Usually for Man Bag Monday, we talk about the bags you (or your man) should buy. We’ve seen some beautiful choices recently – Valextra, Lanvin, Givenchy. They’ve been so beautiful, in fact, that an unsuspecting first-time man bag shopper might get the impression that choosing a good bag is idiot-proof. Sadly, that’s not the case. There are still plenty of bad choices out there, and because we like to think of ourselves as service providers, we thought it might be helpful to discuss a few types of things that you (or the man in your life) shouldn’t buy.

This week, our lesson will center around the Ferrari Leather Duffel Bag. A lot of men (and women, too) admire Ferrari cars, and much like the automobiles, the brand’s merchandise comes with a rather hefty price tag. This duffel will set you back $2975 via Neiman Marcus, which is an enormous price by anyone’s standards. It’s even more enormous when you consider what this bag looks like: a bachelor pad, in bag form.

There are chic ways to do athletic details, and then there’s this bag. It looks like the kind of thing that the dude who’s simply looking for the flashiest, most expensive piece imaginable would buy – if that dude considers Louis Vuitton a women’s brand, anyway. (And he does. Louis Vuitton is what he buys his woman when he needs to apologize for something.) Ferrari, on the other hand, is totally masculine, and this bag goes out of its way to ensure the buyer that absolutely no design elements would be used that could be considered even vaguely feminine. The leather? It’s pebbled, because soft leather is for wimps. The trim? Like that of a cheap motocross jacket, because that’s a really dude-like thing to own.

Ladies, if you see your man eyeing this bag, do him a favor – steer his 3,000 bag dollars in the direction of some Thom Browne, posthaste.

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  • thenyonyacelup

    Maybe it’s still too early in the morning for me to be making rational handbag decisions, but I think this looks kinda nice. :D

    (Love the new site BTW!)

  • elle

    never knew ferrari started doing leather, but it looks nice regardless.