel bag, I’m going to enjoy the purchase in person! xo

  • shanna

    for me it is not luxury any more if everyone can order a chanel. it is luxury to go to a boutique and try to get one of a few limited exemplars

    • anonymous

      i agree with you shanna theyre turning to the world of consumerism. Its called a luxury because its not supposed to be available everywhere which makes it exclusive and desirable!

    • Lynnie

      Not everyone is going to rush to order a Chanel just because they’re online now. There’s still the huge price barrier, so your precious luxury will still remain intact lol. Also in this day and age, not offering products online is a hassle to the busy modern-day woman that isn’t lucky enough to live near a Chanel store. And I’m sure we can all agree hassles are not luxurious!

      • shueaddict

        NAP was a game changer – luxury at your doorstep – curtesy of DHL – then upped their game with same day delivery in Manhattan & London – that’s luxury, baby! Time is a rare commodity these days, people who sell luxury learned to respect that.

    • fashion

      No handbags will be sold online only accessories such as glasses and makeup. You will be still have to go to a Chanel store for the bags. Also department stores are going to stop shipping classics per channels request after june 1

  • disqus_FDRppzxtNJ

    I wonder if it is international shipping, cause unfortunately some people don’t live in a country with chanel stores to just go in and try on bags.

  • kate

    I bet you won’t be able to purchase classic flaps online.

  • stranger :D

    im exited because sadly we don’t have a Chanel boutique here where i live so getting it online would be amazing for me i hope they go with it

  • FashionableLena

    I just can’t imagine spending that kind of money sight unseen. I guess that I’m the type that I have to touch it, try it out, and put eyes on it before I drop $5000+.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Have you ever purchased a Chanel bag on preorder? The colors can be tricky. Beige can end up with a pink or peachy hue while grey can look green. That would be my hesitation to purchase online.

    • Mya Wilkes

      Yep, excellent point! My sister once got a khaki looking Gucci on the Gucci website, when it arrived it looked more Olive green. She was indeed disappointed. The only way id be purchasing Chanel online is if I’ve already seen and tried on the exact same bag in store, so I don’t get stuck with a credit note.

  • Anonymous

    why chanel why. its all about the exclusivity at the shop itself and the shopping experience which wont be expierienced if we’re able to purchase it online. E-commerce means batch production, quality will decrease and so will the name of chanel. I find online shopping for high quality products very unappealing and its like all they want to make is money without paying attention to detail. Bad step Chanel you’re going to lose a lot of customers who are looking for quality by taking a step into the consumerism world.

  • Olivia J.

    Where I live there isn’t even a Louis Vuitton in a 40-50 miles radius so an E-Commerce launch will be helpful. I am traveling to NYC for my birthday so that will be the next opportunity to be by any of my fave bag boutiques.

    • The experience of shopping in a boutique is so nice! Happy birthday, get something good :)

  • Colly27


    • Haha good!!! It’s really nice more people will be able to get Chanel if they’d like to!

  • L.O.

    OMG. It seems like everyone forgot that Chanel is a business making a business decision. Just because they decide to go online doesn’t dumb down the product itself or overall appeal of buying luxury. I bet you won’t say anything as soon as you can get a deal online instead of in store. Luxury isn’t based on how close or far away you live to a boutique. Luxury is the atmosphere, the experience, the heritage, the quality, the craftsmanship. Don’t be mad because you drove to a store to buy a bag and your neighbor didn’t even leave the couch to get hers. Guess what, you’re not the only “cool kid on campus” anymore. That’s what you’re mad at.

  • Lori

    I think it will be nice for people to buy online. I live close to Rodeo Drive and spend a bit of time window shopping and a tiny bit of time actual shopping and I will say in stores like Chanel and Hermes, the sales people aren’t the nicest…until they know you are going to buy. I just ignore them, of course, but I do think for some people buying online will mean they can have the bag they want and not deal with the drama. Even at LV when I was actually purchasing a $3K bag, they were still pretty rude. I only post this because i have seen friends practically run out of these shops because they felt so intimidated! So good for Chanel and their online shop!

    • I actually agree – I rarely shop in store unless I have to and when I do it is quick in and quick out.

  • em

    For someone who suffers from social anxiety, online shopping is wonderful especially for luxury fashion. I’m so excited to see what Chanel continue to do on this new platform :)

    • Sorry to hear you struggle with social anxiety – that can be so hard!!

  • I thought they tried to avoid E-commerce for the exclusivity and the shopping experience you get in a boutique or a department store. Guess I’m wrong…

    My fashion blog:

  • Guest

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  • Ally

    I’m a little confused by this decision. Chanel has been making many moves recently to make their bags more “exclusive”, such as reducing the department store boutiques and discontinuing / limiting production on bags like the GST and Cerf tote. E-commerce will make products more widely accessible, but I didn’t think Chanel wanted to do that.

  • Jezebel

    Chanel online = even less availability of stock…

  • Christy

    Just announced that there will be a line of fine jewelry in net-a-porter in April

  • Wil

    I just bought a vintage chanel tote but there is a green sand like coming from the lining. Any idea?

  • lilylilylily

    That sounds GREAT. I would love to not have to deal with snotty salespeople.