Mulberry Studded Hobo Bag

The studinator is in da house. You think you are cool, WRONG. You are not cool unless you rock out the studs. It is totally ‘in’ to be totally punk rocker. We have been seeing studs thrown about here and there, but only one other time like this. Upon first glance, I ‘knew’ who the designer of this bag was. But I was totally wrong. This is not a Marc Jacobs studded bag, this is the Mulberry Studded Hobo Bag which gives a new meaning to stud detailing. I get it, I get that studs are so BAMF (BAMF is the new cool kid acronym, I am sure you can figure it out :wink: ). But this studding is scary if you ask me. The tassel on the side, which hangs down incredibly low and stands out incredibly much, is lined with chunky gold studs. Literally, the tassel looks like a war weapon the Spartans would use. I would not mind seeing a Spartan, in his Spartan attire, carrying the tassel, but other than that, it is really just scary. The materials are all right, cream patent leather, gold hardware, suede lining, but the overall product is all wrong. Good luck getting through a security check point with this sucker. I am tagging this bag a fug bag, but it is not necessarily fugly, it is downright scary. Studs gone wrong via NAP for $1595.

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  • Al

    This bag looks like a cross between Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo. I didn’t see Mulberry at all :shock:

  • Plain_Jane_Too

    Mulberry started this Mulberry for Giles to be cool and hip but instead raises eyebrows and makes them look too TH (Trying Hard) and failing.

  • william

    This does not look Marc Jacobs at all. It looks like Jimmy Choo listened to the Sex Pistols and then vomitted on a Ramona.

    • Al

      I agree!!

  • Katie Hart

    If it didn’t have the tassle and HUGE buckle I might of liked it, I agree I would not have expected this to have been Mulberry….. :???:

  • studly

    Sorry, girls, or should I say old-lady prudes…but this bag is biker-chick meets high-fashion. And that’s two snaps up in a Z formation. Peace out.