Nanette Lepore Prussian PurseThink about whenever (if ever) you have been to an art gala, where you see this “art” that looks like a huge mumbled jumbled mess of different colors of paint all over a white canvas. I fully understand that it is indeed art, but I personally have never understood it. I just can’t read into it properly. For example, I went to the opening of a famous Russian artists gallery (ummm I forget the name, that is how much I did not understand it all) with Mr. Vlad last Christmas, and as we walked through looking at the art I tried desperately to understand and read into it. I wanted so badly to be a critical thinker. I saw other people stare at the paintings for long amounts of time, even up to 30 minutes at one painting. I, on the other hand, could have walked through the entire gallery in merely 15 minutes and that would have still been 10 minutes too long. I don’t want any of you to think I am bashing the world of art and artists, but I am saying that I don’t really get it all the time. Like at the opening we went to, there was a huge white canvas (about 20ft x 15ft) and at the very most bottom right hand corner there was a band aid box taped on the canvas. Under materials, the artists listed: canvas, tape, band-aid box. I saw a man and woman literally stare at it for at least 10 minutes. I walked by it and tried to think Shakespearian-like and decided that the artist hurt his right little toe and it needed to be fixed. My guess is, I was way off, but still, I surely did not understand what in the world was going on.

So the point of my entire ramble about my lack of understanding in the world of extreme art, is that I found a bag (and a clothing combination) that reminds me of just that. This Nanette Lepore Prussian Purse is just all wrong. Maybe from the start I could not clearly focus on the bag because the model they showed it with was wearing an outfit that clashed so badly I couldn’t focus properly. Or maybe, I just don’t like the bag. The bag is a messenger style bag made of velvet with multicolored embroidery, long velvet shoulder strap with topstitching, an inset zipper closure, and textile lining with a patch pocket. This mumbo-jumbo mess can be yours for $140 through eLuxury.

*Actually the bag isn’t half awful when you look at it without that model sporting it*

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  • billyjoe

    i agree….U-G-L-Y describes the model AND the purse

  • cork

    this bag sports a sufisticated bohemian look i like it

  • dahat!

    art is not always meant to be understood in a deeper context, in fact many artists shun the notion that their art “means” something. Hence, many of the people you saw staring at art for 30 minutes simply were enjoying the beauty of the art– the colors, the patterns, the complexity. Nobody claims that art must be understood, or if it is to be understood, understood in exactly the same fashion.
    As for the bag, i like it, even if the form factor is a bit too rectilinear.

  • vixen

    I don’t think it’s ugly… it has a bohemian vibe to it, and could perfectly accessorize the right outfit.
    (not the one on the model)

  • Fashionista

    Every good piece of fashion brings acceptance…every great piece brings controversy;) I’m sorry you can’t see that; you’re missing out on much of life’s greatness if that is the case.

  • Sorry guys- Just not my style at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions :)

  • preppygurl

    i love it you all have no taste

  • Rose

    I don’t know what is more fug the purse or the models fugly overshirt. Put the two together and you get sensory overload!

  • Naggy

    This is not a good-looking bag. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like the bag. (ipad)