Our winners are: Sierra T. and Adrienne Z.! Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered

We are always looking to bring you new handbag designers on PurseBlog. Today we have a new line that is not only from a designer we know and love but also in a great price range. Be&D Creative Director, Steve Dumain, is launching a new handbag brand called Roccatella tonight on QVC (7 PM EST).

The line will exclusively be featured and sold on QVC tonight, 9/30, at 7 PM EST. The assortment you will see will be a collection of nine pieces made with durable yet soft calfskin. Price range will be from $199 to $299. What you can expect to get from this line is luxury and style at a very attainable price. The aesthetic Steve brings to Be&D differs from Roccatella, but Roccatella remains trend-driven and statement-making.

We plan to tune in tonight to see the line in person (and see Steve!). You should tune in as well, not only because we think you will love the collection but also because we have a giveaway with Roccatella for you all.

Click below to find out how to enter to win TWO Roccatella bags of your choice!

How to win?

To enter: Watch Roccatella on QVC tonight at 7 PM EST. Tell us what color Steve Dumain’s shirt is and post your answer in the comment section below. Comments have to be approved so your comment will not show up immediately.

What can you win: From the correct answers we will randomly choose two winners! Each will be able to pick out 2 bags of their choice (based on inventory).

We will announce the two winners tomorrow.

“Roccatella is inspired by (and named after) my grandmother,” said Dumain. “She has always been a modern woman to me with a classic sense of style that is, at the same time, chic and forward thinking. I also referenced my extensive vintage luggage and bag collection, which is always an influence in my overall aesthetic.”

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  • vicky

    I like the “R” bag “charm” since my name starts with an R :)
    Also looking for a gray bag, so that first one looks promising.
    Thanks for the update!

    • sierra tomlinson

      Steve’s shirt is light pink and he’s also wearing a grey blazer. These bags are great, I love the olive color!

    • KMO

      Steve’s shirt is PINK :)

  • bisbee

    I like the style that’s shown in grey and blue…but I wish they didn’t have that big R charm! Different strokes!

  • Joy

    Steve Dumain’s shirt is pink! He’s also wearing a grey blazer. He looks so cute!

  • Amy Alexander

    Steve is wearing a pink shirt!!

  • Amy

    Steve is wearing pink shirt with gray blazer. LOVE all the bags! So happy to see him on Q!

  • Jaz

    His shirt is pink.

  • JenG

    Steve Dumain’s shirt is pink.

  • AES

    Steve Dumain’s shirt is pink!!

  • Patti W

    Steve is wearing a pink shirt with a grey blazer

  • christine

    Steve is wearing a pink tee. Man, these bags are the bomb!

  • KLO

    Steve Dumain is wearing a PINK shirt!

  • Bonniesgirl

    Steve is wearing a pink shirt. I hope they aren’t sold out yet. Good luck, Steve!

    • Bonniesgirl

      P.S. I forgot to mention that I LOVE Steve’s ring!!!

  • maril

    Steves shirt is PINK.Always great to see a new line of quality,well made,great priceline handbags!

  • Har

    Pink! Interesting bags.

  • Kira

    Light pink shirt, grey blazer! Love the bags!

  • Maureen

    Steve Dumain is wearing a PINK shirt. Love, Love your handbags. Keep bringing us your bags to QVC forever.

  • sarah

    Steve’s shirt is pink and these bags rock really like the olive gretchen hobo!

  • adrienne zedella

    Steve Dumain is wearing a pink shirt (it’s a T, I think) under a grey suitjacket and it looks like he’s got brown pants on.
    And I love the handbags! They’re large, roomy, comfy looking and elegant! Thanks for the show!

  • Monica

    Steve is wearing a Pink Tee style shirt under his Gery Blazer.
    I love the versatility of the handles and straps.
    He thought truly of the working busy woman with this line.
    We need our bags to be hands on and sometimes hands free.

  • Sue

    Steve Dumain is wearing a pink shirt tonight on QVC!

  • Jean

    Steve has on a pink shirt. I thought Bruce M’s purses were tops, but these are awesome and affordable.

  • Gwen

    Steve Dumain is wearing a pink shirt! Wow, never heard of this line and his bags looks aweso
    me! Great job QVC!

  • lonna hays

    Steve is wearing a pink shirt with a gray blazer. I really like the Madison and the Gretchen.!

  • Steve Domain is wearing a salmon color shirt.His bags are beautiful.

  • Mary Anne

    Steve has on a pink tee shirt. These bags look extremely fashionable and roomy. The colors look very rich and the leather looks soft.

  • Denise

    Steve Dumain is wearing a pink t shirt under a grey jacket. QVC really needed a new handbag line. These bags are super.

  • Gwen

    Steve Dumain is wearing a pink shirt! Wow, never heard of this line and his bags looks awesome! Great job QVC!

  • Pat

    Steve is wearing a light pink shirt! Love the bags!

  • Linda Hunter

    his shirt is pink

  • Jacqui Conn

    Pale pink crew neck shirt – beautiful – w/gray blazer.

  • Jamie Stewart

    His shirt is PINK!~

  • gina marie

    His shirt is pink! A cognac bag would go great with my new boots <3

  • Grace B.


  • Natalie Felhofer

    He is wearing a light pint shirt.

  • Natalie Felhofer

    Opps – I meant light pink

  • Chavon Riggins Smith

    Look at Mr. Steve Dumain rockin’ that Pink shirt! Pink it is!!

    • Chavon Riggins Smith

      Or salmon, if you may!

  • Vanna

    Dumain’s wearing a pink shirt.

  • amy duren

    Steve’s shirt is pink. He is also wearing a gray blazer.

  • hanh nguyen

    Steve Dumain’s shirt is wearing Pink shirt

  • Marie

    Steve is wearing a pink shirt and gray blazer, beautiful backdrop to the fabulous purses he’s showing. Looking forward to his shoe collection someday! on QVC.

  • Cleopatra Ahmed Saleh

    Soooo, hes wearing a beautifully light pink, paired up with a neutral grey blazer! good combo me thinks! (:

  • andi

    Pink, pink, pink! These bags look fabulous. My downfall (so says my hubs) is my love for bags. There’s worse things…right??!!

  • Jenny P

    Steve D is wearing a pink shirt! I wish my bf would wear pink once in awhile. :P

  • Anthony Martin

    Steves shirt is Pink :)

  • digby723

    I cheated, I don’t have cable, but I watched the videos on QVC.com, he’s wearing a light gray suit with a light pink shirt on underneath! (That gray Riley bag that blended into his suit is HOT!)

  • Shannon

    He’s wearing a light pink shirt with a grey blazer!

  • Happy

    Pink shirt…..gray blazer! A favorite color combination of mine!!!

  • Mel

    Pink shirt!

  • Jam

    his shirt is pink!

  • Seniwati

    Steve shirt is light pink !! And I love the bag!!

  • amy2951

    Steves shirt is light pink

  • kylacove

    Steve is wearing a pink t-shirt. I would love to win one of his bags.

  • joanne isperduli

    Steve wore a pink shirt. Love the Emma Convertible Bag!!

  • purseloco

    pale pink tee shirt, nice bags!

  • LuvYerBag

    Pink – almost pastel – shirt, w/ light grey blazer…the Emma convertible is cute!!

  • I V Y
  • jennifer h

    steve is wearing a pink shirt

  • Jessica

    He wore a pink shirt. Thanks for the giveaway! It would be hard to choose only 2!

  • ballenina

    Steve’s shirt is pink, and i love these designs!

  • Laurie Park

    His shirt was pink. I love the olive green hobo and the blue tote. The white convertable satchel is cool too.

  • Sylvia

    His shirt is pink!!! Pink and Grey, AWESOME COMBO!

  • Heather S

    Steve’s shirt is pink!

  • Savvydoc

    hope his is not too late- Steve’s shirt was pink.
    Love the Riley tote…

  • farija


  • Lorie Nieva

    Sorry for the late response, but he was wearing PINK!

  • F

    pink shirt!!

  • Doruntina


  • P C


  • Erin M.

    Steve Dumain wore a Pink shirt!
    (I DVRed the Roccatella show to prove it)

  • Joyce

    Pink shirt!

  • Kelly

    Steve D’s shirt is pink with a nice grey blazer.

  • Melissa

    Gorgeous bags, and Steve looked great in his pink shirt, too!

  • bisbee

    The shirt was PINK.

  • Vasia


  • Thu Huynh

    His shirt is Pink and I love these bags!

  • Kimberly C.

    Steve Dumain’s shirt is pastel pink.