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  • Eric N Vasey

    definitely not my favuorite…..

  • TexasST

    The black and gold are pretty but could easily cross over to tacky depending on your outfit.

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  • cbl

    don’t like it. especially the studs on the almas.

  • Charlie

    Looks ultra cheap

    • Sydney Glover

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  • Anna

    This pattern is AWFUL. It reminds me of Bowser from the Mario video games lol

  • oui

    AWFULLLLLL but I think it’s better on the Twist and the Petit Malle. Maybe because of the colors and the bag’s more contemporary shape.

    I think on the Alma and Mini Lockit, the colors just don’t work, the pattern doesn’t work on the classic shape, and the Valentino Rockstud wannabe studs are just overkill.

  • I love it, especially in black and gold. Not a fan of the alma like bag with studs but I think this print will be a hit in black and gold, navy and gold, and any dark color with gold & silver. The black and gold print would be awesome on a blazer too ?
    It’s so refreshing to see something unique!

  • Sparky

    Looks like Forever 21.

  • FashionableLena

    Makes the bags look cartoonish.

  • Edia

    its love it or leave it with this one i guess. but i really have to say, louis vuitton has the most awful pictures of their bags. i dont think i know of any other brand that has pictures as awful on their homepage. most bags look lovely irl but youd never guess that from the pictures. also they often dont have pictures of the inside of their bags.

    • Sparky

      Im glad someone else noticed this. Many bags have only one view- no interior shot. No shots on a model so we get an idea of scale. This is a REAL problem. I like to do a lot of comparison online so I’m informed when I go shopping. The LV site is not helpful.

  • Maya

    Is it me or this looks mucho cheapo???!!!!

  • Tana

    No No No, this is ugly!

  • Sara

    I want to hate it but I can’t. I have a feeling they would be much nicer in real life. Pictures don’t do the chain pattern any justice.

  • Khaya

    I’m not really a fan…this is giving me Moschino tease and although the bags are quirky, for me they are just to look at, not to buy and actually carry :-/

  • Tinsley Proust

    Love it on the mini Lockit. No so much on the others. I think it would look nice on a scarf.

  • Sparky

    One more comment: bags with locks. Does anyone USE the locks? If you lock your bag where do you put the key since you already locked you bag. In your pocket? Then you’ll forget its there and sent the pants to the dry cleaner.
    Yes I’m over thinking this but I can’t help it!!! Its just so odd.

    • Loli100

      When I travel I make it as difficult as possible for someone to steal my belongings especially when I take naps on the plane. So yes I lock my bag but I leave the key hanging on the bell strap or crochette which isn’t smart but it’s one more step the thief has to go through. If I’m carrying a lot of cash then I go through the trouble of looping the bell strap through the belt loop of my pants. But for the most part I leave the bell strap hanging from the hardware of my purse because I know I will misplace it if I move it. Other situations I do not lock my purse. Too much hassle to do so.

      • Sparky

        So they do have real world applications. Thanks for explaining how to use the bell strap.

  • Danielle

    So ugly Louis vuitton!! Stay classy.

  • Mei