Miu Miu Framed Fold Over Clutch
Miu Miu Framed Fold Over Clutch

Upon first glance this bag looks awkward. It is a different look with a different appeal. When this Miu Miu bag first popped up on Net A Porter I was confused by both the purse and my feelings towards the purse. But then it sold out (in a teal hue) before I had time to really sit and think it over. Now the Miu Miu Framed Fold Over Clutch is back in a peonia soft nappa leather with a gold tone frame. While you hold this clutch by the leather top, you must place it with the gold clasp facing up to open it. The color is perfect for what this season craves; bold colors and accessories. Yet the set up of the clutch is different from the norm and I am not sure I can love it fully. It almost looks as a clam on its side, asking for you to open it up. And when you do, the bag expands like a bag of tricks. Either way I can not deem this drab, because a part of me likes it. It is just that the other part of me is confused by it. What do you think about this Miu Miu handbag? Buy this runway look through Net A Porter for $720.

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  • Nancy

    Oh my goodness, I hate it. It looks like a woman’s torso – the gold is the belt cinching her waist and her arms are hanging down on the sides with her hands in her pockets. It’s just bizarro-looking to me. LOL.

  • lightblue84


  • It is weird, isn’t it? The teal version sold out REALLY fast on the site.

  • fashionistas

    I don’t like it. I saw a bag from Rafe New York that opens up and expands the same way. It’s a fun concept but hard to close and hard to get into. No thanks.

  • Maria

    I love it.. its original and I like the way it opens up.

    • windowshopping

      I like it.

      How does it open?

  • mette

    Now,how bad can it get?

  • saskia

    I’ve seen this Bag in real life- and all I can say is- At first it looks cool and young- the colour and also the leather. But then I tried to open it- and damm it took me a while- so I got the SA to do it- it took her a while to open it herself. When U have it open u can put your stuff inside (eg. Lipstick, money c cards, keys) (the essentials for a night out) but then when u close the bag u dont have the space anymore. So basically u either just carry 1 credit card and one single key or u leave the bag open the whole night.

    + I thought hm as a sweet make up kit or a present- but then I saw the price tag 500Euros I was just like – damm no!!!


  • chloehandbags

    I basically feel more or less the same way you do about it, Megs; in two minds. :neutral:

    I quite like the way it looks, especially the shape and the soft, gathered, squidgy-looking leather, but I feel the plain (and yet very shiny) gold clasp looks a little too dominant and I’m unsure about the bag’s functionality…

  • Kindra

    Very retro and chic, creative and fun. As for the quality I have no idea, but I would definitely be willing to buy one to see.

  • Anonymous

    My aunt got me this while she was at her 6 month stay in Hong Kong. At first look, I absolutely loved it because A) I loved pinks of all kinds, B) I was looking for a clutch to match a sundress, and C) Nobody moves past C. :smile:

  • uimuim

    possibly the sweetest clutch purse out at the moment. Wonderfully soft leather, a quality item. Retro chic for sure. I am bored of clutches with the standing clam opening, very uninspiring. This certainly stands out. LOVE IT!!! As for those of you who think it is ‘weird’ ‘bizarre’ and so on, i fear you are all too easily shocked.