It’s a big time of year for new bags. Not only are plenty of people already exchanging early holiday gifts, but we’re at the height of sale season, so plenty of people are finally treating themselves to new bags they’ve been eyeing for months. So, what’s made it into your closet lately, and how do you like your new bag?

My newest addition wasn’t a purchase, but a gift from the Mansur Gavriel designers (which, as we always do here, I want to disclose clearly before I say anything else about it). I’ve had my eye on the Mini Lady Bag since the size debuted and I spotted it on a woman my age in Manhattan. Seeing a piece of clothing or an accessory on another person in the wild is often a really clarifying experience for me–I usually know immediately whether I want or do not want to partake in something similar, and in this case, I wanted the bag immediately.

That was about nine months ago, but I’ve been trying to be a little more conservative with my finances this year and I have plenty of handbags to serve my purposes for the time being (this job does have some perks, after all), so it wasn’t until a recent breakfast meeting with Mansur Gavriel’s designers that an opportunity to own the bag came up after they asked me what stood out in the line to me. I jumped at the chance, naturally, and I went with the Mini Lady in burgundy leather. Making the perfect deep wine color is hard because many of them go too brown for my personal taste, but MG’s is perfect and I’ve been carrying my bag like crazy ever since.

The size of this bag is what first drew me to it–I wish more brands made bags in exactly this not-too-big, not-too-small proportion. It still fits everything I need plus some, but the profile of the bag is subtle instead of bulky, and just like all MG designs, the bag itself is super lightweight. If you’re similarly smitten, you can pick up this exact design for $1,050 via Net-a-Porter.

So now, you tell us: what’s new in your closet and how do you like it so far?

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  • C

    My next bag purchase is going to be the MG Lady bag too! I’ve examined the regular size in Brandy/Avion in great detail at Barney’s and it will make a beautiful, lightweight work bag. Just waiting for it to stop raining here in SF since I walk to work every day and don’t want to get water spots on my new bag just yet. I love the design because it looks so classic and so modern at the same time.

  • A

    A large red gucci bamboo daily shopper and a burgundy coach dinky 24

  • tara

    3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel in Burgundy!!

  • lona

    A Valentino rockstud small tote in Mauve. It is smaller than I thought but still beautiful…

  • leechiyong

    MG Baby Bucket. Small dip of the toes in the MG world

  • Sara

    Gucci Marmont quilted flap :-)

  • anna

    Valentino My Rockstud Medium Animalia Satchel, the design is amazing

  • M Naima

    Red Gucci Soho Disco purse; I also found some cute coin purses in Henri Bendel in a plum color that will make great gifts. :)

  • FashionableLena

    I purchased a Dior Double Saddle bag in green lizard and got it today. It’s beautiful and in excellent condition. I’ve always wanted a saddle bag so this was my unicorn. I’m done for at least the next three months.

    And, yes. I went to the mall just so I could wear her.

    • Amazona

      Who ever said that bag hobby doesn’t get you out of the house and moving?! :D I’ve found myself in similar situations; coming up with an outing just so I could carry my new bag.

  • ElainePG

    LV Montaigne BB in the limited edition Marine Rouge empreinte. I’ve had it for about a month, and I adore everything about it!

  • Smithy

    I purchased the Alexander Wang Marti backpack in the army green nylon/black leather trim version.

  • JHH

    Last week, in Paris, I purchased a beige Chanel Boy bag with champagne gold hardware. I love the Boy Bag generally. So far, I am just enjoying looking at the beautiful box, ribbon and flower and have not carried it yet because I do not want to open the store packaging.

    • Kate

      Oooooh, lucky you! I love the Boy.

  • Yoshi1296

    A chanel boy over the summer, I’m trying to cut down on my handbag spending lol

  • Fawcett Proust

    Just picked up a mini Rag + Bone Pilot Bag. I have the large one, but the mini was too cute to resist.

  • Lina Lee

    Last Saturday, I purchased Chanel mini square caviar leather in black with ruthenium silver hardware!

  • Jen Martin

    I went to the premium outlets I live near and got a Marc Jacobs Incognito. It may be discontinued but it’s black and a black bag is never out of season. I also got the matching clutch/pouch. They were both 85% off so it was a great deal.

  • Aanya

    A MBMJ large crossbody from an outlet. It’s super functional and lightweight and I am loving it!

  • Giselle

    Not a bag, LV mini pochette in DA with transatlantic print, had to get it!

  • Jen B

    Just picked up the Celine Mini Belt bag in grained calf in grey color yesterday. :) It’s a great medium size purse. Love the new Celine Micro Belt bag, too, but I don’t need another cross body bag.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Recently purchased a small Hermes Herbag. Either these have become more available in the US or I finally got lucky.

  • Jamay Osborn

    I perchased a 30 com gold clemance lether with silver hw berkin and a dark blue goyard st louis pm and a grey goyard st louis pm the 30 cm is perfict for sombody how liks the 25 cm berkin bust carrys a lot of suff and te pm st louis is a perfict size and i feel as thow it holds moer than the lv neverfull MM .

  • ladyet

    i usually purchase designer bags for others, rather than myself. just got my mom the coach brooklyn. i got a new everyday crossbody from zara ( during their black friday sale. a rich brown color with nice cross-stitch detail. didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on something that’s likely to get beat up pretty quickly.

  • Jess

    I just grabbed a mulberry Clifton on sale. Loving that Céline look at an affordable price!!!

  • Gia

    Just ordered Saint Laurent Medium College black, with black hardware, LV Delightful mm monogram, LV Delightful pm Damien ebene, and LV Nice bb.
    Happy Birthday to me. ?

  • Tee

    YSL Monogram Crocodile Embossed flap bag in grey, although I’m second guessing my purchase. i thinking about exchanging it for the YSL Medium College bag in Beige color. Similar shape but completely different feel to them. The struggle is real

  • I purchased MG Baby Bucket

  • Two days back I purchasedRockstud Medium Animalia Satchel

  • Saf!

    Getting ready for the Valentino Rock Stud Small cross body bag, its edgy and cool and can’t wait for it :)

  • Maya

    Alexander McQueen Nocturnal padlock bag…I am obsessed!:)

  • F. W.

    Gucci Padlock Signature Shoulder Bag. I am in love.

  • My European trip from two months ago was very bad for my wallet, but very good for my closet. I thought I was all set with my new Bottega Veneta document case in New Steel, but ended up with a Céline Small Cabas Phantom with Belt on my last day. I love both and haven’t stopped using the Céline since I got back.

  • Joanne

    Not a bag but I bit the bullet for a ferragamo charcoal grey vara lamb leather pumps on pre autumn-winter sales! The leather is so vulnerable-looking that I couldn’t bear to wear it.


    It was nice of them to gift it to you Amanda as you so rightfully deserve! Purseblog has done a lot to help them! My recent acquisition is the Miu Miu Dahlia bag in Madras Calf brownish color the medium size! It is not only gorgeous but also practical!!

  • psny15

    MG is boring to me!

  • Kate

    I wasn’t supposed to buy any new bags until 2017 because I had a baby and am trying to be frugal (the whole “saving for college” thing …), and I ALMOST made it! I bought a small, black Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse shoulder bag last month while I was in Florence. Once my VAT was refunded, I saved about 25% versus buying it in the US, so I practically have no choice. My love affair with my trusty burgundy Antigona has pretty much come to an end, so I needed a new work bag. I selected a large Saint Laurent Tri-Quilted Shoulder Bag in a very dark shade of blue. I love my little Gucci and have been wearing it constantly since bringing it home from Italy, but I find the textile lining to be a buzzkill. I don’t usually insist on a suede or leather lining and have no problem with textile, but it seems to be a faux suede that’s trying to look like the real thing, which seems a bit down market. The Saint Laurent should be delivered soon, so I have no thoughts on it yet except that a friend was carrying it the other day when I saw her, and it’s a beautiful bag at a great price point ($2,590 plus tax). I’m not usually a Saint Laurent fan, but this bag just struck my fancy.

  • Janaki Subramanyam

    I’ve been a huge fan of this site for a long time but for some reason have stayed away from posting my thoughts. So happy to join the PB family in “real time”. My entire “so called” mid life crisis has been about designer bags. I am planning on getting the Small Saint Laurent Sac du Jour for Christmas. A bag that I’ve been eyeing for a long time but held off a couple of years ago as it was so heavy. Now that they’ve redesigned it; love the structured shape so can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Sarah

    Have been on a binge. In last 2 months have managed to acquire small Gucci marmont flap bag, small Versace palazzo (warning:buying this bag will not automatically make you look like Gigi Hadid), not one but 3 hill & friends bag, a jewelled Marc Jacobs Gotham bauletto and a celine trio (large size). Trying to offset guilt by listing a load of old bags on eBay (hangs head in shame). This is what happens when you are a new mom and house bound!

  • Jeri Bradshaw

    Earlier this Fall I bought an Aspinal of London Letterbox Slouchy Saddle Bag in black pebble leather. It’s a little small for me but otherwise I love it.

  • fran123

    OMG I have a bucket in this color on the way to me right now! I agree with you so much about the color, so many I see are more of a brown than burgundy. I’ve been wanting a burgundy bag for quite some time and have not been able to find one I like. As soon as I saw MG came out with the color I’ve wanted it. If only it was in saffiano or canvas! I have had a canvas since they first released and its one of my favorite bags. It is so easy and light weight, that when ever I grab another bag that is heavier I can’t stand it. I’ve also been looking for a cross body that can be longer than 23 in. Found a Tory Burch one that is on its way also. :) Happy Holidays!

  • KS

    Hermes picotain lock 18 in rouge grenat ??

  • ToniP

    I just got a bag I’ve been eyeing for some time now. A limited edition Louis Vuitton Mizi Vienna Bag. I have quite a few bags, but this might be my prized possession. I love it!!!

  • Jenna Emmons

    In October I bought the Louis Vuitton “World Tour” Neverfull in Paris. I justified the purchase by saying my dog (coincidentally named Louis Vuitton) picked it out for my birthday!

  • Kym

    Lv Neverfull MM mono.

  • Choogamo64

    My latest acquisitions Chanel WOC cobalt blue, love the color and Fendi Trois-Jour Painted Python Bag, Multi, last but not least Coach Rogue grey suede, needless to say I need nothing for Christmas.