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  • kindled

    Wow, what strikingly ugly bags! The Majestueux totes are the worst of the lot.

  • Katerina

    Wow what a mess for that price range.

  • frivofrugalista

    If that’s the direction they going in, I will keep staying way. Looks better without the exotics.

  • jenn

    Way too much going on. Yuck.

  • Faiza H

    “The theory to these bags seems to be that if you surround the the
    monogram with the most high-end of materials, the association can
    elevate the entire product.”—Yeah not happening here.

    As the article points out the patch-work designs are poorly executed and don’t even get me started about the price point. Maybe LV should name this collection the “Halloween Collection-Ugly Edition”

    • Guest

      haha yeah they are ugly bags

  • Betty Vincent

    Ugh.. very unappealing look. The design looks like a craft project gone very wrong.

  • laura

    This is the tacky Louis Vuitton is known for (flashy flashy). The bags are not their best creation but they are after all very… Louis Vuitton. IMO, these bags are for real LV fans with a little more money to spend than the regular speedy/neverfull customers. This is the direction they should go for, instead of trying too hard on the all-leather bags.

  • I love the shape but pattern mix I don’t like. I would have been a perfect everyday bag if it was just brown like the side parts.

  • JJ

    $5,000 for anything monogrammed is a rip-off, but $7,000+? That’s highway robbery! I don’t care if its accented with ostrich leather or aligator, or whatever exotic they think might justify that price. These bags look like the fake knock-offs you might find on a NY or Chicago street corner. Not authentic LV and definitely not pieces of luxury! If this is the direction LV intends to go without MJ, I think the brand is in serious trouble!

  • S

    Though the color combinations are off, this kind of looks like the celine trapeze.

    • Edia


  • AshleyG

    Tsk, tsk, tsk… tacky, tacky, tacky.

  • twoturntables

    Interesting analysis! They really are going off the deep end. It looks like the ostrich was just slapped on at the end. The irony is that if they just used ostrich in the place of the monogram, it has the potential to be a stunning bag. I feel that they could use the monogram for their “lower end” bags and ditch it altogether for the higher end ones. They could basically create a 2 tiered brand and be successful.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I have seen this bag at LV shop in Cologne for a year now. For that price I would rather get a second-hand Birkin bag.

  • Bag Girl

    this collection has been around for over 3 years.

    • Edia


  • T.U. A.

    this is what your expensive steak looks like after you put mayo, ketchup, and chocolate on it…

  • Haute mess.

  • Abby

    These really are a special kind of ugly. It looks like they’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink on there and hoping something works.

    • Guest


  • disqus_uItigSHga7


  • sapatik

    …this is just wrong…. looks like its made of leftovers…

  • Renae

    Dear God, my eyes!
    How can I unsee this? These bags are ugly. Period.

  • FashionableLena

    Louis Vuitton is really stretching it. I seriously thought that LV was trying to go upmarket. The shapes are really nice, but they should have let off the coated canvas and gone with a solid leather. These combinations are ugly and look cheap. They would have to pay me $7000 to carry them.

  • Alison Tong

    LV is just downgrading themselves.. Its copied the Celine Luggage and trying to sell exotic skin like Hermes by mix matching this shit together?
    I rather same a lil more and spend it all at Hermes

  • NAH

    The bag on the top looks like – COPY patterns and parts from LV bags and PASTE on Celine Trapaze. Boring and ugly..

  • Total and complete failure. They managed to make a tacky bag even tackier. These bags look like something you’d see a reality TV star wear.

  • anonymousfckr

    ew. they may be doing this to send their lovely new message: “Dear person with a salary, you wouldn’t understand this, of course. you can’t appreciate these special leathers thrown together with your limited tastes. If you were adequately rich, you’d love this. These are only for the really really rich ladies. Now run along.”

  • Jennifer

    And THESE are going to attract the Hermes customers? Oh my.

  • anonymousfckr

    is this called “The frankenstein”?

  • ellavanw

    It is the handbag version of the Many Faces of Eve. Horrible.

  • barbara

    These look outdated already. Louis Vuitton has to understand that they are just one step higher than coach. The really luxury items LV has is their luggage pieces.

  • channone

    my eyes are hurting

  • fiona

    this bag isnt really new. its been out for a year already!

  • Edia

    those are all old designs :/

    the majesteux is reeaaaaaaally pretty though! especially in yellow

  • Gabriel

    They look like badly made knock-offs. Louis Vuitton has never been in my wishlist, I don’t own anything from them and it’s going to stay that way.

  • Casey

    I’ve seen some of these bags in person and I must say, with the right color combinations, they don’t look all that bad. Pictures don’t always do them justice. Although I really do not like the price point for what you get.

  • TL

    As I expected, LV will see a serious decline until Ghesquiere (if he is the new CD) is able to show his influence. It is clear the design team has no real vision or direction, however, they are trying hard to do what they think is right. I’m excited to see the evolution of the brand over the next few years. LV will be the new Celine.


  • Hierophilic

    Lord that’s uuuugly

  • Elegant Tomato

    Looks like a fake Celine.

  • cremebrulee

    Take off the quit and maybe replace the turqoise on the hardware [to brass] and the tote etoile is actually nice. I’m liking the burgudy python (not the price point of course}.
    Honestly, they need to understand less is often more. The majestueux is plain ugly because they used 4 different materials and that’s just unnecessary.

  • kohls109

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    Vuitton handbag ranges from $95-$155.

  • Missi70

    Raising the price to exclude even more people….I have mixed feelings about this. I’ve always loved Louis Vuitton, but this move makes me either want to start buying knockoffs or totally turn my back on the brand completely.