It’s been a long work week, but somehow (perhaps magically), it’s Thursday afternoon and the weekend is almost here. I must say I am super thrilled about that and so excited for the shortened holiday week to come. I’m a big fan of adding bling to my summer wardrobe, but typically I stick to my jewelry and shoes for the added pizazz. Miu Miu, on the other hand, wants to bring glitz into the handbag world and is trying to do so with its Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Studded Leather Tote.

Only thing is, this bag is a little…out there. The outlines of the bag are excessively adorned with crystals in a very arts and crafts project way. From round studs to pyramid studs to crystals to gold to silver, there is a little bit of everything on this bag.

The price is something else that irks me: $2,100. Miu Miu is typically a brand I turn to for trendy bags at a slightly better price than other premium designers, but $2,100 is hefty for a bag that I consider to look a bit childish. Of course, there is the right outfit and the right person to carry this bag, however, she’s not me. I know my feelings about this bag, but what about you? Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2,100.

Fill in the blank: The Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Studded Leather Tote is _______.

Sweet Summertime

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