Coach Straw Picnic BasketAhh how I love Coach. I do realize that this is the Purse Blog but why not hit the road less traveled every once in a while and feature something totally different and out of the ordinary. Let me place a few thoughts into your head. Spring, flowers, green grass, puppies, butterflies, sunshine, and that one special day that is coming up in your life where you want your significant other to plan the perfect picnic for you. Whether its on the beach, in a park, by the mountains, what better way to set a mood than with a picnic. Now women, you really need to slyly pass this post along to your men to teach that what is is we crave and love…. sigh. Anyhow, back on track. Like I said, picnics are romantic and desired by most if not all women.

Coach to the rescue. They’ve come out with their spanking new Coach Straw Picnic Basket. With their neverending innovative ideas, Coach has designed the ultimate picnic basket. It’s jam packed with goodies like luxurious bamboo-handled flatware, fine white and Scribble patterned china, Coach leather napkin rings, tumbler glasses, coffee cups and Scribble design saucers, and even a wine opener. Wow! What a huge basket(2 (L) x 16 1/2 (W) x 10 (H)) filled with only the best! Here is where we run into a slight problem. It of course, like all other luxury goods, is going to cost ya’ some bling. $1,998 to be exact.

And again, we are all back to day dreaming about that perfect picnic with that perfect man with that perfect day with that perfect new Basket.

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  • tim

    you could also but their 30 f**king dollar keychain locket for mothers day

  • too much money for too much rainbow!

  • Pamela

    i have that

    • Delondon

      Pamela do you still have your basket from coach I am offering to buy it for the orginal price.

  • Nicci

    I have too. It really handy for a stylish luch!

  • Hannia

    I think its a great idea the price seems right its just a little high for me It looks wonderful

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    Price is a little to high for a picnic basket!! (ipad)

    • Zebbicat

      I have looked for one of these for sale for about 3 years now.
      I am a Coach addict, but less so for all the new factory crap they always release.

  • Naggy

    I’d have to ignore its looks and be picnicing every weekend for this price tag to be worth it. (ipad)

  • KY

    This is so cool, but so pricey. (ipad)

  • Sarah

    Very cute.. don’t know about the picnic basket but I could definitely use the tableware for everyday use! The price is soooo not worth it though! (ipad)


    Is anyone willing to sell their picnic basket?
    I’ll pay over retail.
    Get back to me at my EMAlL name.

    I really really want this Coach basket, including the china and silverware, etc.

  • sweety

    its so sad that coach doesn’t make this anymore I had one back in 06 lost it in a move “think somebody really stole it” but I so want another one if you find one anywhere please post

  • erika miller

    I have this, minus a few of the dishes and am willing to sell.