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  • Sofie Lindgren

    Looks funny… in a cheap kind of way. So not for me.

  • Im trying to like them… but i just cant.

  • kate

    I think they meant to say Minnie Mouse for Louis Vuitton.  ;)

    • Amble

      ….I was just gonna say that these remind me of Minnie!

  • Propafly

    The look is not upscale…looks like something from the TJ Maxx sale rack.

  • SO CUTE. LOVE. Might be because I’m an Asian girl, but I can definitely see myself picking up a bag or two in the red/white or black/white colorway!

  • bir

    oooo my its like Minie Mouse collaborated with LV and this is the best they could do !!!

  • ferraritiffie

    I wish it had more of Kusama’s painterly quality incorporated into the bag, as she is AMAZING. At one point she was as popular, arguably more popular than Andy Warhol. I wonder how much of a collaboration this was or if it was more of LV just trying to cash in on one of Japan and America’s treasures.

  • JamesNCleveland
  • Lisa Ng

    Polka dots are so fun. I love the bags with the hint of pattern in the trim.

  • Camilla

    I find this new collection really horrible and stupid at the same time., But you see, even if also LV can do horrible things (and I saw many in these last few years) they are always unique, they never copy another designer (like krakoff with celine…)

    •  Never copy another designer? How about the Neverfull and the Goyard St. Louis?

  • Sandra Rowley

    I just do not like them.  It is hard to have polka dots look sophisticated to me….as mentioned in previous posts Minnie Mouse for Louis Vuitton. 

  • Nancy

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like these?  They look cartoonish.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Cute, but I much prefer the Takashi Murakami collaboration. 

  • looks like cheap airport bags :-(

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    I don’t know…I love polka dots and I like the colors, the shapes and the model very classic. The problem for me is about some materials…these bags look too cheap, but the bags are so cool!


  • Really like these new arrivals of Louis Vuitton, but i prefer the classic ones!

  • I am drooling for the first bag.

  • pixiegirlie

    As a avid polka dot lover I hate to say it but I’m very disappointed by this collection. They look cheap and plastic like, the poster who said it reminds them of minny mouse was spot on. They look like something a child would carry not an adult.

  • I like the new LV collection, The designer bags are suitable for summer to carry

  • Them like same Mickey …..

  • Louis Vuittion Vernis  bags  amazing

  • I find the red and white very cute and cheerful, but I think I’d feel like Minnie Mouse every time I’d wear it.

  • 19yearslater

    I love everything. Twee forever! 

  • KoutureCrochet

    I personally think these bags are ugly. Very ugly. But that’s just me.

  • Alberto escarras
  • Aeelove1980

    hi. i like i want to know how much!!!!

  • Emcooper

    I LOVE polka dots, but somehow, not these. Perhaps if they could have been done on regular leather in a more artistic way the bags might be pretty. But these look like cheesy knockoffs, not long anticipated works of art. Disappointing.

  • Annaliese Decker

    These are absolutely heinous and look cheap. As a Louis lover, I’m embarrassed.

  • hmmm…i don’t like them…wouldn’t buy them…look cheap, can barely see the lv pattern

  • I think they are kinda cute and would love one just for fun… but definitely NOT at LV prices!!  I would expect to pick up something like this from a cheap handbag retailer!

  • Reality Junkie

    I like the bags with polka dot trim. The others look rather unimaginative and even “Target-ish” to me. Maybe you have to see them in person to appreciate them?

  • bryologue

    As a colorblind, these bags extremely reminded me of the Ishihara Test.


  • SO disappointing! Very cheap looking…. and the color combos are bad too 

  • Lulu

    I know the polca dots are Kusama’s signature, however..hm..im at loss of words right now. 

  • Casey

    I don’t think these were meant to look expensive or luxurious. They represent Kusama’s vision, and unless you understand who she is as an artist, it will be hard to appreciate her work in the bags. With that being said, I agree that they look funny and not all that expensive, but I like them as art pieces.

  • bluelly

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  • They look cheap :(

  • Kim

    No, no !!! Not for me !

  • Compared to the newest design, i prefer to classic Louis Vuitton bags.

  • bluelly

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  • Jennie

    This collection looks cheap. Doesn’t look like much thought was put into is. So sad…..

  • Acaneiman


  • bluelly

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  • lovesLV

    Polka dots in my Asian culture represent GOOD LUCK. I guess that’s why Minnie brought fortune to Disney. I do not like the red & yellow colors. I am hoping it comes in green, my favorite color. I may consider black depending how good it looks, may attract me as a buyer. I can’t wait for July first.

  • Lacocobear

    Soooo cheap looking. I think I can design better than she did! Lol

  • Lacocobear

    Another thought, you don’t need an avant garde or what ever famous designer to design the polka dot. Lol. I’m so disappointed with Louis Vuitton. Please, get rid of her stuff,!!

  • MAY


  • Marian

    I thought the dots could be more like drawn. but still lots of love for Yayoi Kusama and VERY smart collection !

  • LoveBlu

    It is so fun and a great ‘first’ LV for youngsters…..why not??

  • Stella Klugt

    no, not for me , i’d get tired of the dots  in a minute.

  • blair

    does anybody know how much these bags will cost?

  • ebuypurses.com


  • LV_fan

    Surprised that most of comments thinks the same way as mine. My opinion, if this collection wasn’t LV’s, this has been categorized as “Fashion Mayday”, they just seem= wrong. But since they are “LV’s”, some will categorized them as “cute”. But not me.

  • LV_fan

    I search to know more about Kusama. She’s actually quite an impressive artist. She spent her life drawing polka dot as an obsession. Her art in paintings, sculpture are quite “enjoyable”. If most of us (especially me) dont like this LV Kusama collection, probably because we “dont understand” her art.

  • Sat

    It’s different then what LV makes , it has got young look ……………….”.

  • Shellsandshores

    I just saw 2 women with a white and a red neverfull in a restaurant today and this site says they weren’t made- hmmm:)

  • Mina

    I like it! esp. the Yellow and black polka dots. Plus polka dots represent good fortune or money so this bag should bring in the money. hehehehe.

  • Honey

    I am a Louis Vuitton Loyalist but unfortunately, I will have to leave these dots in the middle of Disneyland – it’s cheap and cheerful to say the least :=(

  • Rozsulla

    Love yayoi kusama and her imaginary world!!!

  • Unendlich96

    I guess all you guys need is a big fake monogram with the logo in fake gold so it could even be seen from the moon. That way instead of carrying a cheap looking purse you would be a cheap looking person. Stick to your old, classically fake, and tipically pretentious lv bags, but at the french luggage house they collaborate with artists because they are the fashion vanguard. Evidently neither of you know no art, because it looks cheap lol truly demeaning