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After picking up a tourmaline stone on an African safari and designing it into a ring at the age of 13, Kara Ross knew she had a vision and would love to design. Kara Ross is now known for her exotic one-of-a-kind handbags, her divine jewelry, and her use of precious and semi-precious stones. Kara expects a woman who wears her designs to have an ‘independent and unique sense of style and be classic yet willing to take risks and stand out’. In 2002, Kara launched a fine jewelry line which was and still is a huge success. And in 2006, she launched her line of exotic handbags. Her handbags have been widely praised and are being carried in stores like Neiman Marcus and being seen in the hands of many celebrities.

Her vision is clear, her designs are breathtaking, and her pieces are truly different from all others. Kara Ross handbags implement classic elegance with a new age touch. The focal point of her bags is the stone that she may use at the closure paired with the exotic skins. Kara is not afraid to mix and match exotics on each bag, really making the handbag stand out and garner all attention. Below are a few of my favorite bags from Kara Ross. Her designs are eye-catching, stunning, and easy to love. Check out more designs, including her jewelry, at Kara Ross online.

kara ross lucis python bag
Kara Ross Lucis Silver Python Bag. $2,575
This bag pairs silver python with fuschia alligator to make a stunning compilation! There is shiny silver hardware and rock crystal detail.

kara ross lucis lizard ostrich bag
Kara Ross Lucis Ring Lizard and Seafoam Ostrich. $2,940
This is one of my favorites! The Ring Lizard and Seafoam Ostrich compliment one another perfectly, and there is resin and small stone detail.

kara ross tiffany alligator bag
Kara Ross Dea Tiffany Blue Alligator Bag. $4,500
This is a Tiffany blue alligator with shiny silver hardware and rock crystal detail.

kara ross dea elephant lizard bag
Kara Ross Dea Elephant Lizard Bag. $2,410
Very easy to wear to many occasions, this bag is designed with elephant lizard, stormy alligator, gunmetal hardware with dark horn resin, and smoky topaz stone. Dimensions are 11″ x 4.75″ x 1.25″.

kara ross claro silver lizard bag
Kara Ross Claro Silver Ring Lizard Bag. $1,825

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  • william

    It looks like this designer’s aesthetic has not developed since she was 13; these look really tacky.

  • ann

    Sighs, not a fan of “exotic” products. Just stick to leather dammit. Definately a no on the actual design itself.

  • Kaytey

    I must be tacky, because I like the design and the colours themselves. I think clutches and wallet SHOULD be bright! Having said that, I hate, hate, hate exotics. I think they’re creepy. I would prefer these in subtly embossed leathers.

  • sandy

    no exotics for me either…
    not doing it for me at all

  • valentina

    Well I agree with Megs, I find them glamorous and original, instead of tacky I would define them as luscious colors! What’s up with leather (cow) being ok and scaly animals being off…?

  • mette

    These clutches look different but that doesn´t mean that I like them.

    • Rebecca

      then again what do you like anyway

  • GeorgiaT

    I think thay are all beautiful. I agree with Valentina, why are mammals ok but amphibians creepy? They add a luxurious texture and I would just die for the silver python bag! These are all bags that will definitely turn heads and invoke a little envy, even from those who won’t admit it.

  • Celine

    i find these bags repulsive.

  • ann

    Because cows aren’t alarmingly going extint/endangered. The scales of snakes and skins of tigers and such are used purely for making a bag/cloth/shoe/accessory that is then made to feel like leather anyways. The cows you eat them, use their skin. It’s a difference if you look beyond. Examples of animals that are really endagered are like the albino pythons, they’re hunted just for their skin. You have to kill them to use their skin only. It’s a personal choice to stand against buying these kinds of products.

    I don’t think it’s creepy to use anything. It’s the moral standards behind it. And plus…. snake skins feels smoother than leather by a bit and the well anyways. I don’t want dwell on this type of topic. People will have their own thoughts. I just won’t support it. But those animals will eventually die and become extint.

    • ldb

      youre an idiot i highly doubt its real snake skin

  • Kaytey

    I agree, but I think they’re creepy because snakes and lizards are creepy. : /
    Cows don’t creep me out.
    Although they do smell a bit.

  • Mr B

    I see no difference in killing a cow for its meat and killing a snake for its skin. I love these clutches, and the small stones are just darling.

  • Mrs Sunday

    I have just bought a Lucis in burgundy croc, brown and white snake and brown ostrich, its a nice bag, dont get me wrong, but the quality of the stitching is very poor, some missing, mini wholes etc. Not Fendi or Chanel quality – not even Jimmy Choo. Strange really when using such expensive skins. It is my first and my last for sure.

  • Donna

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe people are so nasty. The clutchs are interesting and eye catching. If I could afford a Kara Ross original I would proudly show it off. WHO has the right to define Tacky anyhow. Its a choice of individuality, not all people, art, or fashion appeals to the majority. I like the designs.

  • Emma

    You people have no sense of style what so ever if you think this is tacky. These clutches are beautiful and bold! I am a person who wants to stand out of the crowd not be an average person I want to be above average and these clutches show it! :grin:

  • m

    some of the clutches are stylish & different, but they are all made with real animal skins. Leather from a cow, which there are many of, is different than the skins of animals which many are close to being endangered. The bags are cuts, but
    using the skin of poor animals is mean and unethical. =(