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  • FashionableLena

    I don’t care if I spent $5 on a handbag, I wouldn’t put it on the ground. That’s just gross.

    • Ruby_S

      My point exactly. Why do you think we wear shoes outside (aside from the obvious reason being an entire industry is plotting to clear my retirement plan by producing cute footwear)

    • Amanda


      • Agreed on the agreed! And I’m surprised the Birkin didn’t hold its shape while on the ground. Must be embarrassed.

    • Agree. I don’t even put my lowly Jansport backpack on the ground. I don’t do that indoors, in the airplane (I always lay down the in-flight magazine or safety card on the floor first. Haha.), much less outdoors. Too many germs.

  • PW

    err, have you seen how jane birkin treat her birkin? it’s a bag not a baby. and it’s one tough bag. no need to be so worried over silly matter like this -_-

    • anouk

      Same with me when I used my Celine Phantom Tote as my beach/pool bag and my girl friend gone berserk! It’s a bag and that’s their purpose, my luv. Get real! Meanwhile, real Hermes retains their shape. This just proves that this is a fake.

  • Cati

    I have no idea who she is but it seems like one spoiled girl who doesnt care about her things because she has too many of them.

  • Anonymous

    How much does a birkin like that cost? Anyone know

    • asima

      ranges from 8k to about 26k I think, depending on the sizes. But they can even range up to 150k

  • tagatha

    Handbag hooks. I’m never without one.

    • anouk

      These hooks can only carry tiny purses,luv! Get Real!

  • Miss H

    chinese believe that its a taboo to put ur bags on the ground as it will affects your luck.

    • Every black woman knows it’s a no-no because it means you’ll never have any money. I don’t know what the correlation is but that’s the way I was raised.

  • KP

    its on the ground because it’s a fake. the straps should have a stitch running up the middle of the back handle where they connect with the bag. i’ve seen this suspect birkin before from the front and this proves my hunch!

    • Amanda

      This may be the best thing I’ve read in days……

      • shueaddict


  • memma

    I too put my birkin on the ground ;) but look very closely what there is before placing her anywhere

  • Nic

    Come on. This is a purse blog. Can’t you recognize a fake birkin? The handles are all wrong. Sorry.

  • callie

    i have a weird feeling about her “birkin” i smell trickery, real hermes bags dont collapse on themselves or lose shape like this, i have a birkin and it never looks like this… fake fake fake fake

  • Prick

    Maybe the Hermes is not Olivia’s?

  • jess

    i read her bio this bag has to be fake, i don’t even put my $800 louie on the floor and its canvas.. if i don’t have a spare chair to put it on, it sits on my lap

  • Kita B

    I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, because after some years and heavy use, a bag can become more supple, more pliable…but then I thought about my birkin and it has never folded over like that..hmmm, feels suspect…

  • PH

    Most of the time, an extra chair is not always available for a handbag or purse to place on, but the floor.

  • PH

    Oh, some people take their birkin to the beach as beach bag!

  • emo.gen

    All I can say is I drool for the cute sweater.. Nothing else.. The Birkin didn’t even look nice to me.. But every time I spot a Birkin in the past on Celebs theirs look so nice and shiny..