We’re all familiar with diaper bags; they’re a staple of new motherhood and an omnipresent companion during the early part of a child’s life. We’ve covered the difficulty of finding a stylish diaper bag in the past, but finally, companies are starting to get it together and realize that moms want options that are made out of materials other than pink paisley nylon. Still, though, those designs are geared almost exclusively toward women and the style and functionality that we look for in a bag. What about dads? For them, there’s the Ben Minkoff Dad Bag.

That this bag even exists says loads about not only the changes in modern men’s fashion, but also in America’s social climate as a whole. Even a generation ago, arming a dad with his very own diaper bag would have been an unsellable proposition; that was women’s work. Now that urbane young men are taking an ever-increasing role in the rearing of their young children, it’s about time they had a bag option for baby-maintenance all their own – and a stylish one at that.

It’s no surprise that the men’s offshoot of Rebecca Minkoff would keep up the brand’s penchant for clever labeling. The interior of this bag includes easy pockets for snacks, diapers and wipes, as well as a dedicated pocket for “dad stuff” that closes with a zipper, presumably to prevent dad’s iPhone and wallet from becoming Cheerio-encrusted in short order. The bag also comes with a changing mat that’s also helpfully labeled, this time so dad known the direction in which he should point the baby. It’s the perfect, easily-organized option for a new dad who wants to take his baby out all on his own, with no wifely supervision.

Perhaps the best part of this whole design, though, is that just like the best diaper bag designs for women, the bag’s exterior design doesn’t betray its contents. From the outside, this is a stylish, neutral man bag that a dude could use well after his tot graduates from potty training. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $325.

Images via GQ.com

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  • MamaM

    Nice bag from the outside, but I can’t decide if all the labels on the inside are cute or insulting.  Are mom’s baby bags labeled like this? I don’t see the functionality of this bag as anything other than a baby bag.  Would a man really want to use this without a baby when compartments are labeled “Wipes” and “Diapers”?  The labels on the changing mat are a good idea (think about it).  However, if a man, or woman, needs this much instruction on a baby bag, maybe they aren’t ready to take the baby out by themselves.

    • Hey mom, read the post! Rebecca Minkoff does that with lots of her bags.

      • MamaM

        I just don’t like the labels. It’s been a while since I’ve needed a diaper bag, and I don’t remember labels.  Actually, I don’t remember having a diaper bag……
        If you want to see some nice bags at a similar price point, check out OiOi diaper bags for men & women.

  • Laurakasbaum

    I love this! I always tell my husband that when we have kids, all I want is a Coach diaper bag. A few of my coworkers have gotten them and used them for all of their kids without ever having issues with the bags wearing out, unlike the cheapy Winnie the Poo ones that you can buy at Target. I think this is a much better alternative without making a guy feel emasculated carrying the cutesy diaper bags that women usually carry.

  • 19yearslater

    I think the labels are just cute. Several designers do the labeling thing and I see it as a stylistic choice, not a judgement on the intelligence of its buyers. This bag is really nice-looking and I appreciate the trend. Dads for the win.