Killspencer Weekender 2.0, $595 via

Easily one of the most bizarre parts of being a blogger is all the weird email we get. Whether it’s people demanding that we publish their press releases or give them free advertising space, PR people trying to pitch us on stories that couldn’t have less to do with handbags and accessories or the one deranged person who wrote us a 10-paragraph email about how terrible Kim Kardashian is while pretending to be Kardashian herself (yes, it was all in the first person and it was as crazypants as it sounds), the things we receive never fail to entertain. For better or for worse.

But on the good days, our email does occasionally bring us something very special that we actually want to write about, like the Killspencer Weekender 2.0. This sharp, somewhat affordable, extremely versatile bag is our pick for this week’s Man Bag Monday, and we might have never seen it if not for our commitment to sifting through the debris of our inboxes.

With summer making its official start today (and having been unofficially started for weeks now), nothing is on our minds more than a little getaway. Vacation time is hard to come by for most people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a weekend to make a two-day jaunt to your nearest shoreline, and this bag is exactly the type of thing you want to carry to ensure that you travel in style. It has just enough space for a weekend’s necessities, hence the name, and no extra bulk to make carrying it difficult.

But for a bag with this much style, you won’t want to use it only for a weekend road trip. It would also make an excellent carry-on for longer vacations or an extremely chic gym bag for after-work exercise, just as long as you have a dry, clean locker that it can hide in while you sweat. You wouldn’t want anything getting on a bag this cool, after all. It’s also important to note that this company’s products are made at the owner’s Los Angeles workshop with locally sourced leathers, which makes the price point of this bag all the more impressive. Buy through for $595.

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  • Alexis

    I love the hardware on the bag. Might think of getting it:)

  • Musette

    Gorgeous bag. But now you’ve got me all kerfluffle at the notion of a 10-paragraph rant by a KK impersonator! Why don’t you ever share these things?!! Life is HARD! We all need some crazypants entertainment! LOL!


    • I would totally post it if it weren’t chock full of profanity. Fake Kim was cussing herself out pretty hard.

  • ninjaninja

    I love this bag, and it’s probably better built than most purses too.

  • Jazz

    Such a great carry on bag. Hmm, maybe I should look at mens bags more often lol