When it comes to ensuring that your belongings don’t get soaked in a sudden downpour, your pickings are slim. Go ahead, Google “waterproof handbags.” I’ll wait! See what I mean? Nothing but a bunch of camping equipment, which means that you should always carry an umbrella if possible. That doesn’t mean, though, that all regular handbags are created equal when it comes to inclement weather. Far from it, in fact!

We’ve got three suggestions for three different personal styles, but this is the important stuff to remember when you’re getting dressed on a rainy day: Make sure it closes all the way, make sure it’s big enough to hold an umbrella and make sure you won’t weep if it gets ruined. Those are the rules, ladies. I don’t make them, I just share them.

The most popular choice for a rainy day, of course, is a nylon zip tote. They’re compact, they’re inexpensive, a little water won’t ruin them – they’re perfect! The Diane von Furstenberg Vintage Print Nylon Tote gets extra points for having a beautiful pattern, which helps hide the kind of wear-and-tear that nylon tote bags often endure. Buy through ShopBop for $98.

Ok, so let’s say that you don’t want to do nylon at all, but you also don’t want to run the risk of ruining a leather bag, which seems like a common predicament. If you have a job interview or a meeting with clients, you still want to look as professional as possible in bad weather. That’s where something like the Deux Lux Black Woven Crossbody comes in. It’s completely faux, but the classic details and the woven texture ensure that it doesn’t look fake to the casual observer. Don’t drop it in a puddle or anything, but for a little exposure to regular rain or snow, you should be fine. Buy through Bluefly for $90.

On the other hand, let’s say you want to go in the entirely oppposite direction and would like to wear something fun and cheerful to lift your spirits in the dreary weather. If that’s the case, it’d be hard to do better than the LeSportsac JOYRICH Backpack in striking leopard nylon. Not only that, but the backpack shape frees up your hands and arms for making sure that any addition things you carry can stay safely under your umbrella. If you’re not so sure about the print, LeSportsac makes backpacks in lots of other patterns (as well as solids) for your carrying pleasure. Buy through ShopBop for $158.

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  • J Umm

    i’d give the leopard print a go

  • rose60610

    In terrible weather, it’s smug fun to assume that the “designer” bags carried by wearers who make no effort to protect them are likely counterfeits.

    A blogger here said she carried a plastic bag that scrunched up into nothing to protect her nice bags. Great idea.

    The bags featured here are nice go-to’s for inclement weather.

  • CarolineLondon

    My LV Damier Hampstead regularly gets rained on, put on the floor of the train to and from work in the morning (including in puddles)… And still looks GREAT. The coated canvas is totally waterproof! Much more so than my nylon Longchamps which soak through pretty fast…
    I’m a bit more careful with my Monogram Multiplicite because it has tan leather (my Hampstead has dark brown) trim which shows the rain drops, but my Hampstead is my go to handbag for the rain. And this is London. It rains a LOT.
    Just my 2p worth…

  • Outfit31

    It’s all about the leopard!

  • Mariah

    I don’t like backpacks but a tote in that leopard pattern would be perfect.

  • MissDemeanor

    Gucci GG supreme material is fine in the rain.