Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly Longue Hermes Kelly Crocodile Longue

Victoria can not deny it, she loves the public eye. As she shopped on Rodeo Drive with pal Eva Longoria and son Romeo, the trio caused quite a stir. It is not as if Victoria tries to hide from the cameras, and really, her bright red dress was not toning it down at all. As they shopped in Versace, Dolce & Gabanna and Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria stayed true to her Hermes addiction and carried a Hermes Kelly Longue in Gold Swift leather. Her Hermes handbag collection seems endless; just as we spot her carrying one Birkin she pops out with a style we have never seen her with. The Kelly Longue was derived from the Hermes Kelly a couple seasons back. The bag is longer and thinner than the Kelly Pochette and more rare. Victoria’s Kelly Longue is made with Swift leather, but the Longue also is available in Box, Veau Doblis, Chevre Mysore, and Crocodile. Though, the exotic has only hit the runway and been seen on display, it is unsure if it will be sold. The price starts around $4,000. This handbag is a stunning classic, and while it is great for evening wear, it makes the perfect day clutch also. Victoria’s Hermes collection continues to take my breath away! I am not as keen on Eva Longoria’s Valentino Fleur Bag, but the Hermes bag makes up for it.

Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly Longue1 Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly Longue2 Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly Longue5

Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly Longue3 Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly Longue4

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  • Lily

    So before all the haters come with the usual BS (why this woman gets so much irrational abuse is beyond me)i would just like to say i love her!

    Well i am not a fan, but i see her pictures on this site and i enjoy them alot, because she is just lovely and one cant help but cheer her up.And yes she loves the photographers and you wont see her running away or shouting at them (dramatically :roll: ) and doing stuff that so many other celebs do when they see the paps, becaus she understands that you cant switch it off.

    The dress is lovey and those croc Rolandos but my god that Kelly Lounge is TDF, and i love it with the outfit.Its just perfect for her, i would kill to see her H collection.

    Her son is cute aswell, but i am not a fan of what Longoria is wearing or carrying, at all.

    Thanks for the this post about Mrs.Beckham.

  • Jamie H

    I just love her style- always so chic! I wanna be like her when I’m a mom :wink:

  • yenny

    i ADORE herrrr
    especially after i saw the show Coming To America…
    she seems SO nice and she’s chatty and funny!
    totally love her styleee

  • Jahpson

    forget the bag, whats the deal with her shoes? love them!

  • hal

    i love what both the ladies are wearing. posh looks 70’s chic in her scarlet dress. Its comfortable too i bet. Eva is casual but the bottega venetta T-bars drives the look up a notch. Yeah not too wild about the fleur valentino bag. wish she had carried the histoire in the provence blue color. And wish posh had worn hermes stacked heel clogs instead of that red heels….a tad overkill but still i love these looks.

  • levey

    i totally adore vicktoria, i mean with all those hermes! who would’nt be? i would skip a whole week of food just to have one! and oh, having david would’nt hurt too! love her!

  • stephanie Chong

    love it!!! but what can u fit in there??? its so thin??

  • Kindra

    I love Victoria B. but the purse isnt all that. (period)

  • Jen

    I’m so surprised that all of above posts adore VB. I personally like her looks but on most of the pictures she has icy, nasty, bitchy face. You don’t need to make such a face if you don’t wanna smile. At least just be yourself, but i guess it’s her real face. :twisted:

  • Ams

    Some may say Victoria’s look is contrived, I think she just likes dressing up and chooses the most glamourous version of each item (Louboutins, Hermes, etc). I think in todays casual society people prefer everyone to dress down – why should we all conform to this? I personally prefer some to look good rather then spending thousands to look like they need a good scrub and their clothes a wash! I think Victoria makes very good choices and very rarely gets it wrong. Love her or loathe her, what she wears sells thousands and designers adore her for it!

  • ansays

    i just have to say the girl is F*$%#N fabulous i love her and the birkens look good with her and she always good great. :smile:

  • belgianyen

    i so agree with Ams!!! hats off!!!!
    i abhor women not taking time to look good. Being a mom doesn’t give you the excuse to slack on yourself. Well, here in Europe, they say Posh doesn’t have a pretty face hence, she kinda balances it up with fabulous frocks, shoes and the endless collection of Hermés, high-end Loewes and Guccis.
    yes, Jen. i reckon that’s her real face, too! LOL

    I lurve Eva’s shoes!!!!!! <3

  • Jelita78

    VB indeed has the best taste in fashion and u can’t go wrong with hermes! PERIOD! (ipad)