Gucci Large Horsebit HoboI can’t help but be a celeb style follower. I love to see what they are wearing and what is in style according to Hollywood. My Newlywed friend, who I hate to love, can’t get enough of the Large Gucci Horsebit Hobo. Jessica Simpson is the girl that many look up to for style (let’s hope not smarts) who is never seen wearing anything but the trendiest and best bags. Now she even is as privileged to be wearing a different color every other day. I know I don’t have that luxury, although I would love to, but I’m not making commercials about Pizza Hut’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza either (yea, like that takes a lot of brains?!) Back to the Gucci. Mrs. Newlywed herself has been seen sporting the Gucci Horsebit Hobo in Pink [pic] and also tabacco colored lambskin [pic] and black lambskin [pic].

The Large Horsebit Hobo is part of the Gucci Spring/Summer 2005 cruise line of handbags. On the website there is a variety of colors and fabric material offered, but the pink that Jessica has been sporting is no where to be found. The bag ranges from $980 to $25,000. Wait, wait… is that the right number of zeros? Umm yes. The Gucci Mahogany Crocodile Large Horsebit Hobo with light gold hardware can be yours for the price of a new car. The worst part is, there are actually real people who can afford that. Sigh. It is a large hobo style with horsebit detail strap and inside zip pocket. The large bag is about 18.8 x 4.8 x 15 inches, which is a pretty decent size, if you ask me. The black leather is about $1,290, which is still a hefty price to pay, but no where near $25,000.

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  • Kesia

    This bag is the best !

    • josie

      won da bid on ebay for a authentic gucci `pelham` bag for $486. item arrived today however shipped from china. [seller origin on ebay stated australia] the bag is gorgeous and the first 6 serial numbers matches the official website . what are peoples thoughts? do i trust by the quality that this is authentic? or is the price too good to be true as was shipped from china? item came with dust bag, contrallato card and care book. seller says was helping out a friend who has a boutique store with 88 100% feedback. please help!

  • Holly

    Is there a knockoff look a like gucci hobo bag that jessica simpson has out there. I want that bag so bad but I can’t afford that high priced handbag. I love it though. Is there a knockoff one out there?

    • LELLA


      • JESSGIRL

        Hey… I too want to know where to get this replica. I like Jessica Simpsons pink one and black one. I can find them on the internet. The cheapest I found was $110. Is there a ceaper one out there? I should have bought one in the bahamas for 65 but I was an idiot and bought a chanel bag instead. Please let me know. I am a replica girl.

      • liz

        how much for a knockoff?

      • siska

        how? and whats ur price?

      • jessica

        do u know where i can get the jessica simpson replica of the large horsebit hobo? thanks

      • Meeeem

        Hello ! I am searching for a (copy?) of the “Guccisima” hobo bag in chocolate brown leather. I’ve been checking Ebay regularly, but they seem to be very expensive. Can you help???
        Thanks ~~ Meeeem (Mimi)

      • Ticket2Luxury

        Hi, check out my posting and make an offer.

    • Nicole

      yes, email me and I will give you the website, I just got mine in the mail last night, so wicked!!

      • kristen

        HI Id like to know the website for that white gucci hobo replica. please email me! thank you

      • Judi

        Please e-mail me of any websites you know for black monogram horsebit bag. Thanks

      • RhondaRhoda

        would love to find a quality knock off Gucci website !!!!send me the details please

      • Butterfly

        YES would love to get a great knock off! please e-mail me more details

      • Pantera

        Please e-mail me of any websites you know for black monogram horsebit bag. Thanks

      • GG

        Hi Nicole,
        I am interested in purchasing one as well. Can you please give me the website that you used? Thanks!

      • K

        did you hear back on a website for this at all? I just can’t justify paying the prices for the real thing but am interested in good quality replicas….


        K. in Canada

      • TINA

        GO HERE


      • Malika


        what’s the website? i would love to know. thanks!

      • Kathleen

        I am very interested, please e-mail any information on this purse!!!

      • Sota

        I would love to know the name of that website as well!!!
        It would be great if you can email it to me!

      • foxy

        Where do you get your replicas?

  • christina

    i have the black lambskin one and LOVE it! great choice!

  • ok….ugly hobo purse

  • T.B

    anyone know where i can find the authentic GG black monogram horsebit hobo bag that i can BUY not bid on that is the same price i would pay on ebay??

  • rubberduck

    not my kind of hobo purse

  • JT

    Just got the camel one. Couldn’t be happier…. for and with myself!

  • angie

    they have the gucci horsebit purses on I dont know much about it just stumbled on it the other day

  • nick

    they have the gucci horsebit purses on I dont know much about it just stumbled on it the other day

  • Liz

    i just bought this on e-bay. I have a 2 day return policy(so hurry please) How do I know if it is real? Is the leather supposed to be glued to the gold ring?

  • R

    ok there was a one day only sale for the holidays at gucci toronto (just 10% off) so I got the new tan/mandarin leather & beige/ebony signature gucci horsebit large hobo. Liz, look out for the stitching, it’s immaculate, there should be a 2 line serial number under the inside logo tag, mine has light gold hardware, and the gold rings on either side are attached into the leather (doubt it’s glued), the opening of the bag has braided stitches, of course mine also came with a receipt in an ivory gucci stamped envelope, always adds to the value to hold on to receipts…..personally, do not believe in buying certain brands from ebay, since they get copied so extensively, such as gucci, louis vuitton, fendi signature, the chanel cambon bags etc. if you have any questions post here and I will check again.

  • MIA

    R and anyone else who has this bag, can you provide all of your thoughts good and bad on this bag. I am very close to getting the tan leather or tan fabric with brown leather. Thanks to all!

  • PF

    R, just out of curiousity, how much was the leather tan one in CDN dollars? I’ve been thinking of getting one. Thanks!

  • E

    I purchased one at a Gucci outlet in Italy from a couple seasons ago. Mine is brown fabric with blue leather.
    Just wondering for those who purchased it at the Gucci boutique, does yours have a hidden magnetic closure that helps the bag close over.

  • JD

    Does anyone know of a good website that actually sells these purses and that is really authentic?? I have been looking at a few and they all claim to be authentic so I’m worried to buy it but I love the bag so much!

    • Ian Shoust

      Don’t buy anything off of a website – I’ve tried a few times and they are always fake – the best you can do is find a used one on the web – I actually had a bag come from China, but listed as from Italy – and the email was in Italian. When the bag arrived, it was an obvious fake. Unless its used, go to a reputable dealer for the bag. If you do try to buy one online, make sure they have a clear return policy.

  • Ron A.

    Spoke to a Theresa in the NY Gucci store on 5th Ave concerning the
    large and med sized ‘Jessica’ Hobo bags in soft leather. In addition
    to the black and red in large only, they also have hidden away the
    orangey-tan and an off-white version in both sizes. My niece is about
    5′-2″ (like Jessica) and the med size is much to small to carry
    anything of consequence. Bought her the large (tan), $1,538 w/tax.

  • dokugaku

    E: think yu bought a fake one…none of these bags have a magnetic closure..i have the large one and it closes over by itself perfectly underneath yur arm

  • Amy

    I have been thinking of buying one of these bags for a while, i am just really worried that the large size is a bit too big. anyone who has one please write your comments back.

  • ck

    so i just bought the horsebit from neimans.. they sent it to me so i havent seen it yet, but my beau said its huge,,,i am the same size as jessica, it lookshot on her…. i got the black one withthe zebra horse bit.. hey R, do u think i will get sick of the zebra pattern… i like black instead of tan though…. tell me your dirt…

  • Danielle

    I have been looking for the hobo on Ebay. So the ones with a magentic closure are fake??? Is there anything else I should look for? Thanks for the help!

  • Mary

    Ok I want the large gucci horsebit hobo in tan.. I’ve been searching for it as well.. ebay claims they’re authentic but I dunno.. I’m not even gonna mention ioffer..cuz I think all heir bags are fake.. Anyone know how I can tell the authentic ones from the fake? I really want this bag.

  • Dp

    Does the real Fabric gg bag have a inside lining of silk , or is it always fabric(like canvous)?



  • p23

    Does the black fabric gg monogram have a silver or light gold hardware?

  • Rose

    Hey I saw one on ebay with an original receipt from the Gucci shop AND a magnetic closure. How could that be so? If its a fake this seller is going through elaborate lengths to rip people off!! Does anyone of you guys have the leather version bought from the Gucci boutique? Does it have a magnetic closure?

    • yoana

      u just have to go on the gucci sait and the real ons they do have a magnetic closure the replicas dont have, because i just receve my replica today and no magnetic closure :sad: but i know it from before. or maybe u are luky and u find a really goo replica!

  • Rose

    BTW Also saw someone bought one on ebay for $1000 odd and the description said it had a magnetic closure… :P Also I think that the fakes look so good on ebay you really cant tell even if you have seen the real one in a department store!!

  • Liz

    I’ve bought a few various high end bags off of Ebay and I’ve found the best way to tell authenticity is to look at the lining. The hardware and detailing is also a dead give away. If you are going to spend a good amount of money make sure they provide pictures of the inside of the bag as well as close ups of the logos. I’ve never seen a high end bag with a plain lining, they pretty much all have some type of logo. Another thing to look for are tags, authenticity cards, and a style number. You can always use the style number to look up the bag on the internet and compare the way it looks.

  • Tatiana

    I just bought the bag at Ebay as original… I doubt it is, it has the magnetic closing and silver hardware…. does anyone has this bag (original) brown with the gucci monogram in silver hardware ?

  • Misty

    I just bought a Large horsebit hobo bag pink and white on ebay. I called saks fifth avenue in Beverly hills and spoke with a Gucci consultant (the number is 1-877-612-7257)she said that some of the bags certain styles and colors do have a magnetic closure, the all should have a leather tag near the inside zipper with gucci embossed and made in Italy. Also the back side should have two serial numbers.If you pay below half price of the original cost usually they run 1200-2000 its most likely fake.Hoope this helps you guys

  • emily

    I bought a gucci hobo bag off ebay – from a seller called blueprintcarter – or something similar? I took the bag to gucci and they said it was real. He has loads of bags – I’ve bought 3 off him now. They’re all buy it now items – take a look!

    • tasha

      Hello I just bought a gucci horsebit from ebay and she said that it was real, I paid 600.00 for it, I also ask her how could you tell the fake from the real and she replied that it should have a stitch running down the center, is that true? The hardware is a light gold she also send me a lot of pic’s

  • Lala

    FYI to all.. if you go on ebay be reeaally careful. Common sense is usually the best tool to use when you’re trying to figure out wether it’s real or not. If a bag retails for ex at $750.00 and you see it for $200.00 on ebay chances are that it’s a fake. Why would anyone sell a “new authentic” gucci/Lv whatever bag.. being “NEW” for half or less than what it retails for? Just because the description says it’s “authentic” doesn’t mean it is… ppl lie!lol I know it sounds corny but those ads sometimes sound so great and entincing that common sense can’t loosen the grip they grab hold of you with.
    You’re best best is not buying one if you cqn’t afford it, saving up for one and getting it from a authorized retailer like or a boutique.. or if you allready got one and are not sure find out where theres a boutique and get it checked out.. good luck.

  • Lala I think also sells them online..

  • M G


  • Tisha

    When you purchase from EBay you MUST be VERY carefull. I have purchased several LV bags from just one seller on EBay and all of them are authentic, and they all cost me a pretty penny. But one thing to truly look out for is if the seller is from China. No disrespect, but sellers from China will re-make you mother if you give them a good picture of her!!! NEVER BUY IF THE SELLER IS FROM CHINA. 9 times out of 10 it is a fake product!
    Good luck

  • gucci hobo lover

    just got the large black gucci hobo from, I LOVE HOW IT LOOKS. However, I am having trouble figuring out how to close it using the magnetic pieces. They seller tried to tell em because i thought it was broken. if anyone has one like this, does it tightly close or is it more lose as it flaps over when you have it on your shoulder?

  • CaliD65

    What is the lining of a GG monogram hobo? The one I purchased is of a dark black fabric with no logo. Could this be a fake? Everything else appears authentic!

  • Nathalie

    I am a Belgian Gucci fan and I have the large gucci horsebit hobo in chocolate brown and black. I just adore them!!!
    With regards to the magnetic closure: when you hold the bag, you just have to fold one flap over the other and the magnetic pieces will find each other.
    PS: I also adore the Gucci Boston bag (the one with the chain and key)

  • Nathalie

    Me, again. With regards to the question of the lining: the leather bags with the guccissima print have the guccissima lining (horsebit-print in black and red). The lambskin bags and the fabric monogram bags don’t have the printed lining.

  • meg

    My dumbass is new to ebay and I am almost in tears. I just received 2 bags that I ordered 1)lambskin black hobo shoulder bag (as seen in photos above and it has a solid black lining 2)same bag in choc brown Guccissima leather and horsebit lining. My problem is this: shouldn’t the black one have “Gucci” somewhere on the bag besides the little tag inside? Also the canvas lining of the brown one looks cheap. I feel like i totally go hosed. They are beautiful and I paid a few benjamins for each, but i am sceptic. Also, shouldn’t the little genuine leather tag say “genuine leather”?? PLease help!!!

  • Nathalie

    well, the black lambskin bag only has Gucci printed on the little leather tag inside and there’s NO tag that says genuine leather. The lining of the Guccissima bag should be a silky cotton fabric.

  • rocky

    I am looking at the black Gicci Guccissima on ebay. Is it true that the green & white tag is never attached to an authentic bag? Also, is the lining in the black Guccissma blue & black or is it always black & red?

  • Jeanna

    Hey, I just bought a Chanel white tote bag and I was wondering shouldn’t the tag inside say Chanel made in France? And shouldn’t the lining be pink? If anyone knows it would help me a lot. Thanks!

  • MissND

    Hi, for those of you who have purchased online (ebay or what have you) do you mind sharing the seller’s name of actual authentic merchandise?? That would be a big help. I’ve bought some bags from the stores so I don’t have a problem saving and buying there again if I have to; but if I can find any type of bargain online (from a reputable seller) then I would jump at it. Thanks so much. (email:

  • melissa

    does anyone know if the inside zipper of the horsebit gucci is supposed to say gucci on it or if it is just supposed to be plain?

  • ayay

    Hi all! I just bought a black Gucci Hobo Jessica bag on ebay. The seller wrote “100% Authentic, Satisfaction guaranteed, you’ll love it…” I payed $399 for it. When I finally received it, I realized its a fake Gucci. It was kind of hard to tell at first because the leather is very beautiful, it was soft and maybe that’s what she meant by authentic =real leather? Looking closely at the braidings around the opening of the bag, I can tell its a fake Gucci. The gap of the braidings on the real Gucci is closer together. The metal horsebit on the handle of the bag I received was silver… FAKE! The metalware should be light gold, not silver.

    I returned the overpriced fake GUcci. Ebay does not condone the sale of replica or counterfeit item. It’s considered a theft of intellectual property and a violation of the law but people sell them anyways. If you know that a seller is selling fake items, you can report it to ebay and they’ll have the seller cancel that item right away.

    I always thought that those people who were able to sell “Brand New Authentic Gucci” at a fraction of retail price were wholesale suppliers but sadly, a lot of companies are selling high quality designer replicas complete with the controllato card and dust bag for $90-$150. If you are going to settle with a fake Gucci, I wouldn’t pay more than $150.

  • ashley

    does the black fabric monogram large horsebit hobo come with gold or silver hardware?

  • Michelle

    The black monogram fabric large horsebit hobo has SILVER hardware. The rest of the bags have light gold. If you do not have a GUCCI store in your town, or are not close to Saks or Neiman Marcus, you can go to and look at the descriptions there.

  • G

    I am in love with the half moon bamboo hobo but can’t find it anywhere except online… if anyone could give me advice about how to tell if it’s real, or if they know the actual price and where to purchase it… thanks!

  • Melissa

    Hi, has anyone from this seller on ebay , name ‘ultracouture’, they are selling authentic one. I bought one and I am waiting for it, and I have to admit slighty worried now! thanks.

  • Christa

    I would be very careful buying anything from Ebat unless it has a money back guarantee. There was a bad crime ring on GG and LV coming out of China. Do not purchase anything out of this country. Ebay says that they are very careful to list fake products but I have almost new bags that I try to resale after a few uses and they hit me every time saying they need proof. I have to supply a receipt. Lets just put it this way, Gucci and LV DO NOT wrap their bags in plastic.

  • sheandrab


    This email is for Melissa who asked about ‘ultracouture’. I also bought a purse through them on ebay. I am very worried that this hobo bag may be fake. Have you gotten yours yet? What do you think about it since you ordered it in August?

  • MelC

    Hi, Does this bag truly exist in black guccissima leather? I can’t find it in the stores or on the internet. I have seen it on ebay are they real or just plain fakes. Who wants to walk around with a bag that does not even exist.

  • JennW

    Hey MelC I have been waiting for gucci to put out the large hobo in black leather guccissima. I’ve been to a few gucci stores and found the staff to be not so informed:( However I was vegas over the weekend and spoke to a salesgirl who said they have different buyers for gucci and all the deparment stores so its just whatever the buyer picks up that they think will sell. The black one may exsist I have her calling around to a few different places to check and if its still around I’m going to order it. I’ll let you know but apparently it is out there in very limited editions.

  • liz

    hi does anyone know if the zipper tag says gucci? Its the tag attached to the zipper on the inside…thanks!

  • Nicole

    Doeas anyone know of a designer that made a clear see through zip wallet? I saw a picture of Jessica Simpson walking around with one. This one looked as if they had ladies on it.

  • me

    does jessica simpson even design her own bags/clothes/shoes etc???

  • hubby

    Hi. I just want to know if this bag I bought on Ebay is authentic. Item no. 220050212865


  • hubby

    is the BROWN GUCCISSIMA LARGE HOBO has silver hardware? or it should be light gold? I bought one on ebay but it has silver metal.

  • JP

    has anyone bought from Please let me know what you think about the quality and service.


  • Kim Nabita

    I just bought a real Jessica Simpson Gucci bag on for $590. Took it to my Saks and they verified it was real.

  • kamilah

    has anyone bought from are they for real and not a scam??

  • Joy

    Im just a receptionist and save to buy my authentic bag at the retail stores. I proudly own more than a few Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Christian Dior handbags. So I feel that I can tell the authenticity of a bag. Lately, I have been finding authentic Louis Vuitton bags on ebay. I bought a Louis Vuitton Damier Illovo at a fraction of the price by buying it on ebay. I had the bag authenticated by Angie at before I purchased my bag. When I received it I was a little skeptical because although the stiching and each detail was immaculate, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it might be fake. So I took it to 2 Louis Vuitton Retail stores and Neiman Marcus Louis Vuitton counter. All the places said it was real. So be very careful when buying online, but there are actually some authentic stuff out there.

    I don’t know how to see if a Gucci bag is real. I bought one from Ebay and it looked EXACTLY like my Gucci bags, but when I got it, I knew it was fake because Gucci leather does not like that. And the Gucci dust bag was stiff and itchy. My Gucci dustbags are silky. Hope thats helps.

  • Clare

    Hi…I just bid for this Gucci Tan Horsebit bag on Ebay and I realise now that it’s fake! How can I retract my bid?! The Ebay item number is 120072925819.

  • Denise

    I’m thinking of purchasing the large horsebit hobo on e-bay. I’ve been interrogating the sellers with questions about the bags. I see this question appearing before on this message board – but i didn’t see an answer to the question. Does anyone know if the hobo bag (with the brown logo fabric outside and the light gold metal hardware) have a hidden magnetic closure or not? I’m thinking of just going to the Gucci store and buying it there. Dealing with these sellers that are just trying to find a sucker out there is too stressful.

  • Minna

    Hi there? Has anyone bought from “Gucci Large Hobo pink”? If has, please provide informations, all of your thoughts good and bad on this bag, from this site and this seller! Thanking you in advance!

  • Minna

    forgot seller name :D sorry
    seller is “styleforever ”

  • Tray

    Hi ladies,

    I just purchased a horsebit hobo from the Gucci store in Atlanta, Yes it is somewhat pricey but I have the real thing and I love it. I said that to say go to the Gucci store and you will not have to worry about what you are getting because its real, and you can return it full cost within ten days of purchase if not satisfied. But trust me on this you will be. And most of all it looks and you’ll have it forever………… I love this bag.

  • Tray

    ooooooops it looks good.

  • If you love the leather horsebit hobos, but don’t want to spend $1,000.00 plus or carry a fake or replica, you can purchase a quality one here: The bags are made of genuine Italian leather with a quality silver horsebit detail on the shoulder strap and priced moderately at $99.00.

  • Kiki

    i just purchased a gucci horsebit brown canvas bag but i’m a lil iffy about it…. is there any specfic way of knowing the bag is really real like what the fakes has that the real on diffently dosnt have and also the smell of the bag too thanks guys..

  • anggiee

    I have just traded someone for thier hobo, and want to make sure its authentic. Can anyone tell me if thier rings are like a shiny gold or is is like just a dull light gold?

  • anggiee

    I have just traded someone for thier hobo, and want to make sure its authentic. Can anyone tell me if thier rings are like a shiny gold or is is like just a dull light gold?please help!

  • deb


  • RhondaRhoda

    I look at feedback on Ebay. I noticed one person who sells Gucci “mhales23”. I have seen where several of his customers have actually had their bags authenticated by an authorized dealers. They are used. And looks like they run just under half price.

  • RhondaRhoda

    The other one I am “watching” is SouthernGirlStaples. They have Gucci. Items are used. Havent seen any negative feedback, or anyone saying “Fake”. I’ll watch this one a little longer.

  • jwb

    can anyone tell me if any gucci purses have an inside lining that is black background with pale yellow and white zebra sort of pattern, and gucci labels logod on top of that in different colors? some are blue, with flowers around the edges, some are white, some are green with flowers and a bee. seems detailed to be fake, but i don’t know. thanks!


    Welcome to our website:
    www dot hello-luxury dot com

    over stock ! don’t miss !


  • Kristi

    If you are interested in knockoffs for a great price, that you CANNOT tell are fake, they even have the real lining, just no serial numbers, contact me khawthorn1978 at aol , I have several I am trying to sell, and have sold a few and my buyers are completely satisfied! thanks!

  • baby girl

    how do i get em ?

  • baby girl


    how do i buy them ?

  • Sam

    Elise’s handbags have the serial numbers, cards, the works! It is everything you would want with no imperfections. So go nuts! It may take like 1 week or so, but its worth it!

    Updates for the Fall Collections have been made. So everything sold out everywhere else…she has!

    Dream come true ladies, lets jump on it!

    If you get two purses, there is a 30% discount on the third!

  • Trish

    Hey I’m interesting in purchasing a Gucci Horsebit Handbag in beige with brown trim from ebay and I was just wondering what the inside lining of A REAL the bag should look like? thanks for the help.

  • Trish

    Its me again…..What does the dustbag look like? What color etc.? Is there a way to check to see if a serial number on a bag is real? Thanks again

  • peter gray

    if you want a copy of a genuine gucci bag go to ebay for one, if it says original or authenic 100% and comes with a controllo card then you know it’s a fake as gucci does not give controllo cards with their bags, my wife bought a large horsebit black leather one in gucci’s london store and cost £919 or $1800 they are being sold on ebay starting at £50 and end up selling for between £100 and £200 and you can only buy a genuine gucci bag at only a few outlets that gucci supply,also if they say that the bag is slightly used ask the seller if they have the original receipt we tried it over 20 times and not one said they had it, moved house and lost or given as a present so good luck.Peter.

  • sarah

    Hi girlfriends, i have a friend in sweden that sells 10 stars replicas of whatever bag you can imagine, if you want it shes got it, i met her in NY, when she was working as a fashion journalist for a small local paper in sweden.

    She is lovely and her items are as I said the best, i even had one of her replicas with me to a Gucci store, and they said my replica was real, even though i know its a replica, so if you want to buy contact her ” ” she will be happy to expand her selling to the US. Kisses from Sarah

  • Tiffany

    Hi all, I was looking at these bags on ioffer and wanted an opinion on wheter or not you think they are real? I dont want to pay that much of they are not of course.
    thanks, Tiff.

  • Talana Brown

    If you are interested in knockoffs for a great price, that you CANNOT tell are fake, they even have the real lining, just no serial numbers, contact me tasia106 at yahoo , I have several items for sell such as LV women sandals, wallets, juicy couture etc…Thanks

  • H

    hi. When you buy an authentic gucci it should come with serial number, dust bag and controllo card right? Thanks

  • Laketa

    has anyone bought from
    Are they for real and not a scam??

  • sarah

    :lol: hi lam looking for a gucci handbag do you konw anyone who was any up for sale will u let me konw

  • maggiescloset

    Hi there anyone need high replica handbags I can get you with fair price with authentic quality please send me email I will give you my online catalog. Thank you.

  • Ticket2Luxury
  • Erica

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this bag authentic? Since it’s from 2005 I’m having a hard time finding one. I don’t want to try ebay or unknown websites.

  • sonna

    Ok, I am going to be straight forward and honest. When it comes to gucci or any other luxury purse …you HAVE to buy either from the actual store or a REPUTABLE seller (Neiman Marcus,, Saksfifth Avenue). I have sold coach and dooney and burke’s on ebay but I wouldn’t risk selling my louis or gucci…be careful because there are a LOT of fakes out there pretending to be real.

    If you are looking for a style that is from another year, try contacting the actual company…they usually have a customer service number and they will assist you with anything and will help find anything vintage for you…

    Another smart reason to buy authentic is the guarantee you get. When my louis vuitton was starting to go through its wear and tear I was able to send it to the company and they made repairs and shipped it back to me for FREE!

    My advice, don’t buy faux…it looks tacky and it will usually be a waste of money because the quality will be horrible. Instead, take the money you do have and invest in something else, that is affordable…if you can’t afford Gucci, buy Coach or Kooba. Those are fashionable brands that will look chic and will keep you from eating soup for the month…Happy Shopping!!!

  • The Dude

    I baught this bag for my wife this christmas. She is concerned that the bag is old and no longer in style. For this kind of money, she wants something more up to date. Ladies…what do you think? Does she have a good point?

  • FabulousMari

    Hi all,
    Just a note, I worked at Neiman’s and have several real Gucci bags but I also have a couple of copy bags. I went to the Gucci store and asked how can I tell a real from a fake and the sales people stated, that unless you buy from an authorized retailer, some of the copies now look so similiar that even the Gucci associates cannot tell. I have bags that are copies that are made of real calfskin with high quality hardware, no one can tell. Also, one of my real Gucci bags that I bought at Neiman’s broke a strap, I took it to Neiman’s and they told me that they may be able to repair it if I wanted to pay for shipping the repair, over $100. So basically I paid over $1000 for a real Gucci and the strap broke after only a few wears,and I have had the bag since 2002. So I don’t care what people say, know what you are buying. Don’t buy a cheaply made bag, for any price $10 or $1000. Some fakes last longer than the real thing, just know what you are looking for. Oh, and P.S. Some bags do come with the controllato card and some don’t, it depends on the bag, i.e. price, exclusivity, etc…


    Just went through all the blog. Oh Dear! Have a few real Gucci bags of different styles bought in department stores.. Got tempted and bought this style in ostrich on ebay a few days back, will have it shipped later. Got concerned about the authenticity and contacted another buyer who got the gucci bag from this ebay seller, he’s happy with it but is the guy who wouldn’t really tell the diff I think.. Just sent a message to shopping assistant with pecular questions re lining, closure, etc as they have this style for sale in 4 versions. The buyer did not have more pictures but assured it is authentic, will let know in early April if it IS! I certainly can tell if the bag is a fake, I own very many of the luxury brands, only a few bought on ebay and just one was fake. Some authentic ebay bags are hugely reduced as they were bought in outlets as factory seconds (minor imperfections, even upsidedown logo inside), still they were authentic. The best way I guess is to compare with what you have or head to the store, don’t head to Hermes though – they will confiscate the fake! Will let know later about current ebay gucci one. CHEERS!


    HI again, just got the response from re some details of this style, hope it’s helpful for you guys:
    I would like to confirm that the closure of the ‘chain’ hobo is very unique. There is no zipper or magnetic closure. The bag is structured so that the two sides fold over each other, completely sealing off the handbag. Please note that there is an inside zip compartment that can easily accommodate your more personal items. The lining is either a plain or printed canvas.