Miu Miu Soft Leather Shoulder Bag

When I first laid eyes on this new Miu Miu bag I loved it. And then I kept looking at it and thinking to myself, this bag is oddly familiar. There is another brand who designed a handbag before this Miu Miu bag that other than some finishing touches, looks like they are related.

I am talking about the Hayden Harnett Wyeth Tote, which has been one of the best sellers at Hayden Harnett and a bag that has been in their collection for some time. The Wyeth does have some studding and a bit of fringe. The price of the Wyeth Tote is half that of the Miu Miu bag. Buy through Hayden Harnett for $725.

The Miu Miu Soft Leather Shoulder Bag is the bag that got this whole post going. The leather looks extremely soft and supper with a structured top handle and two front pockets. The gold-tone buckle detail fits perfectly with the look of the bag. The overall feeling of the Miu Miu bag does not coincide directly with the Wyeth Tote, it is more subtle and subdued. This bag reminds me of something an Olsen twin would be seen wearing. I adore it. Buy through Net A Porter for $1450.

Big question: Which do you prefer, the Hayden Harnett bag or the Miu Miu bag?

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  • D

    This bag actually reminded me more of the Coffer bag than the HH. It’s a more simple version without the ruching and braided handle and different clasp.

  • amanda r

    It reminded me of the Coffer as well. I think it’s pretty, though.

  • It is like the Coffer, it’s old sister! I always loved the Wyeth from HH and this caught my eye as being similar :)

  • Mandy

    I prefer the Miu Miu. The details on this bag are less casual than the Wyeth, making it perfect for a corporate work environment, yet it’s still casual enough for the weekend. I am in love.

  • Treen

    Miu Miu is a lot more casual, yet classic … I prefer the hardware on the Miu Miu … This one is now on my wishlist …. oh Christmas come soon please ….

  • nita

    love that bag! very cute and reasonably priced

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    This is a great bag. I can see myself wearing it literally EVERYWHERE if I owned it. It has that, “I have a great bag but I’m not trying too hard” look. The price is much higher than the Hayden Harnett but I like it better!


  • Linda

    OMG! This bag is soooo my style!! I’d love it in saddle or black. Saddle would have a much more casual feel. I need to get it! If it’s deerskin or lambskin leather, I want it! It is a timeless piece which looks comfortable to wear and best of all the pockets will house my keys and cell. Luv it!!! :)

  • Ingrid

    I like that the Miu Miu bag is much simpler than the Hayden Hartnett bag. It looks much cleaner and the overall shape (more rounded hobo) is more appealing than the HH one (more boxy). And I also agree with the above comments about it looking more like a less-detailed coffer. Even though it costs more, I’d definitely go MM rather than HH on this one!

  • lightblue84

    Love the Miu Miu one!!

  • judy raneri

    I too love the MM version…only thing… Im afraid to purchase the item online….? what if its a replica and not authentic??? help!

  • yanty sabu

    i prefer miu miu of coz, i carry coffer and never of of style…loveit!

  • Bianca

    My boss’ bag is extremely alike with this new Miu Miu. She bought it two years ago. The only difference, it has more details, more wrinkles at the bottom. Nevertheless, both styles are very pretty!

  • Kaja

    Dear All Handbag Lovers,

    can somebody help me out with a Miu Miu Outlet?? Im looking for his bag but in a Sale!!!

    PLZZ help me!! :(

  • Green

    what other colours available for this one? Is there a natural nude or beige colour? thanks