So far for Man Bag Monday I have covered high end designer brands. Very few men will actually carry a bag, let alone spend thousands on one and this is where Jack Spade comes into play.

In fact, whether you have thousands to spend on a bag or not, Jack Spade is a brand worth seriously checking out.

Their designs may be young and current with funky touches, but the brand does this without going overboard which makes the pieces very wearable. There are bags galore to choose from, many of which sport single colored designs in nylon, canvas, or leather options.

Speaking of the designs, Jack Spade takes clean cut very seriously. Each design is straight forward and functional, which is something I believe many men look for. And the bags are meant to be worn – the overall look is rugged but not bulky.

Ladies, you all know Jack Spade is the brother company to Kate Spade – a line which I continue to support here at PurseBlog. If your man is looking for a new bag, Jack Spade may be the way to go. Prices range from $60 for accessories to just under $400 for large duffle bags.

The bags pictured above are my favorites and here’s why (from top left to right):

Icon Printed Banker’s Envelope: A fun print, this envelope works well inside of a bag to hold essentials

Wayne Leather Duffle: The epitome of handsome, this duffle can be your carryall or weekend getaway bag

Anchor-Embossed Wallet: Most wallet designs play it safe, but the anchor embossed leather gives a nautical touch

Industrial Canvas Dipped York Brief: Both durable and masculine, this is an everyday messenger bag

Winged Nylon Duffle: Casual cool, this bag transitions from work to gym ideally

Shop Jack Spade at Saks!

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  • KaylaNiche

    I adore the leather duffel! Great gift ideas for the BF

  • Alana

    These are really great bags!

  • mochababe73

    I love these bags. They look masculine. Some of the other lines had bag that my husband wouldn’t dare wear because the are too feminine.

  • Dominic

    I’ve always tended to stray away from Jack Space murses. It’s been one of the things where I can’t explain it, but I just don’t like them. I guess for me that I would rather drive 25 minutes to the Chicago Premium Outlet Mall and purchase a MUCH nicer bag from Coach for about the same price. Coach man-bags usually leave me drooling!

  • 19yearslater

    I want to steal that pouch from the boys. Too cute!

  • Cathy Fitz

    I like these, but not so much the anchor wallet, and that blue – is that a card case?

  • ninjaninja

    I see a lot of Jack Spade messenger bags here, but I think I’m the only girl with one!

  • Jackson Veigel

    These are awesome! I think these are really more manly than those leather, million dollar “man bags” that are usually touted. I mean, unless its something like a 100,000 dollar bag.. then that would be the upper echelon of manly.. :-)