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  • JJp

    That bag is VERY fake, the handles are absurdly thick, the graffiti pattern is to small, and the interior is off. SMH.

    • Karissa

      Indeed extremely fake. The attachments are so off both on the handles and on the side ties. Not even a good fake. Ugh.

      • laura

        I’m not an expert but I don’t see why she would buy a fake bag. She certainly has the money to buy the real one. Shocking!

      • Jadesmusings

        Not quite sure, Laura! But at least for me, I own a few real neverfulls but also keep one or two replicas on hand (shhh!) for whenever I need an XL sturdy semi-waterproof tote for heavy-duty/ beach/ corgi or food-carrying use. That way, even if the replicas get stained or cut or even worse, peed in (…), I wouldn’t feel as bad! :-)

    • Naomi

      Hi JJp, absolutely you are right. It is a FAKE piece. I have the same one but a real Louis Vuitton piece!! It is shame on her to use fake bag…..:-(

  • bir


  • louch

    Don’t the PB team check this stuff first? No offence to the LV ladies, but I would be shocked that a fake bag was put up as legit.

  • Abbi

    Also the way the bag slouches makes it seem old and well used but the leather hasn’t darkened.

    The original collection is probably my favourite LV collection.

  • Kimberly

    Definitely a fake Bag