victoria beckham hermes birkin
Victoria Beckham with her Hermes Birkin

It has been said that Victoria Beckham owns over 100 Hermes bags. Well, I would not be surprised. No matter what outfit she is wearing, she loves to pair it with one of her many Hermes bags and always looks absolutely fierce. Sure, she may look like a plastic doll or a robot at times, but let me tell you, I would not mind being called a plastic doll or robot if I looked as good as her. On her way to her son’s birthday party, Victoria Beckham paired her Hermes 35 cm Birkin in Rouge Garance with the chic Marc Jacobs Abstract Floral Print Dress. Talk about stunning! This look is perfect from head to toe (check out the shoes too!). I would love to just sit in her closet for a few hours and drool over her collection.

Marc Jacobs Abstract Floral Print Dress
Marc Jacobs Abstract Floral Print Dress

WAS: $1,300 NOW: $780 via NAP.

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  • mette

    Do you honestly think Victoria is good looking? Just take a close look at her: She looks as if she hasen´t had a decent meal for ages, the hairdo is so dull. And then those grande breasts that make her look like a barbie. She always looks kind of angry and annoyed and what is she actually doing? Just drolling around with a different outfit plus bag and pulling her kids around like dogs that don´t want to move anywhere. I´m so dissapointed if anyone finds her interesting at all. Is she ever speaking?

    • I did not say I find her interesting per say, but I love her fashion choices! And while she is super thin, she seems to pull that look off ok. Maybe we are just used to seeing her that way…?

    • Anonymous

      Oh im so sorry…maybe your idea of someone gorgeous is fat..with extenions and weaves small breasts and smiling like a dork all the time!!

      Its clear that your jealous and you suck at life

    • Zombie

      Yes, she IS hot. I’d rather do a thin woman than a chunky one. I love her style from het hair, face, body and clothes. The teeth, well thats a Brit thing, isn’t it?!

  • Vienna

    I think Victoria looks absolutely fabuolous. Sure she may never ever smile, and look like a robot at times, but I agree with Megs, she’s always looks amazing. I guess having cameras in your face every single time you step your foot outside, would cause anyone to never smile. She took a risk with that hair cut last year, and now more women are walking around with the Posh haircut then I ever would have thought, so I wouldn’t exactly call that dull.

    • chloehandbags

      I’m almost ashamed to admit that, according to what I’ve read about VB, she doesn’t smile as she doesn’t like her teeth and/or smile.

      I’m not going to knock her, personally, as she seems like a nice person. But sartorially speaking, IMHO, constant overdressing indicates a bit of a lack of imagination, as there is far more skill involved in dressing casually, but interestingly and/or mixing levels and styles of dress, than there is in constantly dressing-up to the nines, whether the occasion demands it, or not and permanently relying on the safest bag-bet available; the Birkin.

      Incidentally, Megs, I have (obviously) seen pics of you and I simply can’t understand why you would think VB is better looking than you?! :?:

  • FashionAddicted

    Awww….how adroable that her outfit matches her sons!!

  • melvina

    i totally agree with Vienna..more women out there try to copy her hair style..i just love POSH..she looks good on everything she wears..and her shoes are just amazing..are they louboutin by the way?

  • liv

    precisely. i’m sick of the victoria haters. she looks fab all the time, and i think it’s simply jealousy masked as perfunctory hating. whatever. if i had one hermes bag, much less 20, i’d be looking pretty haughty in my limited edition ruby colored chanel shades, too. :wink:

  • Fashion Critic

    I would die a happy woman in her closet

    • Jahpson

      me too!! :grin:

  • kelly ty

    I cannot help it. I absolutely love Victoria:) In my opinion, she’s the epitome of glamour. So many celebrities today are known for being so trashy and wearing no underwear. That unfortunatly has become the norm. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would absolutely die if my private parts were all over the internet!! It’s nice to see someone acting like a lady. I think VB brings us back to what celebrities should be: classy and chic.

  • pjh

    I am glad to see that the majority of comments are being positive! I love Victoria too, and I don’t understand why we have to hide it. Let our love be known! I love this whole outfit. She is really the only person I know who can make Marc Jacobs stuff look good. Sorry, just my opinion. But, that bag. I am so currently obsessed with getting a Birkin. Every day I’m barraged with people snatchin’ up and I still don’t have one. But, my time will come! :) I need to buy a car first! :)

  • NancyCP

    I love that she is NEVER boring. Like her or not she always gives you something to talk about.

  • gail

    I really like it that she stated she had never read a book. That certainly makes her interesting. I wonder how many people her bag budget would feed. Yes, indeed, ignorance is certainly glamorous.

  • LucianaW

    I like her style, she has personality… and I love her closet!

  • mette

    Boy- am I glad we got rid of Posh from Europe. Now all you new fans of her can praise her looks,styles and Birkin bags. I understand that she is quite new to you all and then the American and European taste of style differs from each other.

    • miss_white_lily

      I agree fully, Europe is sooo tired of her.

  • sndc99

    I don’t per say want to be Posh/Victoria but I want her money so I can buy my own stuff. I do think she’s a tad bit thin and she needs to smile more. I would on the other hand take her DH who is hot and her bags.

  • karry kasim

    i neither love her or hate her; i love to see what she’s wearing…always looks put together, this particular bag looks like a piece of luggage to me, way too big, and i cant imagine wearing a dress, although lovely, to a childs birthday party, but then again, we certainly run in different circles :lol:

  • mizztissa

    I think Victoria has a great sense of style. I didn’t realize she’s extend her welcome in Europe. We should trade!

    We have countless celebrities over here that we’d love to exchange for a while :wink:


  • mizztissa

    I think Victoria has a great sense of style. I didn’t realize she’s extend her welcome in Europe. We should trade!

    We have countless celebrities over here that we’d love to exchange for a while :wink:


  • hal

    Those hands look like the steel joint sketelon parts of the terminator. BUT hey, if she is not dead already, she is healthy.

    The dress is a classic sheath, albeit a printed one, anyone can carry it off.

    A birkin is again a no-brainer, in the rouge garange even more delectable, women from 6 to 60 and beyond would look fabulous in it.

    The shoes are louboutins, the laquered red inner spike is a dead giveaway. And why, she made that comment that she never reads on BAZAAR….putting women back in the dark fucking ages.

  • Lily

    As always looking fabulous Mrs.Beckham i particulary love the dress on her and her son is to cute.

    God i would love to see her closet aswell, i probably wouldnt leave for days.

  • Lily

    Comment by hal on 03/08/2008 at 4:38 pm

    I would recommend you to GET A LIFE!

    How sad and pathetic!

  • mette

    Megs, I reread your comment and there you actually said that you think Victoria is so good looking. But I bet you look much better. Have not seen your pic.,but still.And I´m sure you have atleast read a book or 2.

    • That is REALLY sweet of you! But as much as Victoria does look like a robot, I think she pulls of many styles very easily. She goes from style to style so gracefully. Maybe I am just jealous of her closet :)

  • Lisa

    Just give me her shoes!!!! They’re gorgeous…
    As for Vic, well she styles herself (or someone else does?) very well.
    I wouldn’t say no to the bag, but I wouldn’t bother with the dress… it’s not to my taste anyway.

  • Amelia

    I don’t think VB is pretty at all but she does have a great sense of style.

  • Sara

    How much is that bag? anyone?

  • fffabulous

    The Hermès Birkin bag is my favorite bag of all time! And it is gorgeous in red. So sexy!

  • Bere

    :grin: Hola, soy de Mexico y les comento que Victoria es una mujer guapisima y un ejemplo para las mujeres que tenemos un matrimonio estable, hay quye vestir bien, y arreglarnos para que nuestra pareja siempre este a nuestro lado hechemos de nuestro mejor esfuerzo y que salga esa belleza interior reflejada en un lapiz labial sexy, unos ojos que atrapen su mirada y un cuerpo que solo ellos puedan mirar con deseo.
    Saludos. :smile:

  • susan

    you guys are just jealous!!!having hundreds of Hermes birkin? i would be jealous iam jealous!!!who cares if she is good looking or not .

  • susan

    you guys are just jealous!!!having hundreds of Hermes birkin? i would be jealous , iam jealous!!!who cares if she is good looking or not . she s got the IT bag.

  • raisa

    well…Posh isn’t good looking at all..I’ve read all of the above comments n m sure there a lot of her fans..but serious does looking good anywhere close to being Victoria..who wouldn’t look stylish in those so expensive Birkins n Diors n Jacobs..u don;t really need to have the style for em..m sure all of us would look fab if v could trade these for our everyday wear…n no m not jealous of her..but shes jus having her way looking stylish laden with these stuff…tell her to wear stuff that we do n look good n stylish..but her closet would be sumin to die for!!.

  • maria

    hello! she’s totally over done and unbelivably materialistic girl. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate her and also dont love her. Honestly in my opinion i think she’s un attractive woman, although she has good sense of style but hey, any celebrity whos on top can get what she has and even more if they want but theyre just not way to materialistic than this girl VB. She wanna show the world that she got what it takes…i bet all this big celebritys and really2x rich people just laugh at her. Even those who has more money than them dont spend that much money on this kinda of things. And she dont even have money, if it wasnt for hottie david, she would be a piece of trash social climber, thats for sure.

  • maria

    she acts like she can afford better than anybody else. Ofcourse not, theyre not the richest people in the world nor even 1 of the richest.

  • jas

    Good for her… he is really over-rated with the attention she’s receiving in tems of fashion. Actually, when the rumor spread regarding spice girls are drags, she was the 1st suspect. anyway, i’m glad that she’s lucky then to have bek

  • Alexa

    well i guess its all about the bag…who cares how she look like for me she is bloody immaculate..i loved her collections of never ending bags…

  • sharon

    victoria is the preetest lady in the world.i like what she is wearing although people are jeoulous ilike it

  • lilyrose

    I think most people are jealous of your preety dressing but I like it.

  • Arial

    Love her style!!

  • Lucho!

    with Christian Louboutin Pumps!! Love her!

  • Jelita78

    oh thank you for this post!
    now i know the exact hermes that i’m gonna order for! it’s the rouge garance! yes! (ipad)

  • animal_god

    Em! harlo missy so-called posh – Victoria Beckham + others! do you know how many animals you have killed, and how many are coming to die for you!! My gosh! You should use your money to help those who need it, the poor, the endanger animals, promote ECO, etc. Wake up….goes around comes around, I hope you sleep well at night! :(

  • Andie

    Call it my crazy little secret but I love, love her! She’s never (ever) boring unlike many wannabe fashionistas. No wonder she’s doing so well with her fashion line. A lot of women want to look like her (but pretend to hate her, fakers!).