Miu Miu Woven Leather Hobo I have a strong feeling that I am going to nab some heat for liking this bag. But you know what, I just can not help it, I love this bag! I popped into Saks a few days ago and an array of new Miu Miu bags were on display. I glanced over many of them, stopping at this interesting number. The Miu Miu Woven Leather Hobo is reminiscent of its love-or-hate sister the Prada Fringe Bag. The Prada Fringe Bag was in the spotlight as an eyesore to many, but it had this odd little quality that grew on me. And now this Miu Miu bag has me looking and liking too. The brown woven leather is actually quite soft to the touch, guaranteed to become more supple with age. I know, I know, Bottega Veneta is the woven leather genius, but this is not too shabby. And the fringe is only trimmed along the bag. I tried it on and it had a hippie-chic appeal with a touch of Western. There is a handle across the top and the option of a detachable shoulder strap. For all of you who hate it, join Vlad in the dislike of this bag. I may be a lone ranger, but I am enjoying myself while enjoying this bag. Available through Net A Porter for $1595.

miu miu woven leather hobo1
Miu Miu Woven Leather Hobo

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  • kemilia

    I saw this a couple of weeks ago at NM and didn’t like it. The fringes (and I like fringes) didn’t work, kinda short and fat like droopy egg noodles.

    The woven leather was divine though.

  • Phédre

    Mmmm, don’t like this one either. Looks like someone took the gorgeous Mahina as an inspiration and then totally messed it up.

  • bellini

    noooo!! i guess i am stubborn and old school. woven leather = BV!! :mrgreen:

  • Linda

    My BV’s would be insulted if I bought this home.



  • mette

    This bag has it all: The woven leather, the fringes the shape..There is just too much in one bag and all stolen ideas from other brands. I don´t like the bag at all.

  • Chi town Chanel

    Not to go against the grain here, but I actually like it. I like the optional long strap and the overall look/shape. However, I think that it is unoriginal in the fact that the woven leather is “BV inspired” to say the least. If I’m going for woven leather, I would choose BV over this Miu Miu. The BV bags are lovely and made so much better.

    There have been so many copy cat bags lately (especially from MJ, LV, Miu Miu, etc.) I feel like some designers are running out of ideas. I like the look of this bag but must ultimately give it a thumbs down for overall lack of creativity.

  • Christine

    I’m normally a Miu Miu lover, but tI don’t really like any of Miu Miu’s woven bags. I guess BV spoiled those of us who love woven bags forever. I did however get a huge black Miu miu hobo this season and am loving it. So much so that I’m contemplating getting the aubergine one too.

  • Pikeeygrl

    I own this bag and when I first saw it I did not like it either. I saw it a few more times and it finally grew on me and I bought it. Then I started to wear it and I have to say it is soft, smooshy, versitle. The color goes with anything and best of all I don’t have to ruin a $3000 BV bag when I go out and run errands…. basically it’s a great everyday bag. In additon Saks had the wrong price listed on the one I bought so I got it for $1,095.

  • Jessica

    I actually love this bag :)

  • prettyprincess

    Megs, u like woven leather alot. Its cute.

  • Patti

    I also love this bag! I’m tired of all the stiff bags and this soft hobo looks fresh again. I also do not agree that woven bags equal BV. This look is so entirely different, there should be no comparison!

  • jesssiii

    i have this bag too. i love it! the leather is great
    and the fringe goes with the trend but not overly done.
    plus the woven leather isn’t exactly like the BV woven.
    its done differently

  • julia

    I want to buy it!!!! Now!!! I can’t find it in the web :-(

    • lily

      This bag is only 180 dollars in my shop

  • lily

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