Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle BagSometimes I don’t really want to carry an identifiable handbag. Not only have obviously-logo’d bags become a bit outre in some circles, but sometimes it’s just hard to play keep-up, don’t you think? The problem is that once you get used to carrying designer bags, you can’t really go back – you’re used to the great leather (oh, the smell of wonderful leather!), the beautiful linings, the attention to detail. The stench of PVC and cheap nylon linings just don’t do it for you. So when you want to fly under the radar but still carry something fabulous, what do you do? You carry something like the Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle Bag. It’s from a smaller but still storied line whose logo isn’t immediately obvious to the average person, but you know that Givenchy wouldn’t make a bag that was anything short of fabulous. The chain handles give a small touch of bling, but the real attraction I’m feeling here is the totally touchable off-white leather that makes up most of the bag. Don’t you just want to feel it? Everyone else will, too – but they won’t know why. Buy through Barneys for $1495.

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  • Cherie L.

    Givenchy really makes great bags, even back in the day (I still own and carry vintage Givenchy wallets). Riccardo Tisci carries the tradition on now. Like the endlessly counterfeited Nightingale, this bag is spacious and ergonomic, while being logo free. I think this will soon be considered a new classic.

  • lightblue84


  • emily*

    This is absolutely great!!!!!

  • Fabutopia

    I’m totally with you Amanda, once you carry a designer handbag, the leather smell is so addictive! Once your there, there’s not going back!!! :)

  • shorty

    WoW !

  • luvhautecouture

    The leather looks luxurious, but I am wondering about the open top. I don’t think the design is that stunning or deserves the price tag!

  • Ji

    this is sooo beautiful! wow it’ll go with anything.

  • twilight_sky

    this bag looks fab. I just want to touch it

  • CJ

    It’s versatile, but I’m not a fan of the almost “bucket like” shape

  • alcooly

    I’m in trouble now…

  • misss60

    this is one FABULOUS bag! the shape is great!

  • ijm

    I LOVE this purse. It’s simple yet elegant. Swoon.

  • joolz2008

    i LOVE it! i like that it’s slouchy but yet can stand on it own (i think)!

  • emm

    the shape is fantastic

  • Denisse

    Love the design and I think the leather is soooooooo soft. I’m not very familiar with Givenchy bags but this one is a keeper.

  • meowmeow

    I totally agree with your point about not being able to go back after you carry a designer bag! The bag looks amazing, but I have to agree with luvhautecouture that the price is pretty steep for its design … it actually reminds me of the Chanle baby cabas. :)

  • lovelyinpin

    I love the bag, specially i am a big fan of givenchy’s hangbag… Beautiful details but very lowkey…

  • tony

    it looks more stunning in white

  • sharon

    Absolutely stunning bag, I love it!

  • funkylola

    I agree, once you start buying designer there is no way back . The best thing is (in my personal case) I just don’t settle for cheap things, and don’t end up buying a lot of “stuff”, like I did before. Instead I buy a few key pieces that I truly love and will last for YEARS!!

  • sandybags

    i think I just fell in love. I’m a huge huge fan of the soft leather. and the smell when you are looking for something in the bag…mmmm…..quality leather is hard to beat. givenchy is essentially perfect

  • Kathey

    The little G’s are cute! the Handle added to it makes it look very exotic!

  • Teresa

    Would anyone have the dimensions for this bag? (or if not, a description is appreciated… I just want to know if it is large enough for me)


  • Trey

    Just treated my Wife to this AND the Nightingale Maxi Python in Black of course! I stuck my head in it and it reminded me of the day I took delivery of my Mercedes – Heaven!!!

    Now Ladies My wife earned these so dont be green! xxx

  • Speedster70

    I LOVE this bag.. elegant and understated but with a nice flair. IMHO this bag will look just good on the shoulder 10 years from now as it does today.

  • bunny

    it’s really AMAZING in real. the cream leather one is to die for.

  • Gigi2698

    I currently own a black Givenchy Eclipse Shiny Textured Leather Chain bag and it is absolutely divine. The leather smell remains rich to this day (I got it October of 2009), and the leather itself is just now starting to get softer (but shows no wear). I can only imagine how much softer it’s going to be in 10 years from now ;-). And the construction…my goodness, it’s solid! No loose ends, no straps splitting with this lovely bag. The design was obviously well thought out because when I carry it, with all my stuff packed in it, it feels very comfortable against my body and I believe that the chain handle with leather wrapping adds extra comfort as well. I love my Givenchy bag!

  • Suningtrade