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  • bryologue

    Wow, this is really nice! Though how much would that narrow strap would cut on the shoulder, though. Hmmm…

    • LV007

      For the size of the bag, you wouldn’t want to overstuff it anyway. So unless you’re putting a brick in there… the strap is perfect and understated.

      • bryologue

        You really think so? Let’s agree to disagree then.
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  • Sandy

    Wow, I thought the soft lock-it was pretty great. I think I may like this bag more. The design is both sophisticated and durable (that leather is pretty tough),..I love that the smaller size would hold lots as the design becomes wider at the bottom. Is it a zipper or a magnet that holds it at the top?

  • Lisa

    Agreeing with Amanda. This is first LV bag in a looooong time that I would consider buying. Beautiful colors too.

  • OMG! drooling!!

  • Mo

    I saw this bag a couple of days ago in the store, and I thought it was really old looking. Far prefer the soft lockit to this one.

  • Lori

    I am really on the fence with this bag. At first the shape seemed a little off to me, but the more I look at it, the more i like it. I am still saving up for the lock-it bag.

  • guest

    Saw this bag in person the other day. I don’t know, I am not liking that shape, it seems odd to me. Though some of the colors are pretty.

  • FashionableLena

    Saw this bag in person over the weekend. It’s just okay. Onne issue is with the longer strap. It doesn’t look as though it’s substantial enough to hold the bag nicely once it’s filled. I have never liked bags where the handles don’t fold.
    Like others have said, the shape is odd and a little old lady.

    • roxannegbryant

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    • bryologue

      Exactly what I was thinking. That longer strap would pose a problem in the real world for working women. It could have used a better strap design and still remain understated, it is epi after all.

  • Sal

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  • kimberlydbender

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  • sunny hui

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  • fashionlouis

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  • PJGambler

    Doesn’t send me—unless one is tall, this shape can tend to make you look fat-too wide for my taste-a north/south shape tends to look more trimming

  • Pilgrimmary

    I saw it in the LV Chicago store – very nice. It suited my lifestyle and will be my next handbag. Now, what color?

  • Hasan
  • zarah

    Wow,I like this color and now i am using this type of handbag.Thank you for sharing.


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  • Lori

    I purchased the MM in black at the LV store on Rodeo Drive in October. I love the bag, and have cared for it per LV instructions. I’ve recently noticed that the threading on the outside seams has become loose, and is protruding in some places. I contacted LV Customer Service. They were not helpful at all. They suggested that I drive to one of their “flagship” stores, which happens to be 7 hours away, to have the bag evaluated. I love the bag, customer service has been below expectations. I am regretting my decision to purchase this bag.

  • I loved the second kast, it can be a oerfect gift for mom in this price range. It very difficult to choose one from all design and colour.

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