Miu Miu Large Woven Leather Tote

I have always had a thing for Miu Miu. Call it a crush or maybe something stronger. To this day I do not own a Miu Miu bag, but I always seem to find one that I like. As much as I want to like the Miu Miu Large Woven Leather Tote, I simply find it to be more of an odd pairing of imitations of other bags. The woven leather channels Bottega Veneta and the buckle at the top to adjust models a horrid Hermes knockoff. I am not attempting to say that Miu Miu is knocking off Bottega Veneta or Hermes, I am simply pointing out the similarities.

This bag just underwhelms me. It is lacking creativity and lacking a new touch. It is not that Bottega Veneta should be the only brand that weaves leather or that Hermes should be the only brand that places a buckle at the top of their bags, but they just do it better than this bag. I kept expecting more from Miu Miu, as time and time again it surpassed what I saw from Prada. But today, this tote is just meh. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,295.

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  • Merve

    Weird i totally disagree. Im usually the first one to jump to accusations of brands imitating each other but here I dont feel it. The weave is not done like a BV, its just not as smooth. The buckle strap has exactly the same structure as an Hermes but the bag is so obviously not an Hermes that the comparison stops there. Plus i dare anyone to buy a BV or Hermes with $1k. Kinda gives an option to people who love the weave but dont have the money needed for a BV.

  • Laura

    These are ugly! They look like garbage bags or the wrapping they put around breakable items for packaging.

  • Merve – I don’t think the intention was to copy either, I just get the BV and Hermes vibe. At first I was kinda liking the bag, but then it just started to sit wrong.

    Always a fan of Miu Miu though, just not this one

  • Aria

    I actually love the detail. Very sharp. And for that price, a good day to day designer. Considering it’s already sold out on NAP, more people must think the same.

  • Rebbeca

    I dont like this bag one bit!
    So granny.. bad color/ bad designing/ weird size!
    NO NO NO

  • Haya

    Miu MIu ?

    i think this is not look like miu miu bags
    i do not like it

  • deborah

    beautiful tote… would not mind walking out my front door with that bag on my arm

  • Nicole

    I absolutely adore this bag. It combines my two favorite designs – the BV and the Birkin one. The colour of this bag will match with nearly every other colour. The size is also great.

  • Cynthia

    I love the shape and the style however I don’t like the woven detail it reminds me of fish scales.. lol (fb)