There are certain sartorial advantages to being female. Not only do we get the broader selection of styles, colors and prints to choose from in women’s clothing, but we can borrow from the boys at will. If we do, we’re just being edgy and androgynous, and no one accuses us of not “acting our gender” simply for having the temerity to like a men’s bag. Being female makes our lives harder in some ways, but that’s not one of them. What of the men who like women’s bags, though?

Some of you know that I got my start with PurseBlog as a moderator at PurseForum way back when I was still in college, and back then, it always surprised me that you’d occasionally see people insulting male posters for carrying a women’s bag. American men generally don’t break those kinds of taboos easily, and if that’s what a guy wants to carry, why would it bother anyone else? Especially enough to purposefully hurt the feelings of a stranger? (Some of you who spend a lot of time on the Internet are laughing at this right now, because comment sections! That’s all they’re for!) I hoping that perhaps some people’s minds have opened a bit since then, but you never know.

In the intervening years, a few things have changed. Not only have men’s bags become much more mainstream and luxurious, but “new minimalism” means that a lot of women’s bags have a more androgynous feel as well. If a guy, gay or straight, is fashion-conscious, I can see how he might be tempted to wade into the shallow waters of big, neutral handbags like the black Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour above. Hedi Slimane’s aesthetic is kind of unisex to begin with, and that bag is simple enough to look at home in a variety of hands. (Even if it is a Birkin ripoff.)

So dudes, weigh in – if you saw a women’s bag you liked, would you make it yours? And if you wouldn’t, is it because you’re nervous about what people might think? Pick up that Saint Laurent bag for $2,950 via Net-a-Porter.

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  • It really is a Birkin rip-off. I must say, now that I live in Moscow, all I see is men carrying what in the US – even in NYC – would be dubbed ‘women’s bags.’ Hey, they’re useful and convenient for a reason!

  • AAAA

    There is a thread in the Proenza Schouler subforum devoted to men and their PS bags.

  • EGlez ?

    I do! They’re convenient and a lot more useful than “regular men’s bags” (messengers and things like that). I’ve got my eye on the larger Cabas.

  • Thomas

    Oh yes! I carry the YSL Easy in Royal Blue, as well as the Givenchy Pandora. I’m thinking about the Dylan Kain Ryder, or the new Saint Laurent Duffle, or the Givenchy Lucrazia! I only want to carry womens bags. They’re normally more streamline and more convenient for everyday use, as well as more interesting!

  • John L.

    I own four 35cm Birkins and I carry them proudly! I decided to get them in neutral colors so they would match more and be a bit less ostentatious. But I appreciate the classic lines of the bag and the utilitarian aspect of the bag as well. I was on the wait list for all four of them and bought them so I will carry them. I’m consistently complimented
    as well for carrying them so I see no issue with it.

  • Jimmy Lin

    i own one … i am 5’3 … i picked up Sac De Jour small size In black with strap … got load of compliments … its perfect for macbook air 11 ” no doubt that i would carry it around .

  • J

    I think the bags available in the men’s line are just too boring and lack personality. I don’t want to pay for a bag that looks exactly like the bags found in mass department stores in the men’s section. Hence why I tend to prefer the bags in the women’s line that have a more unisex look to it like the bags offered by Givenchy.

  • Gustonegro

    I do love a nice bag! I say, to each his own. The drop of the handle is the deciding factor I use to determine which bag I would carry. In my opinion, a longer drop looks too feminine. I am also not the type to wear a bag over my shoulder unless it has a shoulder strap. Having said that, I also have long arms, so a longer drop usually means almost dragging the ground. That’s just me.

  • nappy

    i use women’s bags all the time.. i carry a canvas phantom from celine, 2 pandys, a ps1, an evelyne, as my everyday work bags, for a bit dressier occassions, i use my mom’s birkin. i think they’re more convenient and the leather/material is lighter than most men’s bags.. not to mention cheaper. most women and some men compliment me on my bag choices, so i guess it’s all good in the hood! hahaha.. i’m now eyeing an Alexander Wang Marti Backpack or an MCM embellished one.. i wanna go into the backpack trend!

  • Dylan

    I literally just purchased this bag over the weekend and I couldn’t love it more…it’s big enough to carry my everyday essential (MacBook, IPad, iPod, Wallet, Work Papers, ect.) I also see no problem with men carrying women’s bags in particular styles.

  • Francis

    I am a guy and I have a Céline Bi-Cabas in Burgundy/Black, I think I pull it off just fine.

  • Wyatt

    I carry a Speedy 40 and I love it! It is the perfect size for running around in Dallas. I have received some stares from strangers but I don’t care because I like its conveinece and having all my things with me rather than having buldging pockets!!

  • Eduardo

    I absolutely tap into womens leather goods that have a minimalistic, unisex aesthetic. Right now I am using a Prada BL778M in black. I get compliments all the time (mostly from women). But on the occasion that I catch men taking a glance, I get the sensation that there is a little bit of visualization happening, where they might see themselves in it. Anyone else know that feeling I am talking about? :)

  • James

    I am a fashion consious male and I do own a 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag (in the womens size) because I like the shape of the womens version and the two tone color attracted me. It does not mean a man is “soft” for carrying a womens bag, if you like it, and you can afford it, and your carrying it, what the hell does it a matter to guys who carry cotton totes? Live you life, carry what you want and carry on.

  • MJ

    I totally carry women’s bags. Style, function and color are all important to me. Totes are great, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m a fan of satchels or hobos. I’ve never had an issue with it and at the end of the day who really cares? Rock on gentlemen.

  • Matt B

    Currently shopping for a manbag and the one pictured above looks like it should have my bag in it. Way to feminine and well…gay. Guys would not look at this bag for envious reasons, and it has a handle.

  • Oz2

    As a man, I love my androgynous looking purse. It’s a wonderful way to carry and conceal my loaded Glock.

    • jkeith

      I often carry a Sig in a purpose built crossbody purse. Usually one with locking zippers so I can lock it leave it temporarily and safely if I’m with people I trust.When I return to it,I unlock it.And yes,it usually matches my shoes.

  • Dave

    Yes I would, I use 2 bags just now and a Wallet. I use 1 to take my laptop, and I use a cross body bag to carry my wallet, iPad, keys etc. I travel a lot for work, I felt that the women bags are much better quality and very well made, I chose the maker Radley, as I LOVE the quality of the leather and the price is great for the product!

    We are moving on where it is more acceptable for men to use bags, leather bags etc.. I think more people should use them and manufacturers should stop selling them as womens, some of their products are very easily appealing to men! :)

  • Zeke

    My wife has an important job. We attend a lot of functions where she has to work the room and have her hands free. I always carry her purse. I know the difference between a clutch and a shoulder bag. I always select her purse based on what she is wearing. I make sure she has spare hosiery, the right lipstick, tampons, pads and anything else she might need. When she needs it I hand her lipstick and a compact. The lipstick is always the correct one because I pay attention when she is doing her makeup. Guys look at me funny but every woman appreciates me. Yes, with some outfits her purse is very girly. So what? I carry a purse. Big deal.

  • rescuediver

    I’m a straight guy and my wife loves my collection since we get to share. Just got a Fendi Peekaboo Monster over the weekend in Milan. Have the Loewe Puzzle Bag small, LV Pochette Metis, and Hermes Halzan as well. I prefer women’s bags since most men’s bags are boring for me. People at the office get a laugh but I don’t really mind it since I think most of the women love the collection. They probably wonder if I’m straight or what but who cares I love great looking bags whether for men or women.

  • Randy Appell

    Absolutely. So here’s my take. I’m straight as an arrow and love women. But I don’t love women and just their bodies. I love all things that women are and do. I love that they are stylish but can throw on jeans and sweatshirt. I also love shipping with them. I’m hardly metro but I because I appreciate all things womenly and because I know what I like to see women in gives me massive fashion sense! I love love love purse and shoe shopping…why? Because dammit I just love how women look. I can pick out some fierce shoes and cute bags because I know EXACTLY how they’ll look on women. As a connoisseur of sorts in hand bags I’ve found myself to be fond of handbags. Unfortunately I smoke and as such I started in the cigarette case department. Why not right? I only needed my phone, smokes and cards/money. I always went with black. As life has become more technical I started with a simple nylon backpack. But nothing like throwing your crap in a hole not to mention the bag falling apart. And so came a leather backpack which I currently carry a fairly plain Liz Claiborne backpack in black with awesome leather. It could use a few more pockets and a tad bigger. As I’ve grown comfortable carrying it in my small town of a few thousand I’ve gotten a little daring in style, color and function. With all this being said I would absolutely carry a women’s bag. The only line I say I’d not cross is certain color and patterns. BUT I can say that I’ve got an eye on Kate Spade and Emma Fox bags that look awesome. Maybe they wouldn’t fit me like a female but I do like em. I imagine this will never be read but hey just in case.

  • Randy A

    So it’s 2016 and I’m commenting because obviously I’m looking for justification. I’m a very straight 36 y.o male but I’ve got the world’s worse purse fetish. I want to finally dive into a bag I really really REALLY LIKE! It’s the Coach Edie31 and is black croco embossed and amazing. I’ve been using a leather backpack for a little over a year and if any bag made me brave this is THEE ONE! COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED! Criticism’s not only non welcomed but I don’t care what you think.

    • Peter

      I’ve been going to massages and we clicked on our very first massage last January. I just came out of closet with her about my crossdressing and she was supportive of this. With that being said she had me buy coach purse she had and made me model it after she measured and fitted me in bra/panty set. She said bra/panty/purse look better on me then it does on her. She mentioned yesterday that she has two Michael kor shoulder purses one pink the other in brown/cream color she wants me to try and keep along with lipsticks. The only thing was her husband came in last week after my massage with her and She had me wearing leggings/knee high boots with women’s turtleneck sweater with panties/bra holding purse. She said he didn’t notice or say anything and if he did she would’ve stuck up for me. Next Friday she’s going to give me 2 hour massage then we are going to go out of town to spend day shopping along with her putting makeup/bras/lipsticks/dresses on me. She said it will be great to getaway for day. Needless to say I’m in relationship with her as I’m her cream puff purse girly sissy boy. I’ve become friends with 2 other girls but they don’t know of this but both said they want to make me more accountable. With 3 women in my life they have taken control of me and I’m fine with that. If I want to keep relationships going I have to do what they say/ask as I have no choice.

      • Anthony Marshall

        I’m still trying to overcome how people would think of me if I carry a women’s handbag. My girlfriend does not know and I’m afraid to tell her. Any suggestions?