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  • Rama

    Apple better stop changing iphone sizes in their next models! :D

    • kemilia

      But they probably will!
      And also the camera position/size, where the charger (if there is one) plugs in, etc. I have a drawer full of phone cases that I can’t use anymore, and all of them cost way less than this LV one. But I do like how this one looks.

  • Ping Yan

    about slide 1, over $5000 for a phone case?! Even it’s exotic leather it only cost such a little piece of Crocodile skin. Apple put so much more engineering and factory labors on making an phone, but any of above LV phone cases with much less thing costs much higher price. I don’t understand how rich people thinks, but I will definitely never buy any of these over priced phone cases.

    • tutis

      You don’t understand rich people because you’re not rich

  • C

    Over 5k for a phone case…godDAMN! Though if I had the money…why the heck not?

  • Samantha

    I’m going to wait for the inspired cases to come and get one of those for 30$. Anyone who would pay so much money for a phone case is insane.

    • Protection

      Well there are much better design out there and very affordable price. It is rather stupid to spend such silly $$$$ for just bloody phone case. Not cool looking and hediously cheap looking.

  • Gigi

    If I had a ridiculously disposable income, I’d get one. However, I have an internal struggle over buying any phone cases with how fast Apple changes the design of each phone

    • josh80

      Yet there tons of people complaining that Apple hasn’t changed the design of their phone soon enough!

  • FashionableLena

    Not really interested in paying for a case that costs more than the phone itself. But, if money were no object, I’d definitely get one.

  • Sparky

    Gorgeous but even if I could afford to spend so much on a case I don’t think I would. The case lasts only as long as the phone. And Apple makes SURE that isn’t long….

  • fran123

    how many people could I feed for that amount of $. Just f’in sad.

  • Anne Chan-Wong

    Very heavy case. I’m sure the ladies that have bricks for handbags will not appreciate the extra weight. Although it is a very cool looking case, I don’t think it’s worth the price.

  • JHH

    I love these, especially the Eclipse and the Shadow. Smaller pieces often take more precise labor and that could be a factor in the cost, but even so $5K is crazy. But there is always someone out there who can afford stuff like this.

  • the_other_one

    This is satire right? My god, those cases are gut wrenchingly ugly. I’m pretty sure I can hear Jonny Ive sobbing from across the pond.

  • Burp

  • Atlas

    Vuitton has to be the most overrated fashion brand.

    And this thing looks like shit. Whoever says it looks good needs a brain check.

  • MashkaNY

    Absurd lol

  • Pamela

    Bryan boy has one and it looks amazing. Now if only I had a spare $1,180.. or if anyone wanted to gift it me, I wouldn’t be opposed. My $10 silicone case will have to do until then ?

  • A_H

    i pass on the cell phone cases. i like the fully proofed (which is never fully proofed i know) cases over brand name cases. but do you know if the kim jones x lv x supreme collection will be out in Fall of this year? i’m trying to find the estimated time but no one’s writing about it.

  • duadavis

    Mine just arrived after being on the order list for 5 weeks. It’s fantastic.