If you’re a longtime PurseBlog reader, you may have already put this together yourself, but my sense of style is not particularly girly. I was in to punk music in my teenage years and never totally outgrew my love for black, studs, clunky boots and eyeliner. Those things still inform my everyday style choices, and they probably will for the rest of my life because I’m lucky enough to be part of an industry that embraces that sort of thing. For certain occasions, though, I like to try attempt sartorial feats a little bit outside of my comfort zone, and for something like Valentine’s Day, that means considering pastel pink in the form of the Miu Miu Leather Tote.

Valentine’s Day gets swallowed by New York Fashion Week every year, so I’m not doing anything to celebrate/mourn except working and maybe taking myself to the Barney’s Warehouse Sale, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t given the day any thought. It’s a nice opportunity to go straight for the most feminine pieces in your closet, and for me, there’s not much available. I have a lot of dresses, but they’re almost all black or leopard. My handbags aren’t much better, in that regard – lots of colors and prints, but not much in the way of traditional femininity. Sometimes I get a jones for a particularly girly bag, but I never go through with the purchase because I know I would have little to pair it with and would likely never use it, but something about this baby pink Miu Miu bag makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I could make it work.

If nothing else, it could be the bag that I carry every year on Valentine’s Day, and maybe to spring weddings. I’m 27, so I’m guessing that there are likely a few of those in my future. That’s enough reasons to buy a new bag, right? (Who am I kidding, I don’t actually need reasons. Reasons went out the door long ago.) Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1,695.

So what about you – which bag is your perfect pick for what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year?

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  • Ingrid

    To me, this bag screams OLD LADY with all the compartments and various openings.. but inexplicably, I LOVE IT. Good find Amanda.

    Me, I’d carry this adorable Mulberry bag. <3

    • klynneann

      That is a super cute bag!

  • FashionableLena

    I’m not a fan of Balenciaga, but I remember that they had a hot pink version. That would probably be the only one that I would consider buying.
    Personally, I think that you could still rock a girly bag with your studs, leopard, and eyeliner.

  • Pixel_Queen

    I’m not into Valentine’s Day at all. Hallmark hogwash. But I wouldn’t say no to a red Valentino Rockstud.

    • shueaddict

      I second that … or the blush Rosckstud clutch

  • Lloyd and Wolf

    Philip Lim Pashli is on my list this year!

  • TFlan

    Actually, I have given this some thought. I purchased an oyster Dooney during the 12 Days of Dooney that would be nice with a red silk sweater on Valentine’s Day. The bag has red trim on the edges and green trim on the tassel. I know that sounds like Christmas but this works for me. Of course, the bag is still in plastic & I’ve contemplated returning it but I like the Florentine side pocket hobo.

  • Connie

    How much is this now?