Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy First and foremost, much of the information on this new bag from Louis Vuitton is still not set-in-stone nor is anyone 100% sure of the truth behind it all. We have all heard conflicting stories, information, prices, release dates, etc. But you know a bag is a sure hit when the rumors begin (sick but true!). Richard Prince collaborated with Marc Jacobs to design artistic bags for the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008 line. The hottest item right now is the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy which is said to be released in the US on May 1,2008. The release date has been changed numerous amounts of times. Another piece of information that everyone is uncertain of is the price. The early look book says the bag will be $1,185 but I have heard prices going up to $1,600. My wonderful SA at Bal Harbour did some research and believes it will be around $1,300. The next piece of information that has many confused is the size. While the Louis Vuitton Speedy is available in a size 30 and 35, this bag is said to only come in size 35. The monogram pattern is designed in a manner that has the orange, red, and yellow paints looking like they were painted on with watercolor paint. This bag has an incredibly long wait list at many stores and the masses are clamoring to get the next ‘big’ Speedy. The price is said to be around $1,300 via your local LV boutique when available. You can always check eLuxury also.

Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Bag
Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Bag

If you think the Watercolor Speedy is stunning, wait until you see the Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Bag. This bag is a modified Speedy, a more refined and chic style. Of course the Speedy is a house classic, but the framed top shape of the Aquarelle really draws your attention. The frame is also made of wood and the handles are made of lizard. This is a stunning bag in the Richard Prince collaboration with Louis Vuitton. If the price were not so steep, I would have got on this list, but I just could not justify it. These pieces are LV collectors items, without a doubt. The price on this bag is said to be around $3,600, but it will most likely end up costing over this amount. Release date should also be around May 1st.

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  • FashionAddicted

    its so gorgeous!! i love it! perfect for spring!!

    • LA

      i love louis vuitton but not this one, it isn’t as glamorous as it should be.. such a legendary style not done much justice. the new lines jokes, pulp, and tisse are very avante-garde and classic, much better than watercolor (it might run, just like the fairy bag of prada).

    • nolarice

      i just don’t like it. they basically smudged the stamp.

    • Mona

      I love the Aquarelle! But why are the LVs upside down?????

      • Brandi

        It’s the back of the bag. It’s all one piece of canvas like the speedy’s so when it wraps they’re upside down. :grin:

    • briana

      it def. looks like it has pink in it

  • And perfect for the weather in Florida!!! :mrgreen:

  • ingrid

    I will remain in lust of this purse, it is pricey and I have other priorities at the moment. :cry:

  • tt

    wow!!! i actually like THIS monogram

  • cc

    I saw this in store IRL. I love the white base with light orange monogram. However, the water colour smudges on top is my main worry. Will the water colour run?

  • SweetPea

    I do not like the Watercolor Speedy(too childish)…but the Aquarelle Bag, very chic.

  • Anna

    I’m not LV’s fan, but I absolutely love Aquarelle Bag! It’s something to consider…

  • highmaintenance

    :shock: Don’t like it!

  • Lisa

    I don’t like the standard LV monogram, but I liked the mahina and I like this. However, will it run like the Prada Fairy bags? It looks like it could. If money were not an object I might get on the list, but I have the mahina xl in gris and that will just have to keep me happy for some time. At least it won’t run in the rain.

    • christy

      It won’t Ruin in fact My lv sa said Lv tests the bags for like 4 years and makes sure they are wearable before they launch the bags.

  • Jahpson

    I dont even like Louis, but I would mess with that bag!! love the colors.

  • bag lover

    Love the bag very hot


  • melvina

    wow gorgeous bag..even tho im not a big fan of speedy but i must say this speedy is one of a kind especially the aquarelle bag..*drools*

    • Eponine03

      My thoughts exactly!

  • addicted2chanel

    it’s SO CUTE. I NEED IT. :roll:

  • lunatwinkle

    I like that! I normally don’t like LV, but that Aquarelle Bag is stunning!

  • MizzJ

    Normally I really don’t like LV b/c they’re everywhere and I find the logo too flashy, but this speedy is more subtle and perfectly girly which is just what you want for spring!


  • cecile

    Where is everyone getting mis-information that the VUITTON aquarelle bag will “run” like the PRADA fairy bags ??? They may look like they have a watercolor effect, but it is supposed to be like that !!
    They are similar to the Vuitton multicolore handbags, silk screened with several different color patterns. Don’t confuse the poor craftmanship of PRADA with that of VUITTON !!!!!

  • christy

    I love it. I heard it comes out in April. According my my Lv sa Blair. For more info call her 972-629-1700 ext 1303. Shes been with the company a long time and is very sweet! Anyone at the vuitton is sweet and they are very helpful!!

  • Anita

    I don’t like LV, but I would consider these two bags. I love the colors.

  • Tracy Couture

    Cute but not as gorgeous as the Louis V mini HL! :mad:

  • hal

    First of all, any of the LV monogram is printed on hardy canvas, and not on something fragile as deer skin. While we may not know how LV produces these canvases, the website says that it is hardy bags which you can lightly wipe to remove any trace of dirt. With deer skin, its tricky, it has always been tricky, as its been known to bleed. AND PRADA IS NOT POOR WORKMANSHIP, it is a respected italian leather house, steeped in history, as much as LV is. So dont base your judgment on one manufacturing fault they didn’t envisage. And looking at that pic of the smudge, i agree with one blogger – it could have been transferred from the wearer’s clothing. Do you yourself own the fairy bag? :evil: :twisted:

  • fashionlover

    LV bags are so overpriced :evil:

  • jaden7500

    Definitely on my purchase list

  • anamarie lim

    LV is one of my favorites after Chanel…..definitely gorgeous…and elegant! Cheers!!!!

  • i♥makeup

    I love love the print, it’s so art-y!!!


  • christine

    I picked up the Aquarelle yesterday- my SA called me to day it was in and I rushed in to get it. It is gorgeous!
    I thought of waiting for the speedy, but I thought this would be more unique

  • ally

    Object of lust. The Aquarelle … not the Watercolor.

  • Yen

    I saw the bag today and it’s better than I thought. It’s not released but the store has a sample. The Speedy style will come in two sizes, 30cm and 35cm but not all countries will carry both sizes. If my memory serves me right from the info card the sales assistant showed, size 30cm is only available in Japan, North America, China (Hong Kong not included) and another region which I can’t remember and size 35cm will be available in Asia, South America and Europe. The price for the 35cm Speedy is HK$10,000 (about US$1,300). I immediately put my name down on the list as less than 50 will hit HK stores when it’s released early next Month so I guess this will be a hot item.

    The colours will not run but as the base in white like multicolure collection, one need to be extra careful when using it.

  • sherrie marland

    this bag is so hot i would totally get this!!!!

  • anna

    I love this bag..i would defintely get it..but wondering since its not been released yet, how could some sellers on ebay get it!!!

  • SereneO

    I saw the speedy irl, and decided to pass!
    The 35 is way too big, the colours look too messy after staring at it too long and it looks really youngish.

    • hunnyD

      Please tell me where you saw the watercolor speedy?!! I’m so hot on buying it!

  • Sandy

    its upside down because one side is and the other isnt because its the same sheet of leather but not two joined together only authentic louis vuittons are like this and none of the LV logos are cut

    btw this bag is gorgeous a nice remake of the iconic speedy bag but i just saw it today on eluxury its almost double the normal speedy and im worried that louis vuitton seasonal products go out of fashion really fast

  • Kara

    I picked mine up yesterday and it is the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag I’ve ever seen. You really have to see it in person to see how beautiful the colors are. My daughter, who doesn’t have the same love for purses that I have, even gasped when my SA brought it. And she’s 19 and she loved it too!!!!!! The size is perfect for me since I’m pretty tall and thin (5″8″) so I can see that someone who is around 5′ might not want the 35. I absolutely love it!

  • ChanelGirl

    Just Bought the LV watercolor papillon in brown I LOVE ITT ITT LOVE ITT. Too bad not to many people are crazy about it but I just had to have.. I also wanted the Bon BOn but it’s completely sold out. I also picked up a watercolor belt i think its really cute for the spring/summer with some jeans and a tee. I’m sooo happy it was a great Mothers day Present. :razz: :razz: :razz: :eek:

  • jury7777

    Hello all, I just bought the AQUARELLE WATERCOLOR bag in April,I had been on a waiting list since January, heard the release date was May 1st. Cost around $3750.00 Love this bag!!! I have received so many great comments and the colors seem to go with everything. I especially love the way it opens up, you can see everything in your purse at one time. I havent noticed any problems with the colors running yet. Great Bag!

  • LVlvr

    I love LV and my husband thinks i’m insane but he doesn’t obeject me in buying the lmtd edition ones (he has a harder time spending on the “regular” LVs)…i just got the speedy 35 it’s beautiful and goes with everything. The watercolor doesn’t run nor does it rub off onto anything…getting the Tahitienne gm in sable…i like big bags great for diaper bag (that way i don’t have to carry 2)…neverfull gm is great also…i saw some people commenting on the prada fairy bag…that bag is beautiful and so lux but yes it does smuge so just have to be alittle careful when carrying it.

  • Mayelle

    Love this Limited Edition =) Finally was able to get a piece on June 7th at the Boca Raton LV Boutique and I love it !!

  • ja

    :roll: yes the price is over!!!

    but this bag can keep value”””

    people around the world who don’t want!!!

  • Debbie

    Does anyone have the white speedy 35? I bought one from Neiman’s in Dallas this past summer, love it of course. But then went to Austria last month and saw it in the LV store there. That one had the lock and key on it. The sales lady in the Austria said that they all come with a lock and key. So I’m bummed. Anyone else???

  • kim

    i love it. (lll)

  • elizabeth

    am turn apart by 2 cannot make a decision i absolutrly love the aquarelle looking at purchased from somebody 3100 but i love the palermo gm too, i cannot make a decision palermo gm seems practical but for some reason i keep going back to aquarelle over and over? for thosae who have this bag and have more experience what should i do? and is 3100 fair.?

  • suesan

    this bag is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……….last year its so ugly well not much but exepert the colour and the most uglllly part is that the stamp.they propperly they might of smugde it! if i was a judge to CHOSES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND FASHINOL I WOULD GIVE THE RANTING:0 OUT OF 10 THEY SMUDGE SO MUCH INTO THE BAG :)

  • Boca Bitch

    This bag is totally shiek, its what seperates the haves form the have nots

  • Da bag is relli cute. I lub it. Lol……..^_^

  • vdj0826

    Is it possible for the speedy 35 watercolor to have a stamp code of AR0049?

  • Robyn

    The brown aquarelle – is stamp code of FL0068 a good code – thanks everyone