6-Pack Frame Cinch via Etsy

At first sight, the 6-Pack Frame Cinch should not qualify for Man Bag Monday. However, since it technically facilitates the transport of a chilled 6-pack of brew by latching it securely to your bicycle’s top tube, it matters enough to be featured today.

With Winter finally departing and dudes getting itchy to spend quality outdoor time, this seemingly unexciting leather strap pans out to be the most important accessory of this Spring! This six-pack holder was originally devised to aid in carrying bike polo (?) mallet cues, but due to its variable length can accomodate larger items to be strapped to your bike. Like a refreshing pack of Hefeweizen.

Show the Walnut Studiolo in Oregon some love and order your man this walnut-dyed leather holder for a reasonable $22 via Etsy. Please drink responsibly and don’t drink & bike!

Thanks to Nick for the tip!

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  • DJ

    I hate to be negative, but…uh….NOT a bag.

    • Well observed. I too noticed and explained my selection in the first paragraph.

  • suz

    May not be a bag, per say……but I’d be willing to bet more men would like this for Father’s Day….

  • Avalon Bleu

    Ha, that is great!

  • Dominic

    Man-Bag Monday gets skipped for three weeks and after all this waiting, *this* is the best that you can deliver.

    I am thoroughly disappointed.

    • Sorry to disappoint Dominic – We are going to a showroom tomorrow for a bunch of pictures of a newer man line which we will feature next week. And we have another post for today!

      Any specific bag/brand you would like to see us cover?

      • Dominic

        I didn’t mean to be too rude, but I do look forward to Man-Bag Monday every week and it is so disappointing when it gets slushed aside some weeks. Especially because I really respect the opinions of the editors on this blog.

        With that being said, Coach has had some great bags lately for men that are affordable, stylish, versatile, and durable. I see you have already updated with Prada, who is another leader in Men’s Fashion Bags. Also, Gucci and Hermes both provide some low-key designer Man-Bags (although their price is what one would expect from the brands).

        When it comes to bags for men, it is usually a safe bet to go with traditional designer items. Men aren’t exactly the type to horde multiple bags in their closets, and these “classic” bags (ex: Burberry Haymarket Briefcase – or even their new Smokey “Brit Check” is a new twist on their signature plaid -) are something that can go with any outfit, day or night, and add a little zsa zsa zau.

        In addition, you may want to also check out Alex Folzi’s briefcases. They are gaining populairty lately, and have been a huge trend within Hipster groups. Kanye has one, too.

    • You weren’t rude at all – you were right! We want to make sure to have man bag Monday be a recurring feature and I promise to work hard not to leave it out again.

      I tend to stick with classics, especially for the same reasons you stated when it comes to men and their bags. I think we will have some great photos for next week and I’d love to check out the Coach Men’s collection as well!

      Thanks for the tips and keeping us on our toes :)

  • amanda

    Man, they should try selling this in Gainesville (or any college town, for that matter). They’d make a killing!

    • KaylaNiche


  • Stephanie

    My friends and I saw this last week. We’re all cyclists, so we like the idea, but we don’t know if we’d actually buy it or use it. Cool and creative though!

  • Marianna

    Well, I’m liking it and the only thing missing here is little side car for the lemon you need for the Hefeweizen!

  • mia

    LoL Not that I question the quality of the leather wrap in which is used to hold the beer, but what if the biker accidentally knees the case and the cardboard handle rips? then all the beer would be gone. I personally am not a big fan of where the beer should be located.

  • Chris

    Hahahahaha ! This really made me laugh ! I doubt that this is very practical (probably the biker will knee the case and then this cardboard box will fall off) but hey…. it is leather, it is on a men’s bike – so for me it qualifies for a very humorous Man Bag Monday entry.

  • Dopey

    Plus imagine the Cops’ reaction when they see a 6-pack of beer hanging under the bike. They’d be worried if the biker might be dunking down on those bottles and get drunk. They DID enforce the rule “leave beer bottles in the trunk and unopened” for a reason. Just a thought.

  • Loly

    I think it’s a great idea to share with us some insolite – still related to fashion- pictures. I’m just wondering how it would be unconfortable to ride that bike ! lol

  • Lulugurl

    love this! :)

  • rose60610

    Not a good idea to open the bottles upon arriving to your destination lest you be covered in suds from the shaking up they get from the ride. It looks a little dorky. Better to carry an elixir in a flask.

  • Katherine

    I would love to have this whole bike

  • Cathy Fitz

    Cute entry!