Victoria Beckham Hermes Birkin Some say Victoria Beckham owns 10 Hermes Birkins. Whoever claimed this obviously has not been keeping up with Victoria and her outings because her Birkin collection exceeds 10 by far. And one of her newest editions, said to be a gift from husband David, is a 30 cm Hermes Ostrich Birkin in Violine. When I think her collection can not get more stunning, she stuns us with a pop of color against her dark dress (notice the deep purple Christian Louboutins that compliment the bag ever so perfectly). What was the occasion? David Beckham was celebrating his 100th soccer match for England with Victoria at the luxurious Baccarat restaurant in Paris. The crowd clapped for David and his accomplishment, but if I were there I would be clapping for Victoria and her outfit. The couple is one of the hottest couples in the world say many, and this past Wednesday night they showed once again what a fierce couple they are.

Victoria Beckham hermes Birkin1 Victoria Beckham hermes Birkin2 Victoria Beckham hermes Birkin4

Images via JJ

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  • drunky_krol


  • yenny

    arghhhh how i just love herrrr
    her style and her personality

  • Mischa Barton

    “…but if I were there I would be clapping for Victoria and her outfit.” you’re too funny Megs!!! :lol:
    Very well said! hahaha

  • pjh

    as someone who has an unhealthy obsession with Hermes, I have to say that she should be getting paid for the advertising she’s giving them. every day it’s some new fabulous, perfect bag! i want them all. although, i have to say, i’m not THAT keen on he ostrich, but i love love love the color.

  • anochka

    I was just wondering. Having that many many bags ( Hermes and others) – how many times she actually wears each? She is permanently on the public eyes and never seen with the same bag again, all the events she attends requires defferent outfits/bags.I guess her cleaning crew gets lucky from time to time. :grin:

  • dela

    I love this bag. She does have a tendency to look plastic (take a look at those orange legs), but her outfits and bag choices are TDF.

  • mette

    I´m really fed-up of this couple. Is Victoria/Posh actually doing anything else than choosing the best outfit-every day different and naturally a different Birkin likewise. What kind of happiness can life this calculated offer?

    • J.R.

      are you serious? And what are you doing visiting a site subtitled ‘shallow obsessing strongly encouraged’? Sour grapes, sour grapes.

  • Silky

    I totally agree with Mette.
    Ok, she’s stylish but so unatural… everything is so calculated, straight out of a magazine, there’s never any personal touch, she looks like a doll. And a boring one.

    • J.R.

      and you too, naive one. Have any clue what calculating goes onto the bags on this blog? You say boring, I say you’re inexperienced.

  • Dacs

    I agree with mette and silky. Her style IS somewhat calculated and unnatural. As a fashion icon I would expect her to be more innovative.

    This fashion ‘shtick’ of hers is droning with every new Hermes…

  • patchouli

    i dunno about their lifestyle but BEAUTIFUL bag. :shock:

  • Irina

    I kind of like the fact that she is like a lifesize Barbie… she is wearing things that most people can not get away with and I know it lacks a personal touch but I am ok with that. There are days when I feel huge and don’t even want to comb my hair and seeing her so perfect kinda gives me motivation on those days.

  • my new bag

    she has defined her style to the point where we all know what she will look like on
    any given day. glad to enjoy her changing bags, lucky girl.

  • Lily

    Beyond HOT, both of them!!!

    And god yes that Birkin is TDF,and there is no way in hell she has only 10 Birkins hahah what a joke if she said that she is a liar because we have seen her with more.

  • Emotus

    If only i can go to GOD and say, hey i would like to be VB and have her hushband and bags. THATS ALL. :mrgreen:

  • mette

    Thanks Silky and Dacs for supporting me on my opinion on the Becks. I realize that they are quite new in the States,but so off in Europe. The mere fact that Posh delivered her babies in pre-time cause she didn´t want her body much changed should tell lots about the pair. I think it is a shame that their kids are leached as dogs all around is really awful.

  • hola

    Everything is calculated – their marriage is calculated, her boring outfits are calculated, even her awful fake tan and hair are calculated. How can a woman be a style icon when all she does is wear the most expensive bag money can buy in a different color day after day? There’s no originality, her outfits are pre-made by the best designers and her only choices are which tedious bag to pair it with and whether to eat a celery or carrot stick today.

  • Nadene

    To hola: Oh so I guess that you sew and design your own outfits? Geez, give Victoria a break. Bloody sciolist.

  • hal

    the detail on the waist of the dress is an eyesore. I wish posh had retailored it and wore it with a thick patent belt instead. hate the dying animal on her shoulders. could she not have opted for a cashmere shrug? but one thing is palpable, their love for each other and beckham getting to wear what he wants. somehow it all fits now……..(smile)love the louboutins and hermes bag.

  • karolynka

    this couple is just amazing – they show they have taste every single time..their style is not in europe, well most of us, pay a lot of attention to style and to look classy..but it something that comes naturally! have u ever noticed that she can match perfectly colours, HATERS?? and david..he looks hot in a white plain shirt but he adds a nice cap to add personality! it’s not about construction or’s something that comes naturally..they can afford to spend their lives enjoying them..i’d do the same if i had their wealth..not like hollywood ppl on drugs and alcohol addictions that waste their money and enrich silly magazines that write about them..stop all this wannabes! they rock!

  • karolynka

    hello?! cashmere (shrug)..that’s from an animal too..bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

  • raquel

    the dress, i don’t like

  • pradafan_1

    ….the shoes and bag are also from animals….that’s why they exist, for men to use them….Victoria and david look great…the dress the shoes the BAG….everything…she really is stilish not like Lindsay or others from hollywood…I’m totally agree with karolynka

  • pradafan_1

    they look happy and they deserve to be…..

  • AD

    personally i think mette is angry at the world. why, i dont know. maybe because he/she cant afford nice things and he/she desparately wants to. i’ve never seen him say anything nice about, for him/her, if you don’t have anything mean to say, don’t say anything at all, applies.

  • rcp22

    The term “calculated” has been used a lot by everyone. Is she calculated or is she just the type of person that makes sure everything is well planned and perfect before she leaves the house. Would you rather see her look like she just threw on some clothes before she ran out of the house? Then she would be criticized for looking like a total mess. Either way I guess she would be judged because she is always in the public eye. Some say she is unoriginal and plastic, but at one point was she not the inspiration of many of todays trends (ex. her hair style)? Do you agree? Is she a fashion icon or a just a trendy celebrity? I am not sure…

  • mette

    A D: S0 sorry that you are so wrong. Actually I´m not angry at all. And I can afford the nice things I wish to have.And I give credit when it is needed. But this Beckham hysteria has gone too far .

  • Sungguh

    If it’s so easy to “calculate” then how come I dont see tons of people looking absolutely flawless on the street? I guess people has nothing else to complain about since everything is so perfect that they have to complain about being too perfect.

    You can’t please everyone.

  • hal

    well obviously karolynka has not seen one of those videos where they bludgeon a score of young foxes just to get at the pelt. And some of these animals are being castrated so they produce better quality fur and prodded so that they remain dazed and succumb to slaughtery. GO GET AN EDUCATION BEFORE YOU EVEN TALK ON THIS FORUM.

  • hal

    and more so obviously why i will not use a mink chanel flap even if they paid me a million f*****ing dollars.

  • b

    What is with the obsession with these people? She (Victoria) always seem to feature on your site, surely there are other people/bags/fashion items to talk about?

  • ec

    i adore VB style. it is calculated. that is right but it is classy. it transcends time. :lol:

  • Claire

    I read she owned 100 Birkins :!: , not 10. I have no idea if that is true or not. :?:

  • mette

    Just wondering why this Beckham woman is always looking on the ground? Maybe she has poor eyesight and is careful where to place her precious feet.Ugh

  • NancyCP

    Whether you like her style or not she is getting TONS of media attention and that is the name of the game. I mean the fact that Posh is on this site and other sites often means she is doing something right. She is playing the media game and is winning.

  • HS

    They are celebrities and that’s the reason why they get all the attention. Period.

  • stacy

    she owned 100 Birkins !!!!!!!!!cost so much,.

  • johanna

    i think she lokk great i mean she have a great body

  • johanna

    and her husband is so cute god bless him because damn i wish my husband was like that.oye este man esta para comerselo.

  • dreamcatcher

    We love victoria’s eye for glamour! she knows what suits her well and what not. Here in a third world country we adore her stuff, her fashion sense and how she was able to battle out negative stories about her persona. :grin:

  • ack

    She needs a clutch or small kelly here.

    Birkins(even the silly tiny ones…i’m still WTF about this liliputian birkin trend..gag..) are not meant to be worn with everything!

  • fashionista

    this grlz such a trend seta
    I luv her style
    U go Viks!!!

  • heya


    more to 40++

    ive her seen birkin in many style/color ( 10++ ) + other style

    i gotta say minimum of 40

  • Joe Mayer

    What a beautiful ostrich bag! So the kid:)
    Is the bag the same one?

  • Jelita78

    who would have thought to combine black outfits with purple??
    as much as we’re annoyed by her and the media covering her 24/7, we have to admit that she does have the smartest sense in fashion.
    absolutely stunning, and that is the truth! (ipad)