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  • TexasST

    Some interesting looks but I do not care for the caricatures of the animals at all.

  • Charlie

    The tone of the new monogram is looking gorgeous however I absolutely hate those drawings! Reminds me of the DIY painting Birkin bag from Kim Kardashian

  • CoCo

    Numbers 1, 12 and 15 remind me of the Birkin bag way too much : (

    • Yoshi1296

      That is the iconic Steamer bag that LV makes. They were invented almost a decade before the Birkin was.

      • CoCo

        Oh wow, I didn’t know that until you told me! : )

  • Sparky

    Strange day in the fashion world when the mens’ bags are better than the women’s.
    I agree with the other posts regarding the illustrations (awful). I’d take them with out the animals.
    Slides 7,11,14,18,22 are fabulous. 24 is the best – and I don’t even like bucket bags!

  • Amanda

    I find this line so interesting. I, like many, am not a huge fan of the drawings- or the monograms for that matter- but I actually love the plaid, and the weekend tote styles. I like that they are branching out into other materials. The colour palette is lovely too :) I really like the giraffe(dinosaur?) clear box style bag- though I think I would display it, rather than use it as a bag of any kind.

  • FashionableLena

    Love the color palette. Hate the drawings. Number 24 is my favorite.
    I just wonder how many men would actually carry these as the are very reminiscent of a woman’s handbag. My husband and sons all said that they look like some of my purses. The crossbody bags also sit really high on the hip, but at least the strap is adjustable.
    I really like the springbok. Very cool. The plexiglass pieces are cool as well, but I’m assuming that both are more display pieces than anything functional for real life.

  • Alex

    Does anyone else find the illustrations frightening? Those elephants are what nightmares are made of.

  • B.S.

    I love the different colored monogram patterns but why do the drawings look so demonic?? I am hoping that eventually the monogram patterns will be availble without any drawings on them. I would defintely purchase something with that darker color!

  • bir

    ostrich COOL ! the rest……. i have to say is just ……………


    I hate all the fierce drawing. The rest are all beautiful!!

  • Greg J Richards

    Dreadful! I wouldn’t carry them even if I got them free. What on earth is going on at LV?

  • Designerpuff

    LV Men’s collections are always far superior to the Women’s. You can see the designers are actually thinking about it…maybe because men are a hard customer to acquire when it comes to accessories. I think the odd animal drawings are a fun touch also! Beauty can always be found in the grotesque…McQueen proved that point quite well in his collections.

  • corrid

    I like the black ostrich steamer bag!

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    The springbok/gazelle hide trunks in images number four and five are really gorgeous. I wouldn’t carry them – I’d display them on my coffee table as curios! I like the new monogram variations in navy and cerulean. It’s a really fresh new interpretation of the traditional brown Louis Vuitton® monogrammed canvas.

  • New to the blog but not to the bag life… Loved these looks. Would definitely carry the blue fur mini trunk, but probably not the ones with the animal sketches. They’re beautiful but they almost look too “boy” for my taste. Maybe if it was a photo of a peacock or swan! If I am sporting furry blue animal print, I want to convey DIVA COMING THROUGH.

  • Randall A

    I got into bags slowly about 2yrs ago after finding out that I need needed to carry one to house electronics, money, wallet, manicure, stuff, note pads, pens, meds, etc.

    It started out as a cheap nylon draw string sack. That fell apart FAST so I though a leather backpack would be nice. Well that got old as I didn’t like the carry it provided or getting in the bag.

    With out the long story I just recently upgraded and bought the MK Fulton, and the MK harness satchel and I love em!

    With all this being said here’s my take….. I love women’s bags and their style more than men’s and I am a very everyday male. I do tend to be female minded but I am straight. I w ish men’s bags would basically be women’s bags with a subtle change. Men’s bags are too big and not soft or slouchy. I know I’m probably the only guy on here to have this thought process but if any one agrees leave a reply.