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Do You Have a Go-to Vacation Bag?

I've got two big trips planned this summer and this is the bag I'm taking with me

The last two years somehow feel like they’ve gone by in the blink of an eye yet also feel like an eternity ago at the same time. Now more than ever, I feel the fatigue of what we’ve collectively gone through as a society over the last two years. I find myself longing for summer and the getaways that come with it.

I want to feel that rare, easy, and carefree mood that only comes when one is miles away from home and all their responsibilities. I long for the days when my only worry will be what time dinner is and whether I want a frozen margarita or one on the rocks.

The Perfect Vacation Bag?

As life has begun to transition little by little towards some degree of normalcy, travel has become possible again, and many of us are cashing in on airline vouchers or choosing to finally take that much-needed trip. This summer, I’ve got two trips planned, and as I begin to mentally plan for things I want to bring or buy. I’ve started to wonder, is there such a thing as the perfect vacation bag?

I’ve not been on a big trip in some time, and I’m excited to be visiting Tel Aviv, Israel, in June and Lisbon, Portugal, in September. Both trips will bring a warm-weather climate with both city and beach outings in the plans. I’ll need something that’s both versatile and practical, and while I’ll probably bring along one or two of my nice bags for dinners, for daytime, I’ve got my eyes set on something new.

Longchamp’s Le Pliage Filet

Introduced last year, Lonchamp’s Le Pliage Filet just might be the perfect vacation bag. It’s not only stylish and incredibly chic, being the lovechild of two iconic French brands, but it’s also easy to pack, taking up very little space. The Le Pliage Filet was created by Longchamp in partnership with FILT, France’s oldest manufacturer of net shopping bags.

Longchamp Le Pliage Filet

With both practicality and style in mind, the bag has two sets of handles, allowing for top handle and over-the-shoulder wear. A sophisticated twist on sustainable market shoppers, the partnership is a very fashionable ode to two must-have classic French bags. The Le Pliage Filet retails for just $110 too, making this bag a vacation must that won’t break the bank. Now if only I could decide which color to buy…

What’s your ideal vacation bag?


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