Sweet mother of the work force! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I absolutely must get my hands on this Miu Miu bag. Ok, I am getting ahead of myself, so excuse me while I calm down for a quick second.

There, I’m better now.

Before I was a blogger, I was a part of the corporate world (well sort of). I remember living in DC, riding the metro (DC’s version of the subway) to work and noticing all of the bags both men and women carried to work. I didn’t have anything too fancy and never really went out of my way to find something fancy. However, I literally came to a complete stop when I came across this Miu Miu Deerskin Leather Tote – it is beyond fabulous.

Now, if you don’t find yourself waking up everyday and schlepping to an office, fear not, this bag can come in handy for several other occasions. More than anything, this bag exudes luxury. Black deerskin leather is adorned with gold-tone hardware. There is a fold-over flap at the front of the bag, twist-lock fastening and stud and buckle embellishments along the sides. Open this fabulous bag and you will find taupe suede lining. This bag is elegant, versatile and timeless. In typical Miu-Miu fashion you will have to shell out a pretty penny for it, but it is worth it. I don’t know about you, but I’m in love. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1650.

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  • Gorgeous

    i just dont like that its deerskin. i love deers that makes me sad =[

    • GOALdigger

      me too

  • Claire

    A deer ate all the roses in my garden last night. Buy!

    • Ha, this made me chuckle, gotta admit.

      On a serious note, however – deer are overpopulated in many parts of the country (including where I live, Georgia) and I’d much rather that they were killed humanely and used for meat and leather than hit by cars and strewn across the roadway, which is something that a lot of us see every day.

  • Miss.Cherie

    Stunning! But am I the only one that thinks it looks a bit like a Proenza Schouler PS1? :)

    • D

      It’s definitely a similar shape to both the PS1 and Mulberry Alexa but this one appears to have a slightly softer and feminine aesthetic.

      • aidan

        i was thinking the same thing!

  • Valentina

    Gorgeous bag.

  • 19yearslater

    Proenza Schouler did not invent the satchel. This soft briefcase is lovely. And it’s less expensive than the crazy Medusa bag!

  • Karolynka

    Love it so much – I totally agree with D – miu miu collections have been amazing lately, they make me proud to be Italian :)

  • Kay

    Too much like Alexa and PS1

  • MizzJ

    Nice and practical! It’s not something that makes me go “wow” but I would definitely use this as a great office bag.

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  • dierregi

    Love it. Saw the S/S version in Milan and it is absolutely fabulous.

  • Nola

    Doesn’t look like a corporate bag to me at all. It looks more like a school bag.

  • InVogue

    I’ve been eyeing this bag since I first saw it a few months ago! I posted in the forums about locating it in Toronto but unfortunately, we don’t seem to carry Mui Mui bags here for some odd reason that’s just beyond me! =(

    Will check it out on Net-a-porter… Thanks!

  • Moonchild

    It is very nice, but not my style. :-)
    Still, it looks lovely. :-)

  • Pemmi

    Was so in love with this bag in rosy colour but only found all are out of stock…now only left black and off-white ones…

  • Sara

    Love Love Love this bag it is awesome!!!

  • Sofia Nolan

    definitely! close to the mulberry alexa I`m planning to get soon

  • kiwii

    is it available in other colors? darker colors like blue?

  • Lena

    So glad you featured this :) I own it in what the sales associate termed brown but looks more like a beige-ish hue to me. At the store I went to they had it in white, blue, black, brown as well as a lim ed version in white ‘ruffle/pleated’ leather. It is a truly gorgeous bag, I spend a lot of time smelling it, lol. I do agree with those who find similarities with the PS1 and Alexa but I feel the deerskin sets it apart.

  • Ellen

    I think that there are many similarities to the PS1 and Alexa, but I think that this is beautiful and classic; it should be considered more by people who like this style (ipad)