Miu Miu Coffer

On the hunt for the perfect green bag, I stumbled across the Miu Miu Coffer in an army green leather. The subtle green leather is ruched and paired with gold hardware. I am a huge Miu Miu fan, and the coffer is one of my favorites, bringing together a braided strap and an across body shoulder strap. So many versions of the Coffer, what do you think of this version/color? Through Net-A-Porter for $1445.

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  • Samantha

    I said it in the forum and have to say it here…I love this bag in this color!

    • Nayna

      I agree with you…such a gorgeous colour…i saw it in black on a lady…bu the Olive color WOW :razz:

  • Sharon

    Amazing! I love this bag. Perfect! Wish I could afford it.

  • Superqueen

    I love this bag and I’m really looking forward to the next summer sales, I hope in my luck to have the chance to buy it!!!

  • Katie Hart

    love it-it’s just everything about it the braiding, the colour, the buckle… :lol:

  • alis

    it’ so beautiful… the braiding is the part that stole my heart..and the hardware..and the georgeous leather..

  • shana

    I have this bag in the brown suede version and love it! it is super versatile!

  • suzan

    Does anyone know how to spot a fake miu miu coffer?
    Are there any details I should look for?

    • Elizabeth

      I know there are tons of really realistic-looking fake coffer bags on ebay, and mixed in there are a few jems which are actually authenic. Make sure the seller has a close up picture of the key holder. The button closure on it has miu miu written twice in a circular pattern around it. Make sure that these letters are actually RAISED and not just lightly printed or engraved on the metal. I’m pretty sure that’s the only easy way to tell a fake bag from an authenic one by looking at pictures. I don’t know how the fakes got so good, but they can be really really deceiving so be careful! :cool:

  • kawai

    Just bought one in black yesterday, i actually like the white (leather not lak)one better, but the salesperson said that if you wear jeans, it can stain the white bag. So I bought the black one and I have absolutely no regrets, it’s just beatiful in any color.

  • Penny

    How much are these in stores? in leather… love the big gold hardware and braided handle :P

  • Rena

    Does the miu miu gold colour on the metal eventually fade after few months of usage???

  • lucy1974

    I have the Coffer Bag in Black Leather – It is my “precious”. I also have the Silver Leather Coffer and I can say that I have had no fade as of yet, got them from borsette.co.uk.

  • k

    borsette.co.uk clearly states their items are fakes. “mirror images” according to them

  • Pamela

    Hi! Does anyone know if vanityculture.com sells authentic coffer bags?

    • Karen

      I was wondering the same thing about vanity culture???

  • Alice

    does anyone know if http://www.eluxurybags.net/about_us sell fakes? they say they don’t but who knows.

  • aas

    Don’t ever purchase from eurobellacollections.com. I have just been cheated of an “authentic” purse although they do guarantee it to be authentic and will charge you a “small” restocking fee of 15%. Absolutely ridiculous. Be aware of those so called discounted on-line stores unless you don’t care about spending money on a so called “authentic bag”.

  • hazel

    I looooooooooove the coffer, it is sooo pretty. I should just break down and get it.

  • maisie

    just curious i brought a miu miu bag at a op shop, not sure if its real or not.There is the miu miu stamp on the front with a leather tag on the inside that says miu miu.The only thing is i have not seen a picture of this bag any where online in the real or fake area.Are there any tags that indicate the real thing?The other thing is looking at the bags online i have not seen any that slightly resemble my bag.Please help.

  • maisie

    oops sorry forgot to describe the bag. Its pale pink leather with tan straps and suede inside. the bag is slightly squarish with rounded corners i would describe it as a very basic bag, nothing flashy or interesting about it really.if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.Thanks

  • lilly

    I have the coffer in Brown Suede gold Hardwear and also in Cream Leather, Always check your miu miu has Lampo or riri zipper(back of the zip reads lampo or riri) The bags are also make in Itay or Turkey and will and will have a small tag inside the inside pocket with a small white numbered tag (example MADE IN ITAY, 197)

  • sksy

    versatile green bags are such rare finds so this definitely takes the cake… anyone knows of a good bargain?

  • lyida

    I love Miu Miu too. Have you seen all of these very pretty Valentine’s themed pieces?

  • mirela

    I got a white coffer bag from ebay and I am wandering if is fake or not.It has that Lampo zipper,that tag inside Made in Turkey and another small one with # 197,has brown lining but on the key tag the letters are engraved not rased and the distance from the two metal hardware of the latch seem too big.Can anyone tell me if I deal with a fake or a real one?

  • mirela

    One more thing the shoulder strap has screws not rivets

  • cocofancy

    Hi there!!. Does anyone can help me to see if this Miu Miu Coffer is real or fake, please??.
    I saw this Coffer on Ebay, but I am not really sure if this is authentic or not.
    Thank you!!


  • Naggy

    It would look even better if the green was darker and the gold was darker. (ipad)