Have you or have you not had enough of the Mulberry Bayswater Bag? Me? Personally, I love the bag. I continue to hold out buying one, contemplating exactly which version of theirs suits my liking. I am leaning toward a simple leather version, seems to go with most outfits and is not overly gaudy (like the leopard version I covered recently).

The most coveted Bayswater that I have covered; the Purple Ostrich Bayswater Net A Porter carried a while back. Talk about stunner. The bag uses my favorite color, that is perfect with my complexion, hair, and eyes, in an exotic skin on a great bag.

Now Net A Porter is attempting to reel you all in again, with the exclusive Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater in fuchsia ostrich leather. Not all of you love the look or feel of ostrich leather, but it is a texture and look that I have come to adore. The fuchsia, well it is as feminine as it comes and reminds me of the times Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria have carried their bright pink Birkins. Does Mulberry do it for you as Hermes does it for you? Is the Mulberry Bayswater a great bag? And how about the bright hue of pink?

For me, I would prefer the purple. And again, I am still leaning toward a simple leather Bayswater, but I do say, I love all of the options. Buy through Net A Porter for $3,995.

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