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  • PhilanderingMoustache

    It looks a little bit like the Dooney purse I carried in high school.

    • Nerdster


    • AshleyG

      Yep, Dooney and Bourke’s current Dillen Satchel will definitely give you this look for less- shape, leather texture, color, and all…

      The Epi Alma is still the top of the line for this bag…

  • kate

    I like the black with gold hardware. However, too expensive. Still looks like a less expensive alma.

  • Spencer

    In my opinion, this new material made the Alma less-expensive looking. It looked more expensive in the epi leather and monogrammed embossed vernis. It looks most expensive in a vernis.

  • Kristin

    Hmm…yet another designer who makes things that they only want “certain” people to buy. Apparently, that doesn’t include me.

    • Well, every designer makes things they only want certain people to buy. Louis Vuitton has just decided to shift that group a little bit.

      • Abbi

        Is that why Marc Jacobs is leaving you think?

      • pe.riche.

        Excellent point! MJ makes glorious bags, but they are still attainable without being obnoxious. I think MJ is one of those designers who aren’t as stuffy when it comes to who purchases his items. I think he just wants people in general to enjoy his creations.

      • Guest

        Is that really true though? I feel like there are 2 types of designers: one that designs with a specific customer in mind and the other, a designer that simply wants to bring his/her vision to life. IDK.

  • ellavanw

    That dangly thing looks an awful lot like the Hermes clochette. A Bolide by any other name . . .

  • laura

    This leather version doesn’t look as luxurious as what you expect from LV. I still prefer the epi leather version. This one, IMO, is not worth the price. Somewhat disappointing…

  • Faiza H

    This might be slightly off topic but with LV prices soaring close to 4K on a good bag I wonder what the folks who could once afford an LV (even if it’s 1500) think about it.

  • Emilee

    This looks like a Dooney and I wouldn’t pay $4,450 for this bag. I have spent a lot of money on bags but this just isn’t worth it. If they want to raise the price of their bags then they need to completely redesign them. Why would I drop 5K on a bag when I can have the same bag in different leather for a fraction of the cost?

  • Edia

    has anybody here even seen this bag irl?
    its fabulous! i LOVE the suede color-contrasting lining <3

    i wouldnt compare it to epi or vernis since vernis is really flashy and epi is a lot stiffer than that version here. theyre all the same bag (so to speak) but i feel like they all look really different :3

  • EGlez ?

    Bolide wannabe.

  • ?? ?

    What is epi leather made of exactly?is it sort of invented by LV or just
    some kind of crafts exclusively owned by LV?~

  • pixiegirlie

    I LOVE these alma’s but they are out of my price range of what I feel comfortable spending on a handbag. I wonder how these will look after some heavy use since they are a softer leather. I’d fear that they loose the shape and look kind of saggy.

  • veyda

    It’s beautiful. The price will definitely keep me from owning it though :(

  • Eric

    Price increase in monogram products might scare away young people for their first brand bag ever and I believe that products of Parnassea collection will not take many customers from other high-end brands such hermes..

  • Classic Chic

    Meh, I am not feeling the material, perhaps it’ll look better with Suhali leather. Part of the reason I think LV is going south because they kept turning LE to regular line production, get the hype up then mass produce the line. It’s just wrong.

  • LOLA

    I’m not impressed by Vuitton. With those prices, i can go to Fendi, Gucci or Loewe.
    At Vuitton, they needs to realize that they have too many ugly bags. They needs to concentrate on the essentials, the classic Vuitton bags. The monogram has lost his value so maybe they needs to push the damier which is more chic.
    Seriously, i’ll never pay that price for a Vuitton bag. Instead of copying Hermes, they have to see what is happening at Fendi. Fendi bags are just gorgeous.

  • Guest

    Its boring. Its casual class and perhaps trying hard to appeal to the audience mentioned above, but it just lacks the luxe that you would expect when buying a Vuitton.

  • LoveLVLeather

    hmmm… looks like many people not a big fan of this alma. Is it really so bad?
    I actually thought the Taurillon leather collection is quite nice, and Alma PM is in my wish list. (i haven’t seen or feel the real bag though).
    What about Suhali Lockit? which is a better leather bag?

  • kohls109

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  • anon

    It’s kind of a bummer that these mostly come in silver hardware, except for the black.