Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Studded Leather Handbag

To tame down the word punk, add the word sweet. This really is a delectable oxymoron pairing, sweet punk, which is also the name of the new hit line by Marc Jacobs. Hilary Duff has already been seen sporting a Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Bag) and if this bag ran more along the monetary line of the Marc Jacobs Miss Marc, I’d go for it. The smooshy black leather looks exorbitantly supple for a MJ bag which is the sweet aspect, while the silver hardware studs are embellished along the outside and bring in the punk aspect on the Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Studded Leather Handbag. While the studs are plentiful, the stud cup doth not runneth over. I am a bit annoyed that the inside merely is lined in canvas, seeing that with this price tag you would expect more, but the bag is still a great handbag for a young gal with lots of spunk or any gal for that matter with lots of funk. Through NAP for $2350.

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