It’s been a long work week, but somehow (perhaps magically), it’s Thursday afternoon and the weekend is almost here. I must say I am super thrilled about that and so excited for the shortened holiday week to come. I’m a big fan of adding bling to my summer wardrobe, but typically I stick to my jewelry and shoes for the added pizazz. Miu Miu, on the other hand, wants to bring glitz into the handbag world and is trying to do so with its Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Studded Leather Tote.

Only thing is, this bag is a little…out there. The outlines of the bag are excessively adorned with crystals in a very arts and crafts project way. From round studs to pyramid studs to crystals to gold to silver, there is a little bit of everything on this bag.

The price is something else that irks me: $2,100. Miu Miu is typically a brand I turn to for trendy bags at a slightly better price than other premium designers, but $2,100 is hefty for a bag that I consider to look a bit childish. Of course, there is the right outfit and the right person to carry this bag, however, she’s not me. I know my feelings about this bag, but what about you? Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2,100.

Fill in the blank: The Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Studded Leather Tote is _______.

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  • Alexandra Davidoff

    ……old lady going to pre-school. 

  • Courtney McAlexander

    Yeah, it reminds me something that would have come with the Pretty Pretty Princess board game I had when I was 5. 

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    Great bags, I love it! it’s amazing!

  • Emcooper

    I actually liked it- the shape, the structure, the color- until you described it as arts and craftsy. Now I can’t get beyond that!

  • Miranda

    I think if Miu Miu was going to go there with this multi stud, multi stone, way over the top embellished look, they really should have gone with it. The overall shape of the bag could be rounder to emphasize the oval shapes of the stones, or to give the bag a more delicate, lace-like quality or feel. Unfortunately it’s the box shape of the bag that ruins it for me, not the embellishment. I actually rather enjoy it. However, since the shape of the bag dulls the overall concept it reminds me of a well decorated Christmas sweater. *sigh* Oh Miu Miu

  • this studded leather satchel should be ….. carried backwards. lol

  • Rashida


  • 19yearslater

    cute, but I’d go with one of the non-bejeweled bow offerings from Kate Spade. The price is more palatable over there as well. 

  • camilla

    it looks cheap and it’s not, too much adorned, not elegant not sporty. I do not like it

  • Chessmont

    Did they use a Bedazzler on it, LOL?

  • Ruhee

    An arts and crafts project!!

  • Christina

    …too bejeweled.

  • &I

    I kinda love it  :) 

  • Lisaob

    Circa 1987…..and not in a good way! 

  • Has too much going on.  And the bow at the top (middle of bag) really gets on my last nerve.  It reminds me a grown woman’s bra with that stupid bow right in the middle of it.  What is the point of it???  bah!  :-  (TMI, I know) :)

  • Andrea Haley

    well some might not like this design but I am obsessed with glitters and rhinestones…maybe not for a day wear but this bag is perfect for that evening dinner with friends, I have a big same as this with swarovski crystals and I paired it with a bag holder. You guys might want to check it out! It puts your gorgeous bag in a dignified place, and not on the floor! lol… I forgot the website where I got it but you can google my-bagholder to check out their stuff. 

  • SJ55

    It’s just too much! I don’t care for the jewels they used and that bow throws me off! I do like some of the clutches Miu Miu has recently put out but it seems like their all over the place, trying to discover their own signature look.

  • Silverxuan

    I don’t mind the little studs.  It’s the big honkin’ crystals that cheapen the look to me.

    • SJ55

      Have you seen the “Saint Laurent Paris” Muse Two bag with studs? Great bag!

  • Propafly

    bedazzled elephant knee

  • Carmen

    tres Suri Cruise.

  • fields of wheat

    Did I see this in the Liberace Museum? 

  • 86hermesbirkin

    Just too much. Little childish. 

  • Gco_90

    I actually really like the bag! It reminds me a lot of Blair Waldorf…