Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Speedy

To keep white and lights clean is hard for most and nearly impossible for many. I owned a stunning Coach Tote which had a light blue suede stripe and cream colored canvas. I bought it for my trip to Europe three years ago, hoping I would look chic and I would not be devastated if it got dirty. The tote was stunning while it lasted, and then it started to get dirty. First on the four bottom corners, then on all edges, and it was all downhill from there. This was after 4 months. I put it in the washing machine (insert laugh now). RIP Coach Tote. I swore off light bags then. But right now a creamy delicious LV bag has my attention, and if I do not trust myself enough, there is a dark version available too. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Speedy is designed with monogram mini lin canvas which is feminine, light, and a perfect addition to the LV Speedy line. Available in either dune or ebene, this speedy is trimmed with leather and features shiny brass metal hardware. There is a zip top closure with a mini padlock (not heavy like the Chloe Paddlock) which opens to textile lining and a small patch pocket. At eLuxury there is the size 30 right now. Be daring and go light, or be safe and go dark. Buy through the Louis Vuitton boutique at eLuxury for $675.

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  • guru

    items lack of imagination!

  • Mint

    I personally prefer the light one. Hw, as you said, the dirty is scary!! Might go for the dark one, instead Y_Y

  • lee

    i love these bags! i really love the chocolate one, but both are beautiful, and certainly do not lack imagination!! A brand as classy and luxurious as LV does not need to create wild and crazy bags to satisfy the tastes of SOME of you people. They have a uniqueness all their own and are stunning and they should be appreciated for being simplisticly beautiful.

  • Annabelle

    Hi…can anyone please tell me how to tell if a mini lin is fake?? Where is the serial number located at?
    I bought one from a seller that said it’s authentic, but I’m doubting it. Thank you!!

    • FLY

      If u did not buy it from orginal LV store, most probably it’s fake.

  • nathaniel

    i like the white one i wish it come out in size 40 :grin:

  • kai

    I just got the Ebene, this bag is actually quite practical and gorgeous. I had some jewelry I didnt use, and added it to the bag. Its different because its not the typical canvas. This bag hasnt pulled or snagged, so I dont know what everyone is talking about. I dont think LV would make a bag that pulls and snags….

  • JC

    I have the same question regarding How can I tell if a Mini Lin is real or fake. The purse looks so real but I have never had a mini lin so I cant tell.

  • ceu

    Hi Annabelle,as i know the real LV has a serial number in or on bag.Usually LV Speedy has a number of size outside the zip (see under leather tag beside the zip).For an example If u have Speedy 30,the number under the leather is 30.The Authentic LV Speedy has padlock which is given free by the store. The colour is gold shine and there’s a symbol of LV.
    The leather of authentic LV Speedy Monogram,Azzur etc are shiny. U can see the differences between the fake one and the authentic.
    I love LV too…

  • joan

    i have this mini lin in dune (white), but don’t use it much because it does get dirty easily. it picks up the blue wash in jeans, so when i use it, i make sure i’m wearing light colored clothes. my sister has the dark one, and she loves it! no worries about it getting dirty at all.

  • natalie

    i got the dune one at the lv store in hk; it’s gorgeous =) canNOT wait to use it!!!

  • jvy

    I just purchased the ebene at eluxury…I hope it won’t disappoint me. I’m expecting to receive it this week.

  • jvy

    To: Annabelle

    I just received my LV Mini Lin Ebene today…I love it!

    About the authenticity of your purse I’ve chatted with a representative at Louis Vuitton website and he said the only way you can tell its authenticy was if you purchased it at Louis Vuitton stores, http://www.louisvuitton.com and eluxury.com and by the way the fake one has a golden ink printed that says ‘Louis Vuitton Made in France’ at the end of the zipper and the authentic one it was kind of moulded on the leather itself kinda like a dry seal.

  • Kristine

    Hi. I have the mini lin in dune. I had it dry cleaned. No problem with it at all. :)

  • Vickie

    I have had this bag for a few years now and love it! No worries at all. By the way, the stores were sold out & I ended up buying on Ebay from someone that had receipt. I took it to the LV boutique inside Neimans & they confirmed authenticity (fb).

  • Meghan

    Does the real mini lin in chocolate have white/light or dark colored stitching on the handles? Also is there any form of authenticity on the interior of the bag? Thanks

  • coco

    i wanna buy LV elegie bag.. I can decide which color to buy as i am afraid the color will change to very pale one..
    any suggestion?

  • zeeda

    is there an authentic mini lin speedy 30 in grey color?

  • Naggy

    These bags are extremely boring and that bag charm adds nothing to it. (ipad)

  • Maddie

    Is eluxury really selling authentic stuffs