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  • ReneeO

    I like them. I want one.

  • Saidi

    How unfortunate and sloppy!

    • chrissta

      the clasp is a magnet. wow, sloppy indeed.

  • Alica

    Seriously? Over $3K for this? Why some new designers hate women so much?

    • jackij

      I know. Tassels are so yesterday.

  • Gc

    I bought #3 -it is spectacular! I didn’t expect much until I actually saw it in person – the craftsmanship and detail is exquisite. Incredibly lightweight too. Unlike anything else out there right now…

    • Tina

      You bought it from Barneys for $2,195 without seeing in person? Brave. Does it stand on the feet flat without rocking? The pics show that the feet are positioned at an angle, could be a problem. How do you like the interior? It’s fabric, not leather. Doesn’t look very luxurious to me, especially for this price. Please, share. Thnx.

      • Gc

        Bought it after I saw it – I loved it. I own a Chanel maxi lambskin, a Celine Edge (of which the zipper broke after one month), Roger Vivier and Delvaux – so I think I understand quality. The interior is a thick linen, which I happen to like. I can think of numerous overpriced handbags that don’t all have leather or suede interiors – LV, Row, Saint Laurent come to mind. Can’t count how many times I have already been complimented on or asked about this bag.

      • I’ll be the navy color is beautiful! [how] does it stand on the feet considering it’s a rounded shape on the bottom? Does the tassle get in the way at all?

      • Gc

        Elle – the navy color is a true navy — not quite as bright as in the pictures, but still really saturated and pretty. It stands on its feet fine and the tassel does not get in the way. It is really just one of those bags that you have to see in person to really appreciate. I wasn’t as crazy about the hobos, but I am not a big hobo fan. I was torn between this saddle and the version in black that has tassels on either side. It is really nice as well.

      • grammy

        Girl, let it go, nobody likes the bag.

      • Gc

        Try replying with something a bit more substantive. All I was trying to do was be helpful in my initial post and responses. Little bit of bullying going on here? It would be like me making the assumption that all the shallow posts on this so far sound like folks who think LV canvas and MK are quality and stylish and know nothing about craftsmanship. Remind me not to like a bag on here for fear that posters with the stroke of a key and behind the safety of their desks will try to diminish you… Unfortunately, it comes off as very envious.

      • pbdahlin

        “shallow obsessing strongly encouraged”

      • Tina

        Do you really attempt to compare the quality of this new-comer with Chanel and other well-established premier designer brands? How odd, to say the least. And, I’m afraid, linen is not considered a luxury material, not in this price range. What about the feet? Can the bag stand on its own, or are the feet just for decoration? Sorry, but your response sounds like a “sponsored post” promotion to me.

      • Gc

        Well then don’t ask a question if you are afraid of getting an answer you don’t like. Also, it bothers me how many assumptions you made even in your initial question. I had my reservations about even answering you because you came off as so judgmental. I am not sponsoring anything. I have been a member of the PB since the beginning. I like handbags. BTW — it stands on its feet without any wobble.

      • RosieD

        Wow, angry much trying so hard to promote this awkward line..

      • Gc

        Please respond with something more substantive…

      • Smithy

        It’s a purse…..let’s relax. Oy vey.

    • Passerine

      I like the blue color and can see how the bag might appeal, but I have to respectfully disagree on the craftsmanship, at least in the woven leather part. It’s uneven and clunky, esp when compared to the exquisiteness of BV weaving. Now perhaps this was done deliberately to give the bag a “hand-crafted” look but BV weaving is also done by hand. The Altuzarra bags seem to have a more of an upmarket hippie dominatrix vibe (IMO), which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. But (again IMO) the bags simply don’t hold up in the craftsmanship stakes against BV, the true and time-tested masters of woven leather goods.

    • Smithy

      Enjoy your bag. It sounds lovely. How odd that you have to defend your purchase or admiration of this bag. Go figure.

  • chrissta

    The weave is so Bottega Veneta, no? Give us something really new for this price point.

  • Amazona

    The braiding looks like something I made on 3rd grade. The basic designs are okay, only a little boring, but workable. Some classier detailing and more thought into the whole package and you have a winner.

  • Sandy

    I find the feet odd on this style of a bag … Nothing I see here inspires me to investigate further.

    • Tina

      The feet on the rounded saddle shape, right? How totally strange and absurd!

  • FashionableLena

    I really like the bag in slide 4. The color is gorgeous. However, that braid would bug me after about 5 minutes.
    The more I look at it, the more I see an S&M whip.

    Off to hide now.

    • tazy

      S&M whip it is! LOL

  • Sparkletastic

    Yuck. Those too long, sad tassels. Nope.

  • Jerri R

    The tassels remind me of a bedroom whip that I made my husband purchase for us 15 years ago in Las Vegas. Never got around to putting it to good use ;)

    • tazy

      hilarious! LOL

  • I like the first one. The others are too reminiscent of the Chloe bags IMO

  • tim de rosen

    Appeals to a minority audience. Wait for the sale.

  • Pookie

    Reading through all the comments I just find myself annoyed with comparisons to Chloe and Bottega Venetta, honestly HOW does this weaving on the strap look like Bottega?!! That is ridiculous – people just make things up because they want to be nasty, it’s so bizarre to me. That being said, I do NOT love these bags. I like the braided strap and I like the shape of the crossbody (slide 4) but not in combination, they just look heavy to me.

  • Smithy

    Seems lovely, but way too spendy for a trendy bag.

  • Kiddo

    I love them all. I love the fact that they are different from what most people wear.They are very unique pieces. These pieces say individuality and not afraid to stand out. By the way the tassles are beautiful… very boho chic.