Last night I asked our Twitter followers what bag or designer they would like to see us feature. Twitter user Fashion_Hawk suggested this Miu Miu Clutch. This was easy to say yes to, because I already eyed this clutch and already planned on writing about it.

The Miu Miu Bird Suede and Python Clutch is a welcomed surprise from Miu Miu and designer purses in general. We continue to see the same designs over and over. And for a site that reviews bags all day long, it takes additional measures to grab our attention, be it good or bad. In the case of this Miu Miu bag, I say it is good.

The clutch alternates strips of black python and pink suede with a python pink and black bird embellishment on the front. The bird accent breaks up the stripes and gives a whimsical touch. It is the shape of the bird that they use that I adore, long, lean and fashionable. The fold over top has scalloped trim which adds another touch that is greatly appreciated.

What I love is that Miu Miu thought out each aspect of this bag. And with the thought process the bag ends up standing apart from the rest. In a saturated handbag market you either have to have a classic bag that appeals to everyone or find another way to grab a buyers attention. This clutch was able to grab my attention, make me do a double take, and got me clicking to look at detailed shots. That is precisely how you engage someone, so props to Miu Miu for this clutch.

The clutch is large, considerably oversized, and offers interior compartments and an optional braided rope shoulder strap. Having an optional shoulder strap is always helpful, especially with the long shoulder drop which makes this a great evening bag but still leaves options for it as a day bag. Bravo Miu Miu! Buy through Net A Porter for $1,495.

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  • widi

    I think the bird embellishment on top of the alternate strips makes the clutch just a tiny bit too busy for my liking but the overall design sure is very interesting and attractive…it is definitely the kind of purse that will get a second glance… (fb)

  • Stacy

    I like the design, alternating colors, texture and the scalloped edge, but mostly I LOVE the bird. My only concern would be the tailfeather – it appears to be sticking out beyond the bag. I wonder how well it would hold up over time??

    • Stacy

      forgot to add (FB)

      • 19yearslater

        Why the (fb)s?

    • I saw that too and thought it might end up ruining part of the bag because of that. But this is also a clutch that I would not carry often, so if it was not used as much it may not have that problem.

      • Stacy

        I’m betting that you’re right. I would just have to be extra careful when taking it out of it’s dust bag on those rare occasions and storing it just so. I’m sold :). (fb)

  • Emily

    Same tail feather concern. But, beautiful bag! And sooo different (fb)

  • Lisa

    Very unique! I really like the colors! (fb)

  • CC

    So cute! Id probably ruin the tail feather though. (fb)

    • Heather

      Love this! The detail is gorgeous and the colors are fab. (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    very nice, this I really like

  • I really like the design, but to me, that color of pink looks a tad…dirty. Is anyone else getting that impression from the photos?

    • Stacy

      Maybe it’s the effect of the suede going in different directions instead of being “brushed” in one direction???

  • Anneliese

    I don’t know why but the bird creeps me out… I am not normally afraid of them! (fb)

  • Mary

    I really like it, in fact LOVE IT! the colors, design, everything.

  • Cat-Janet

    Stunning! Amazing color/design. Loving the Bird!! (fb)

  • hikarupanda

    I also like the clutch, the only thing I don’t like is actually the strap…if you look at the detailed shots from NAP website you can see the strap, and I don’t like that material….makes the bag look cheap….

  • Sadina

    Very pretty…Love the design.(fb)

  • Clary

    lovely, although I am not sure about the scalloped edge… And I agree the tail is a little impractical. But wow, elegant and flirty at the same time. If only I had the cash… :) (fb)

  • saikick

    Oh wow! I love miumiu, but the miumiu I had known was very subtle, but this one comes out strong! I really wonder how they came up with this concept…I mean, when you think of a bird, the first colour that comes to my mind is blue; surely this bag is pink…and black…and python at that!

    Wait a minute…A snake and bird…?

    Well the snake definitely wins this bag for me!
    I think if it was completely suede, it’ll make this bag boring. What a wonderful concept. <3

    This bag is definitely a show stopper. Thank you for directing me to your blog from facebook! (FB!!)

  • Jenna

    A very thoughtful design, but pretty sure I couldn’t pull it off lol (fb)

  • Sylvia

    This reminds me a little bit of MJ petal to the metal collection (fb)

  • Debbie

    I really like the look of it but would be afraid to actually use it. The bottom wing and tail look like they could easily be bent and the suede would get dirty so easily especially if it’s carried as a clutch. It’s just lovely to look at and great attention to details. (fb)

  • Heidi

    The detailing does look a bit fragile, but I have some faith in Miu Miu. Looks like it’ll be a great hit. (FB)

  • otter

    I regret a very expensive pink designer bag I purchased six years ago. Never again.

  • Jane

    I want the clutch and I want the shoes in the photo.

    • charles morrison

      Hey COME AND GET BOTH!You should Contact me immediately.We got those bags and shoes and we can get them to you ASAP!Hurry up cos they are hotcakes!While stocks last.


    So cute (fb)

  • bunnyb

    Cute bag! The colors are really nice too, but I’m not into birds much (FB)

  • Rosanna

    CUTE CUTE CUTE! …and those shoes that the model is wearing are TDF. (fb)

  • papertiger

    Love it – but I’d be worried about getting it dirty

  • Cheryl

    Really does nothing for me.

  • Emily

    I’d almost like it better without the bird! (fb)

  • Jessica

    omgomg i love love love this !! its so cute.. but like someone said i could do without the bird.. but its not horrible with it.. just think one of the bird’s wings or something will get folded by accident with use… but its really cute.. (fb)

  • Tamee

    Such a quirky design! (fb)

  • Elina

    Sooooo LOVELY! (fb)

  • bonybynatur2003

    I like the alternating colors and the python. Im actually not fond of the bird though. I do lik ethat the bird consists of both colors, but I wish it was a design or a shape rather than a bird. I think that really limits it. (fb)

  • justa9url

    I love this clutch….minus the bird. =) (fb)

  • Moudane

    really like the little vintage aspect of it (fb)

  • Mai

    not a fan of the suede…

  • Mai

    oh no, i forgot (fb)

  • mary s

    i like the design but the colors are a total turn off… (fb)

  • Ann

    Definitely not a fan of this design. The colors are wrong too (fb)

  • Beverly

    I love the design, textures, and the size, but I think it would look so much better if it wasn’t such an obnoxious clash of colors. It would look so good with a beige palette, or something at least more neutral in place of the pink to offset the black python.

  • Roxanna

    Cute! If I had an infinite amount of money, I’d rock it. (fb)

  • Jun

    If the bird’s a bit smaller or taken out altogether, I think I can really appreciate this clutch…(fb)

  • glow

    i love the clutch. somethin great for a change from d brand (fb)

  • nicole

    i actually like it a lot!!!

  • ShoeQueen1961


  • hoofbeats95

    Gorgeous colors! Not digging the bird at all! (fb)

  • jaspreet

    beautiful collection

  • jaspreet

    i love ur collection

  • Caroline

    I love the bird, I think it looks gorgeous but I’m iffy about the suede. That said, I’ll still buy if I had the money! (fb)

  • April C.

    Definitely not my thing but I do like varied textures of the bag. (fb)

  • theresa

    I don’t like anything about the bag the odd baskin robbins stripes and oversized bird and even looks poorly constructed. Looks like something for around 10$ at Forever 21. If this weren’t MiuMiu it wouldn’t even be reviewed. Ghastly

  • Theresa W

    Love the clutch and colours, minus the bird…lol I’m not normally a fan of pink, but this is pretty. (fb)

  • Hellena

    I like it- if the dress is simple all you need is this clutch…and you can see the work on it (fb)

  • Maria

    cute bird! i like it! (fb)

  • Marissa

    I HATE the bird. I dislike the stripes. I would never chose these colors. Needless to say I am no fan of this bag. (fb)

  • Paula_Rose

    Love the shape and bird detail!!! … but HATE the colors they used! (fb)

  • Abe

    it’s realllllly cute! love it =) (fb)

  • OT

    I like the style, but not the color….(fb)

  • lily

    i strangely love this! (fb)

  • kylie

    i said many times that im not the biggest fan of snake skin, BUT… miu miu just makes the most prettiest bags… i love it..

  • kylie

    i said many times that im not the biggest fan of snake skin, BUT… miu miu just makes the most prettiest bags… i love it.. (fb)

  • Reece

    ohh miu miu i love you so much <3 you never disappoint me! (fb)

  • Lin

    I love this
    very unique!! (fb)

  • Elyse

    good in theory – bad in execution (fb)

    • Jane

      Yes – I think the Tideydavies design is far better executed!

  • Jane

    This looks incredibly close to the work of a small UK designer and manufacturer Tideydavies. Their designs were registered back in 2006. Their Curvi-Linear collection was launched October 2008 see . The combination of the layered stripes and scalloped edges are a signature of their brand.

  • Jocelyn

    I think I’d like it without the bird.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    i like the runway model’s oufit
    but not so much liking the clutch
    sorry to say

  • Adrienne Zedella

    that’s alot of money for a handbag, bird or no bird (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    I like the faded color of the pink although knowing me I would just bend the bird out of shape. (fb)

  • Queena

    the bird decoration is so elegant! I love it.

  • Limey

    it’s cute (ipad)