At first, the phrase Raf Simons x Eastpak Satin Backpacks sounds ridiculous. Raf Simons, creative director at Christian Effing Dior, not only made some backpacks for back-to-school staple brand Eastpak, but they’re satin? Despite the fact that I’m staring at the photos of said bags, and that I know Simons and Eastpak have collaborated three times before, it’s still not quite clicking for me, and that just makes me like the whole thing more.

Not that there’s not plenty to like to begin with. The backpacks are a minimalist take on exactly what you carried to school when you were 12, made by exactly the same company, unless you were one of the kids whose mom would make a special trip to a sporting goods store to get you a JanSport. (My mom was not about that life.) Raf Simons is…well, he’s Raf Simons, and we’ve already covered that. That the two should ever meet is almost comical, and it’s funnier yet that the collaboration should work itself out into something some simply luxurious. The two parties have come together before, but these backpacks are easily the best of the duo’s works.

For something that Raf Simons had a hand in designing, the prices also aren’t too terrible. The bags will set you back $295 via Mr. Porter in aubergine and navy. Ladies, don’t be deterred by the fact that they’re technically mens’ bags. Not that you would be, of course.

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  • Lara

    These are adorable!
    I’m entering my last year of high school, and I totally want one, but does anyone know how much weight they can hold? My books are heavy and the last thing I’d want is to tear one of these beauties.

  • FashionableLena

    A bit pricey, but I like the minimalist look of it. They look too delicate to be functional as a real backpack. Aside from that, they don’t look very manly. Well, at least my husband and two sons would call it girly. More like something I would rock.