When I was in middle school, it was all about the shoulder bags. Leather or canvas, plain or printed, I conjecture that at least three-quarters of the girls in my grade owned some iteration of this style. So far, I’m not the biggest fan of this Miu Miu Croc Print Leather Bag, and I’m going to chalk it up to this (clearly traumatizing) childhood experience. I suppose that I’ve owned at least five of these small baguette shoulder bags- isn’t that enough?

But let’s separate the bag from my past and look at it objectively. Besides the general style, I actually do find the bag quite agreeable. I mean, it’s in one of those wonderfully soft pastel shades, light mint green, in this case, that is almost impossible not to like. It’s just too nice, too cute. But it’s toughened up just the slightest by the croc-print- but it’s not quite tea party gone goth, don’t you worry, nor is it glazed and poppy like its sister bag, the Miu Miu Stamped Leather clutch of yesteryear.

Add the little gold hardware touches and well, the bag is growing on me. And though I’m not a heart person, I find the bitsy gold heart on the strap to just be too adorable to dislike. It’s like a puppy, really. Romping about in the spring grass. No one can’t like that. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $450.

Sweet Summertime

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