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  • They are cute little bags and they suit her. Little bit small for my liking though. If I had a dedicated handbag closet it would be full of classic Chanel handbags in every size & colour. You can dream! Gemma xx http://www.jacquardflower.uk

  • that’s a lot of love! i’m still meh on the bag but she sure styles it up well

  • B

    Mine would be full of Chanel maxis or reissue 2.55 along with Hermes birkins 35 or 40 and Kelly 35s.

  • Sandy

    At one time I thought I needed to own a bag from every designer. I found that I loved a few and used them constantly and left the others in their dust bags. I sold the bags that I clearly did not love and promised myself to only buy bags that made my heart sing. Once I learned that lesson I found my love of bags rests with Givenchy and Chanel. Maybe one day something else will catch my eye but as of now..I am just fine with my collection of several bags from only two designers.

  • Jerri R

    Slide #7 — rectangular boob alert!

  • Susan Young

    She’s a girl who knows what she likes. It’s possible she’s not a handbag lover and finds these suit her basic needs. I can appreciate that.

    • if you are among those who have few hrs of free time, there is a sìmple strategy that will help you get some added ca$h every week – learn how by vìsìtìng línk recorded on my dìsqus profile ( be advísed: act quíck this lìnk wíll be avaílable only for a brief time while on disqus )

  • FashionableLena

    Slides 6 & 13 are my favorite. I need tha MJ t-shirt!
    I have noticed lately that I am loving the mini bag trend. I didn’t care for the Celine because the handles don’t fold down. Found a similar style from MK that has fold down handles. I’m over big bags. Such freedom with carrying a small size.

  • Art

    I honestly think she’s the one kardashian that isn’t about excess. Her whole asethetic is stylish and simple. I think being in the fashion world has reflected positively on her because she is the least gaudy out of the K and J clan. I think her handbag rotation is refreshing, it’s cute, fresh, and not showy besides it being a small Celine.

  • box5angel

    Such a cute small bag. I don’t like them really big. At least that kind. I do love big bags, but have been using smaller ones. I like that she wears it with the most casual outfit to the dressiest dress. Also, love that she wears it crossbody in some instances, and rarely used the handles.

    If I had an handbag closet, I’d have every type of bag that I love. From the bags I bought from the discount store to the highest end ones. But one, if I’d definitely have to have is Dior’s classic Lady Dior.

  • Amy

    I love her style. The bag complements every outfit well!

  • Maya

    Enough of the Celine Luggage already! Jeeez I cannot stand that bag:))

  • shopper

    She doesn’t have mush variation in her clothing: torn up jeans and tee (albeit EXPENSIVE torn up jeans and tee). Boring.

  • Cami

    The bag in slide eleven is actually blue and she owns another nano in black, white and yellow so she’s a tougher case than we thought ha! Now don’t get me wrong, I love her dress choice (most of the time). She’s probably my favorite of the sisters.. her or Kourtney. As far as bags, I’d say if you’ve got Kardashian money buy what you like!!! No more, no less.

  • Keiah

    Ugh I love her style! Her fashion is my favorite amongst the Kardashians’

  • anu

    I was never really a fan of kendal or her style until I scrolled through this post! Eye-opening, we dress very alike and I am also so fond of my 3.1 phillip lim mini pashli which is actually pretty similar to her nano!

  • Giselle

    She styles it pretty well, the bag indeed works great with casual and formal looks. Karl is prob not happy that she’s not wearing Chanel that often.

    • Fine Meechan

      At least she wearing his key-chain :D

  • julie

    can anyone ID the shoes in slide 4? love them!

  • S

    Man does she have long legs and a huge stride. yep I’m jealous!

  • Sonia

    Am I the only one that came here to say, “Who cares?”

    • emily

      Well you cared enough to click and comment on it.

  • Jess

    cant fault her. I hope she keeps up this cool girl, well behaved appearance. she’s lovely.

  • Helene Gardner Kaufman

    She seems like she enjoys sneakers and boots more than bags, and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially at her young age.

  • Vicky

    I think she just like things simple for her bags. She was carrying lots of black City before. I guess she’s the type that when she likes something, she stick with it, in many different color. (That’s kinda sound like me, too.) ;)

  • Betty

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  • emily

    She’s probably the only Kardashian/Jenner with great style, I definitely prefer the nano over the main Celine bag size.